Press mood stories for Central And Eastern Europe

Sep 19, 2017 07:08GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Regions are left out [as govt does not plan funds for budget credits next year] (Vedomosti)
Bureau for good services [as United Russia keeps working for Mar 2018 presidential elections] (Vedomosti)
Kremlin assesses [recent] elections by mail [as it sends personal mail to those who contributed] (Vedomosti)
VEB reduces the doze [as it plans to scale down its investment plan] (Vedomosti)
Rosneft finds gas for Turkey [as it wants to build a refinery in Iraqi Kurdistan] (Vedomosti)
Nordea looks for a buyer (Vedomosti)
Operation will be in the desert [as Rosneft seeks oil in Iraqi Kurdistan] (Kommersant)
Growth affects budget [as govt still considers cutting spending in real terms despite GDP growth] (Kommersant)
CBR provides RUB 1tn to Otkritie (Kommersant)
Sberbank finds investor in Ukraine (Kommersant)

Sep 19, 2017 06:27GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Warning exercise [Turkey conducts military exercise on Iraqi border ahead of independence referendum] (Hurriyet)
Income inequality rises in 2016 (Hurriyet)
Rest of TRY 50bn KGF-guarantee limit to be used for investment loans – Deputy PM Simsek (Hurriyet)
Golden opportunity [Citizens to gain additional return from gold-denominated Treasury bonds] (Sabah)
UN needs to be reformed – President Erdogan (Sabah)
Exporter SMEs expanding in Africa (Sabah)
Rate hikes [by deposit banks] challenge participation banks – participation banks association TKBB (Sabah)
Referendum crisis deepens [Iraq’s top court rules to suspend Kurdish independence referendum] (Sabah)
Istanbul should be centre of UN – Erdogan (Milliyet)
Sep 19, 2017 06:26GMT, Hungary, CEEMARKETWATCH.
PM Viktor Orban: 60mn people may come from Africa (Magyar Idok)
Government protects religious communities (Magyar Idok)
[Pro-government pollster] Nezopont: PM is winner of parliament’s opening session (Magyar Idok)
Outstanding wine quality is expected this year (Magyar Idok)
More and more pupils successfully complete school (Vilaggazdasag)
Number of part-time employees is growing steadily (Vilaggazdasag)
Warning from London: NBH may blow bubble [tighten next year] (Vilaggazdasag)
Future of Bosch plant in Eger under question (Vilaggazdasag)
Assets of investment funds decline (Vilaggazdasag)
Good news for Hungarian wine lovers (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
This has never happened with Hungarian bank cards [record high turnover] (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Fidesz, Jobbik kill anti-corruption referendum in one day (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Joining eurozone is not means for development [economist Peter Rona] (Magyar Nemzet)
Sep 19, 2017 06:17GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
BGN 100mn [in EU fund management fund] seek their managers (Capital Daily)
Regulator also likes 7.3% gas price cut for Q4 (Capital Daily)
BSR Sofia completes office space construction for EUR 30mn (Capital Daily)
EIB opens office in Bulgaria (Capital Daily)
Employers to petition EC for sharp increase in gas transmission fees (Sega)
Second teacher wage hike to be in Sep 2018 (Sega)
Bulgarian company receives first direct loan under Juncker plan (Sega)
Gas to get cheaper, district heating – not (Trud)
UniCredit Bulbank with award [for best cash manager] from Euromoney (Trud)
[Tourism minister] Angelkova: We have 5mn foreign tourists and 7.2% growth in Jan-Jul (24 Chasa)
[Energy minister] Petkova: Procedure for sale of CEZ Bulgaria is stopped (24 Chasa)
[Senior opposition BSP member] Zhelio Boychev: No confidence vote is only first step (Standart)
Sep 19, 2017 06:02GMT, Croatia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Mayors to have 5-year mandate with restrictions? (Vecernji List)
Banks sold billions of HRK of debts of citizens (Vecernji List)
Three possible scenarios for resolving dispute in Savudrija [border dispute with Slovenia] (Vecernji List)
[FinMin] No green tax for now but we must start paying attention (Vecernji List)
Problem is not distributing money but financing bureaucracy [bill on local governments’ financing] (Poslovni Dnevnik)
ZABA offered new, more affordable housing loans (Poslovni Dnevnik)
[FinMin] Zdravko Maric: Three quarters of car owners do not pay tax on motor vehicles, we want to change this (Poslovni Dnevnik)
[Defence minister] Krsticevic about MIGs repair: Some institutions are doing their job, I am focused on purchasing multi-purpose combat aircraft (Jutarnji List)
Damage will be more than HRK 1bn, popular shopping centre will remain closed for months [floods in Zadar] (Jutarnji List)
Ministry of finance reacts: Zdravko Maric has not announced introduction of any new tax, such interpretations are malevolent! [on green tax statement] (Jutarnji List)
After huge floods, Dalmatian city of Nin faces another problem: We do not know how to prepare for next tourist season, we do not have beaches anymore because sand has just disappeared (Slobodna Dalmacija)
Why are we paying more for same products than in the rest of Europe? (Slobodna Dalmacija)
Krsticevic: Croatia needs aviation if it wants to be a state, the interest of youth in military era is huge (Novi List)
Sep 19, 2017 05:57GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Russia warns BiH: Repay wartime gas debt or there will be no gas (Dnevni Avaz)
BiH signs Transport Community Treaty (Dnevni Avaz)
BiH and Serbia to remove trade barriers (Nezavisne Novine)
US embassy reminds that Dayton agreement does not allow secession of entities (Nezavisne Novine)
BiH Council of Ministers rescued EUR 250mn (Oslobodjenje)
Sep 19, 2017 05:49GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Strike again in schools (Danas)
PM Brnabic: We are discussing wage hike, I would not speculate on percentage (Politika)
IMF is unhappy with operations of [public power utility] EPS (Politika)
President Vucic arrives in New York [for UN General Assembly session] (Vecernje Novosti)
PM Brnabic: Working group on internal dialogue in Kosovo to be set up (Vecernje Novosti)
IMF supports "reasonable increase of wages" in education (Blic)
Sep 19, 2017 04:58GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Productivity of employees in multinationals is double compared to those in Romanian firms (Ziarul Financiar)
Finance ministry continues money hunt and asks for RON 200mn from airports company (Ziarul Financiar)
Romania is fourth largest exporter of electric bikes in EU (Ziarul Financiar)
Romania is country where only govt does not invest (Adevarul)
FinMin grants some advantages for firms choosing split VAT (Adevarul)
Romania, one of lowest inflation in EU (Adevarul)
Brokers’ association launches attack on private pension funds: contributions are not always managed properly (Bursa)
Commissioner Corina Cretu says Romania added bureaucracy to Europe’s regulations in accessing EU funds (Bursa)
Companies allot EUR 800/sqm for office design to attract employees (Curierul National)
State borrows massively to pay wages and pensions (Evenimentul Zilei)
Sep 19, 2017 02:28GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Surprisingly high wage jump [side story on front page] (Rzeczpospolita)
Biggest wage jump in five years (Gazeta Wyborcza)
State firms to feed Natl Fund with PLN 650mn over 10 years [PiS used fund for ad campaign] (Rzeczpospolita)
Billboards without control (Rzeczpospolita)
Does Deputy PM Morawiecki support PFN? (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS delays battle with private media to year-end [to focus on deconcentration, not repolonisation] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Who benefits from Duda's FX bill (Gazeta Wyborcza)
ZUS besieged [139,000 of 330,00 apply for early retirement] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
President Duda swears in another Constitutional Tribunal 'double' (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Constitution 2021? (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Blockage for housing sales [new rules could hamper sales] (Rzeczpospolita)
Morawiecki fights smog and poverty [with plan to fight smog] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Teachers haven't signed up for health disability in fear of reform (Rzeczpospolita)
Anti-vacciners rise in strength (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Sep 18, 2017 06:55GMT, Croatia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Adris takes the lead around Agrokor [wants to buy units] (Vecernji List)
Natural disasters: [AgriMin] Tolusic: Damages are billions of kunas and we have some HRK 40mn. Get insurance (Vecernji List)
1,066 days thrown in the wind. The truth about education reform (Vecernji List)
Because of steel, China can build [Peljesac] bridge cheaper than competitors (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Deal worth more than EUR 200mn. On sale are Sheraton, Westin, Panorama, International and two other hotels in Zagreb and three hotels and a villa in Dubrovnik (Jutarnji List)
Battle for Agrokor. Adris has EUR 1bn in cash, experts. It is easy for Ledo, Jamnica and other good companies. But what about Konzum? (Jutarnji List)
Collective bargaining for 73,000 employees in healthcare soon (Jutarnji List)
Strategic energy project. Has the dream of LNG terminal in Krk in 2019 already exploded (Jutarnji List)
Creepy stats about Croatian health system. Hospitals post loss of HRK 550mn in first eight months (Slobodna Dalmacija)
Strong growth: oil prices were not higher in the last five months (Novi List)
Sep 18, 2017 06:32GMT, Hungary, CEEMARKETWATCH.
PM Viktor Orban: We will not be immigrant country (Magyar Idok)
[Political scientist] Zoltan Kiszelly: Conflict between [socialist parties] MSZP and DK is deepening (Magyar Idok)
Money is pouring into Hungarian education (Vilaggazdasag)
Wages are increasing at incredible rate (Vilaggazdasag)
[Central bank] NBH may announce further loosening measures (Vilaggazdasag)
Euro adoption may be good for Hungarian economy in mid-term but economy is not mature yet [ING Bank chief economist] (Vilaggazdasag)
Parliament to start autumn session today (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Collection of signatures is launched for anti-corruption referendum (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Opposition parties join anti-corruption referendum initiative (Magyar Nemzet)
Sep 18, 2017 06:23GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Under-the-mattress gold move by Treasury [Treasury to issue gold-denominated local bonds] (Star)
We cannot welcome Barzani to divide Iraq [Erdogan warns Kurdish Iraqi government against independence referendum] (Star)
Turkey may close Habur border gate if Kurdish Iraq insists on referendum – opinion (Star)
We will not kneel to Erdogan – German SPD leader Schulz (Star)
Truth about local production [Local content ratio of locally-produced motor vehicles averages 50%] (Hurriyet)
Erdogan sees no obstacle to remove high school entrance exam (Hurriyet)
Hyundai plans to produce three new models in Turkey after 2020 (Vatan)
Turkey to announce final stance on [Iraqi referendum] after national security meeting [on Sep 22] – Erdogan (Sabah)
Rating agencies should revise Turkey’s ratings [due to growth performance] – AKP deputy chair Yilmaz (Sabah)
Sep 18, 2017 06:22GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Companies in Bulgaria go bankrupt more and more rarely (Capital Daily)
Postbank enters market for fast credits (Capital Daily)
Strong undercurrents in [main opposition party] BSP (Capital Daily)
Some 8% of pensioners are working (Sega)
[Ruling] GERB already starts preparations for local elections (Sega)
Every third Bulgarian does not have bank card (Sega)
[Regional development minister] Nankov: Toll system – by end of 2018, to generate billion [of revenue] per year (24 Chasa)
PM Borissov to open EIB office in Sofia (24 Chasa)
PM Borissov for Russia: If there is war, we fight for NATO (Trud)
Labour demand with seven-year record (Standart)
Insurers export BGN 3.84bn abroad (Standart)
Sep 18, 2017 06:22GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Fuel gets more expensive: need to build roads [as policymakers mull higher-than-expected excise tax on fuel next year] (Vedomosti)
Technology trumps everything else [as United Russia ready to provide Putin with an image of social-technology future] (Vedomosti)
Alexei Navalny goes across the country (Vedomosti)
CBR leaves with expectations (Vedomosti)
Russia lacks growth [as S&P does not raise rating to investment grade] (Vedomosti)
RusHydro saves on infrastructure (Vedomosti)
Nord Stream 2 divides EU [as Poland, Denmark and Sweden are against it] (Vedomosti)
A shift from saving to consumption becomes a main risk for inflation (Kommersant)
Industry performs better in August (Kommersant)
Investors return to Russia (Kommersant)
Blank check [as CBR does not provide info about potential size of support to Otkritie] (Kommersant)

Sep 18, 2017 06:03GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
NBR calls back home Romanians working in financial institutions abroad (Ziarul Financiar)
A business that fades: wind park losses reach almost RON 1bn, investments to be recovered in 30 years (Ziarul Financiar)
Real-estate luxury returns: six penthouses worth over EUR 1mn have been sold (Ziarul Financiar)
Plums production in Romania drops by 30%, but remains highest in EU (Ziarul Financiar)
Ruling PSD nepotism invades state institutions (Adevarul)
NBR may limit Romanians’ indebtedness rate (Adevarul)
Supplementary excise on fuels brings price growths wave until Christmas (Adevarul)
Wheat delivery in Egypt is uncertain (Adevarul)
Romania has strongest hourly labour costs growth in EU (Adevarul)
Multinationals may not escape tax on sales (Gandul)
Banca Transilvania is one step from biggest deal in its history (Gandul)
Romanian MEPs say Romania is ready for Schengen, yet euro adoption is more complicated (Bursa)
Constanta Port becomes strategic objective for Romania (Curierul National)
Violent storm wipes off western Romania; eight people die (Romania Libera)
Effects of PSD’s attacks on multinationals: FDI drop by EUR 500mn (Romania Libera)
ITC firms may pay tax on sales (Evenimentul Zilei)
Sep 18, 2017 05:39GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Drastic increase in prices of peas, cabbage, potatoes (Dnevni Avaz)
Every fourth BiH citizen lives with KM 238 (Dnevni Avaz)
Opposition will attend next session of RS parliament (Nezavisne Novine)
Number of unemployed in FBiH increased [in July] (Nezavisne Novine)
80,000 young people left BiH (Oslobodjenje)
Sep 18, 2017 05:37GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
IMF representatives hail progress in operation of RTB Bor (Politika)
Dialogue on Kosovo – historical question about future (Politika)
IMF invites investors in RTB Bor (Danas)
Turkish investors want to employ 3,500 people [in southern Serbia] (Vecernje Novosti)
PM Brnabic: Final decision on wage hike to be made in two weeks (Blic)
Sep 18, 2017 01:56GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
PiS's Kaczynski to undertake caucus review (Rzeczpospolita)
Morawiecki: Taxes to be paid where firms operate (Rzeczpospolita)
Gowin: We need a new vision and state construction (Rzeczpospolita)
Natural gas might rise in price [for companies as firms cut imports] (Rzeczpospolita)
How much are Ukrainians really suppressing wages [if they are] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PiS's Mularczyk threatens opposition (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Too fast retirement hurts elderly (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS to said goodbye to black gold [last big coal investment] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Coal mining investment offensive (Rzeczpospolita)
Lie hunters track down usage of 'Polish death camps' (Rzeczpospolita)
Sep 15, 2017 06:57GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Right-wing parties call [President] Radev not to appoint [newly elected Supreme Judicial Council chairman] Cholakov (Capital Daily)
[EU commissioner for Budget Gunther Oettinger]: Bulgaria is on its way towards eurozone (Sega)
It is high time we abolished tax on interest rates (Sega)
New attempt to limit cash payments [threshold] – to BGN 5,000 (24 Chasa)
Government with first steps to eliminate mediators for state’s arms deals (Trud)
Corporate bankruptcies in Bulgaria fall by one-third [y/y in 2016, Coface survey shows] (Monitor)
[Regional Development Minister] Nankov: We pick option for separate one-way roads through Kresna gorge for Struma motorway (Monitor)
Lot 3,3 of Struma motorway to be completed five months earlier [than scheduled] (Standart)
Sep 15, 2017 06:43GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
CBT prioritises inflation [CBT to keep policy tight until inflation outlook improves significantly] (Sabah)
Turkey warns Kurdish Iraqi government against independence plebiscite (Sabah)
US case [against Turkish-Iranian businessman Zarrab] is political, driven by FETO – Justice Minister Bozdag (Sabah)
Refinancing loans have 4.5% share in KGF-guaranteed loans (Vatan)
CBT to maintain tight stance as inflation rises rapidly [CBT not expected to cut rates till year-end] (Vatan)
Mobile operators invest TRY 2.6bn in H1 – Transport and Communication Minister Arslan (Vatan)
Erdogan meets Qatari ruler Al-Thani for solution to Qatar’s crises with Gulf States (Vatan)
KGF boost [Above 330,000 firms borrow KGF-guaranteed loans worth total TRY 214bn] (Milliyet)
High tension in Kucukcekmece [Police prevent fight between locals and Syrians in Istanbul to expand] (Milliyet)
CHP leader Kilicdaroglu vows to end terror in single term in government (Milliyet)
Government condemns attack [on funeral ceremony of jailed HDP MP Tugluk’s mother] (Hurriyet)
Warning yellow [CBT concerned about core inflation, pricing behaviour, monetary policy not tight enough] – opinion (Hurriyet)
President Erdogan warns mayors to keep away from luxurious life (Hurriyet)
Sep 15, 2017 06:41GMT, Croatia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Decline in industrial production in Croatia is tolerable at 1.2% compared to 9.8% in the Czech Republic (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Croatia is at EU's Forefront (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Croatia absorbs HRK 600mn of EU funds more [than in 2016], rate of EU aid growth still has to accelerate to EUR 11bn, according to plan (Poslovni Dnevnik)
[PM Andrej] Plenkovic after meeting all parliamentary parties: We all stand by [Croatia's] parliament decision to leave arbitration process, but it is necessary to continue dialogue [on border issue with Slovenia] (Jutarnji List)
[Opposition party] SDP on important meeting with [PM Andrej] Plenkovic: We want to know what has happened in meetings with [Slovenia's PM Miro] Cerar. We have only information from media (Jutarnji List)
[President Kolinda] Grabar Kitarovic: Education reform in Croatia is politicised (Vecernji List)
[Former regional development and EU funds Minister from SDP Branko] Grcic: Croatia is in crisis in using EU funds, to have to pay EUR hundreds of millions (Vecernji List)
Statistics office: Croatia's population declines slowly, number of inhabitants decreases in all regions except in [capital] Zagreb (Slobodna Dalmacija)
Sep 15, 2017 06:17GMT, Hungary, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Farmers suffer significant damage [from migrants] (Magyar Idok)
Our common interest is predictability (Magyar Idok)
[State secretary] Bence Retvari: Quota system to be huge burden (Magyar Idok)
[Oil and gas group] MOL reduces prices of gasoline (Vilaggazdasag)
Wage bargaining between [public transporter] BKV and trade unions (Vilaggazdasag)
Fidesz does not want to investigate Azeri dirty money affair (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Labour shortages endanger Christmas [shopping] season (Magyar Nemzet)
There is still some support for Hungarian mothers living abroad (Magyar Nemzet)
Sep 15, 2017 06:04GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
American Fitbit may hire 300 people (Ziarul Financiar)
Wipro to hire 500 engineers for developing multimedia systems for Ford, BMW and Toyota (Ziarul Financiar)
State investments limit decline of construction sector (Ziarul Financiar)
High level nepotism: Agriculture minister hires daughter at agriculture ministry (Adevarul)
Social contributions transfer to employees may reduce wages by 20% (Adevarul)
Banca Transylvania is one step away from final negotiations for taking over Bancpost; market leader in banking may change (Gandul)
Hidroelectrica to contribute with special dividends too (Gandul)
Portland trust makes EUR 50mn investment in construction of third building in Oregon Park Bucharest (Curierul National)
Accommodation tariffs not to increase next year (Bursa)
Contradictory statements: PM promises highway construction but cuts investments (Romania Libera)
Judges reject justice laws modifications (Evenimentul Zilei)
Sep 15, 2017 05:59GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Outside management for Gazprom’s pipeline [as EU wants Gazprom not to manage Nord Stream 2] (Vedomosti)
Russia evacuates itself [as a wave of ‘phone terrorism’ leads to massive evacuations across the country] (Vedomosti)
Amnesty for project financing [as EconMin wants softer rules by banks] (Vedomosti)
State guarantees get cheaper (Vedomosti)
Immigrants do not love Russia anymore [as inflows reach a six-year low in H1] (Vedomosti)
CBR gives a lesson [to banks during a banking conference] (Vedomosti)
Trump forbids Kaspersky (Vedomosti)
Unlimited beer [as online sales may not require a license for sale] (Kommersant)
Regions see slower decline [as number of regions that face contraction falls] (Kommersant)
CBR makes Otkritie great [as CBR changes rhetoric towards the bank to the worse] (Kommersant)
Sep 15, 2017 05:23GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Strictly controlled chaos rules in BiH (Dnevni Avaz)
[Head of BiH Directorate for European Integration] Dilberovic: No need to speculate about date of accession to EU (Nezavisne Novine)
[BiH Council of Ministers Chairman] Zvizdic collects signatures to prove parliamentary support (Nezavisne Novine)
[RS President] Dodik: Implementation of coordination mechanism is condition for accepting Transport Community (Glas Srpske)
Macedonian scenario in RS parliament, opposition sets new conditions (Glas Srpske)
Sep 15, 2017 05:04GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
EU Commissioner Hahn: Call by [President] Vucic for dialogue [on Kosovo] is brave (Vecernje Novosti)
[EC President] Juncker: Serbia cannot join EU before 2025 (Politika)
[Head of IMF mission] Roaf: There is progress and risks in field of economy ministry (Danas)
[EU enlargement commissioner] Hahn on two-day visit to Belgrade (Danas)
Some banks provide cash credits to unemployed under conditions (Blic)
Analysts: Opposition should not be left out of dialogue on Kosovo (Blic)
Sep 15, 2017 01:55GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Bad publicity campaign [PiS judicial ad campaign is criticised] (Rzeczpospolita)
Who's lying about courts [Govt says ad campaign wasn't us, PiS says it was the next day] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Kowalczyk says budget in surplus after August (Rzeczpospolita)
Ziobro continues to clean up common courts (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Still no deal on OFEs (Rzeczpospolita)
PLN 1,000 pension for everyone [govt seen dicussing 'citizens pensions'] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Rising income leading to more money spent out (Rzeczpospolita)
Russian military manoeuvres on NATO borders (Rzeczpospolita)
Security sector loses against rising wages (Rzeczpospolita)
Sep 14, 2017 06:40GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Austrian Hamburger Containerboard to establish paper plant in Kutahya for EUR 300mn (Milliyet)
CBT expected to hold policy rates at today’s rate-sitting (Milliyet)
Leasing market expands by 18% y/y in H1 with support from construction activity (Hurriyet)
Harsh message by Juncker [Juncker does not see Turkey becoming EU member in foreseeable future] (Hurriyet)
Armed drones destroy terrorists – Erdogan [on CHP’s claim drones killed civilians] (Star)
Council of State head Gungor should resign [as she is biased] – CHP spokesperson Tezcan (Star)
Sep 14, 2017 06:35GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[EC President] Juncker: Schengen and eurozone to be opened to Bulgaria (Capital Daily)
New model of forming waste tax approved by parliament on first reading (Capital Daily)
[Utility regulator] KEVR warns power distribution companies not to hamper free market (Sega)
Migrants and refugees in Bulgaria amount to 2,200 [in beginning of September] (24 Chasa)
60% of workers in sea resorts without labour contract (Trud)
Budget surplus amounts to BGN 1.745bn [in H1] (Monitor)
Government to renew Sofia Airport concession in November (Monitor)
Revenues from night stays [in hotels and accommodations] reach BGN 317mn
Sep 14, 2017 06:34GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
BiH parliament request suspension of construction of Peljesac Bridge (Dnevni Avaz)
Chaos in RS parliament (Dnevni Avaz)
Opposition PDP MP Borenovic: We will try to challenge acts adopted at illegal session (Nezavisne Novine)
RS parliament accepts resignation of Chief Auditor Dusko Snjegota (Nezavisne Novine)
BiH presidency approves agreement on establishment of Transport Community (Nezavisne Novine)
Majority in BiH parliament is against construction of Peljesac Bridge (Oslobodjenje)
Opposition triggers chaos in parliament (Glas Srpske)
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