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Oct 17, 2017 06:40GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Iraqi army captures Kirkuk (Vatan)
Budget deficit may undershoot [upward revised] forecast of TRY 61bn – FinMin Agbal (Vatan)
Turkish government warns Iraq [about demographic structure of Kirkuk] (Vatan)
Turkish airspace to be closed to northern Iraq – Deputy PM Bozdag (Vatan)
Harsh warning by Ankara to [KRG leader] Barzani on PKK presence in Kirkuk (Sabah)
Education as usual to take the highest share in budget expenditures (Sabah)
Qatar interested in investing in Turkey (Sabah)
State of emergency to be extended by three months (Milliyet)
Two Turkish soldiers killed in clash in Iraq’s Zap region (Milliyet)
Kirkuk should be autonomous – Iraqi Turkmens (Star)
US delegation arrives in Turkey to discuss visa crisis (Star)
Oct 16, 2017 06:41GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Iraqi government warns Kurdish counterpart on PKK deployment in Kirkuk (Vatan)
Auto industry investments in last three years lead auto imports to fall (Vatan)
Inflation to fall – CBT governor Cetinkaya (Vatan)
Face to face [Turkish troops deploy in Idlib close to PKK’s observation points in Afrin] (Sabah)
Demand for gold-denominated bonds reach 0.5 tons of gold in ten days (Sabah)
Turkey does not give up EU accession bid despite everything– Deputy PM Bozdag (Star)
Second-hand car prices fall [as end-year campaigns improve demand for first sales] (Star)
US needs Turkey more than Turkey does – Erdogan’s chief aide Aybet (Star)
Dismissed [National Intelligence] personnel should be tracked – former MIT chair Koksal (Hurriyet)
Employers should be included in automatic participation in PPS – Garanti Pension CEO Gocer (Hurriyet)
Thirty provincial heads of AKP reportedly demanded to resign (Hurriyet)
Oct 13, 2017 06:39GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Foreign states should get used to independent and strong Turkey – President Erdogan (Star)
Turkish soldiers enter Idlib [as part of Astana deal to establish de-escalation zones] (Star)
Turkish ministry lifts ban on ferries sailing to Greek islands (Star)
Testimony of arrested US consulate worker taken in presence of lawyer – Deputy PM Bozdag (Star)
We do not need you – Erdogan to US (Milliyet)
Problem with US is temporary, solution lies in dialogue – Deputy PM Simsek (Milliyet)
Turkey mediates between two armed groups in Idlib (Milliyet)
Erdogan blames US ambassador Bass for diplomatic spat (Sabah)
Markets pass visa exam [BIST rises for second day following breakout of visa dispute with US] (Sabah)
Footage shows [arrested US consulate worker] Topuz meets with FETO member ex-police officer (Sabah)
US to send delegation to Turkey on visa crisis (Sabah)
Erdogan calls some mayors to resign like former Istanbul Mayor Topbas (Hurriyet)
AKP to add article to draft omnibus law to maintain daylight saving time (Hurriyet)
Be brave [CHP leader Kilicdaroglu criticises TOBB and TUSIAD on silence over diplomatic spat with US] (Hurriyet)
Public support for AKP falls gradually – Kilicdaroglu (Hurriyet)
Oct 12, 2017 06:18GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Dialogue between Turkey and US continues – US Ambassador to Ankara Bass (Vatan)
August current account deficit lowest of two years (Vatan)
CHP supports suspension of visa services in US as retaliation (Vatan)
Explosion kills four in Tupras oil refinery (Hurriyet)
First nuclear plant to be ready in 2023 – Energy Minister Albayrak (Hurriyet)
Prosecutors ask about FETO members’ phone calls to US Consulate, US does not give information (Hurriyet)
Turkey to prevent terror corridor in Syria (Sabah)
Army launches extensive operation against PKK [in south-eastern Turkey] (Sabah)
3,964 PKK terrorists neutralised in last 13 months (Star)
Oct 11, 2017 06:50GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Offender [of visa dispute] is US itself – President Erdogan (Milliyet)
Turkey not to ask permission to pursue criminal acts – PM Yildirim [on US’s criticism of arrest of consulate worker] (Milliyet)
USD/TRY falls, BIST rises [following market dive on diplomatic spat with US] (Milliyet)
1,057 houses to be built in Istanbul’s Halic district [under urban transformation project] (Milliyet)
US’s base of spies [Erdogan implies spies infiltrate into US Embassy in Istanbul] (Star)
Turkcell, Siemens sign protocol to improve energy savings (Star)
GDP may grow by more than 8% y/y in Q3 – Garanti Bank CEO Erbil (Star)
US and Germany finance [Gulenist Terror Organisation] FETO (Star)
IMF doubles 2017 growth forecast on Turkey to 5.1% (Vatan)
Food retailers demand subsidies for switching to new standards [for fresh fruits and vegetables] (Vatan)
Turkish troops and FSA fighters [reportedly] to deploy along border of Afrin [controlled by Kurdish YPG] (Vatan)
US punishes not government but citizens [CHP leader Kilicdaroglu criticises US for visa suspension] (Vatan)
[MHP leader] Bahceli claims US’s visa suspension is due to discontent with Idlib operation (Vatan)
Turkey does not regard [US Ambassador to Ankara] Bass as US representative – Erdogan (Sabah)
Oct 10, 2017 06:45GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Erdogan says suspension of visa services in US instructed by him [as per rule of reciprocity] (Hurriyet)
Dangerous fall in lira [US-Turkey visa showdown hits Turkish financial markets] (Hurriyet)
Anxious wait [Businesses concerned about tension with US] (Hurriyet)
Appeals court rules over 25-year prison sentence to CHP MP Berberoglu, orders retrial (Hurriyet)
Coup suspect soldier admits he was instructed to kill civilians (Sabah)
Turkey calls US to reverse decision to suspend visa applications (Sabah)
Several local SMEs interested in production of parts to defence industry (Sabah)
Sovereign wealth fund plans to provide interest-free financing to investors (Sabah)
Another US consulate personnel summoned to testify in relation to FETO (Vatan)
Turkish economy survived several crises in last ten years, is resilient to shocks – Deputy PM Simsek (Vatan)
West questions if Turkey’s axis is shifting away – Ozilhan from top business association TUSIAD (Vatan)
[Kurdish] YPG piles arms in [Syria’s] Afrin [amid possibility of operation by Turkey] (Vatan)
Red-handed US panics [as its active role in Jul 15 coup attempt is revealed] (Star)
Only route for Iraqi Kurds to sell energy is via Turkey – opinion (Star)
Oct 09, 2017 06:22GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Turkey not to let new Kobanis – Erdogan [referring to Kurdish controlled regions in northern Syria] (Milliyet)
Scandalous decision by US [US suspends all visa applications from Turkey] (Milliyet)
[Auto maker] Karsan launches work with US firm for production in US (Milliyet)
Swift retaliation to US [Turkey suspends visa applications in US] (Star)
Turkey launches works to increase share in global halal food market worth USD 3.9tn (Star)
Turkey [reportedly] to establish military base in Idlib along border with Afrin (Star)
Central Iraqi government rules out deal with Kurdish regional government unless referendum is cancelled (Star)
Idlib operation to prevent expansion of terrorist groups – PM Yildirim (Star)
Turkish army shells positions in Idlib to support Free Syrian Army (Vatan)
Idlib operation may increase lira volatility – opinion (Vatan)
Critical meeting [Turkish delegation reportedly meets with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham to leave Idlib-Afrin border without clashing] (Vatan)
MHP leader Bahceli calls government for operation into Afrin after Idlib (Vatan)
Turkey implements Astana talks in Idlib – Erdogan [on Idlib operation] (Sabah)
[Local tyre maker] Brisa develops tires for Chinese, Iranian and Scandinavian markets (Sabah)
Oct 06, 2017 06:29GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Government disburses TRY 233bn social aid in last fifteen years – President Erdogan (Sabah)
Government to control spending by public institutions going forward [Mid-term fiscal plan released] (Sabah)
Erdogan calls [Kurdish Iraqi leader] Barzani to come to senses (Sabah)
PKK’s new tactic [PKK attempts to infiltrate Turkey by sea] (Vatan)
Government to prevent minimum wage decline [in late months of year] – FinMin Agbal (Vatan)
Tax hikes for arms [Announced tax hikes needed to meet increased security spending – Deputy PM Simsek] (Hurriyet)
Nothing wrong with asking AKP officials to leave office – Erdogan [on claimed forced resignation of mayors] (Hurriyet)
Kilicdaroglu instructs CHP to prepare projects for economic and social development (Hurriyet)
Borders and airspace [with Northern Iraq] to be closed – Erdogan (Milliyet)
Erdogan meets Ankara Mayor Gokcek [amid resignations claims, Gokcek presents new projects to Erdogan] (Milliyet)
Oct 05, 2017 06:41GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Two new regions for two sides [Government plans to create new quake-resistant living spaces in both sides of Istanbul] (Hurriyet)
Leasing firms provide USD 35bn support to SMEs [in last five years] (Hurriyet)
New period with Iran [Turkey, Iran aim to use local currencies in trade] (Vatan)
Russian visa to tomatoes after 25 months of ban [Russia to allow Turkish tomato imports as of 2018] (Vatan)
Turkey, Iran announces joint stance against northern Iraqi government (Star)
Citizens interested in gold-denominated Treasury bonds – Ziraat Bank Vice director Kuru (Star)
Four soldiers killed in PKK attack [in south-eastern Turkey] (Milliyet)
Seven PKK members caught before planned attack [in south-western province Mugla] (Milliyet)
Oct 04, 2017 06:48GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Turkey to face many troubles if interest rates do not fall – President Erdogan (Sabah)
FETO cleaning in municipalities [Arrest orders issued for 112 personnel of 19 Istanbul municipalities on links to Gulen (Sabah)
Cabinet [reportedly] plans to reduce upcoming motor vehicles tax hikes to 20-40% (Sabah)
Erdogan calls Northern Iraqi government to come to senses (Sabah)
Cabinet should convince citizens about tax hikes – Erdogan (Milliyet)
Loss of fruit and vegetables aimed to be halved [Cabinet sets criteria for food transport and sales] (Milliyet)
Auto sales gear up [New auto sales rise y/y in September] (Milliyet)
Erdogan invites citizens to invest in gold-denominated Treasury bonds (Milliyet)
[CHP leader] Kilicdaroglu calls AKP mayors to resist forced resignations (Milliyet)
Banks’ net profit rise by 25% y/y to TRY 33.3bn [in Jan-Aug] (Vatan)
[MHP leader] Bahceli implies Turkey should annex Kirkuk and Mosul (Vatan)
[Syria’s] Afrin should be cleared of [Kurdish] YPG – Foreign Minister Cavusoglu (Star)
Economists expect single-digit inflation at year-end [CPI inflation rises to 11.2% y/y in September] (Star)
Oct 03, 2017 06:42GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Employment to increase by above 1mn [people this year thanks to government incentives] – Deputy PM [Mehmet] Simsek (Vatan)
[Local] Oyak Group evaluates entrance in banking sector [in mid-term] (Vatan)
Mayor of Duzce [from ruling party AKP] resigns (Vatan)
Improvement in quality of public institutions a must for economic strength – top business association TUSIAD (Hurriyet)
Turkey, Iraq and Iran reportedly to conduct joint military exercise [in relation to Kurdish Iraqi referendum] (Hurriyet)
[Main opposition party] CHP to call government to end state of emergency (Hurriyet)
Demand collection period for Treasury's gold-denominated bonds begins (Sabah)
Do not be afraid of joining trade unions – PM [Binali] Yildirim to workers (Sabah)
Oct 02, 2017 06:07GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
President [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan warns Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq [following independence referendum] (Sabah)
[President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan to meet with opposition party [CHP, MHP] leaders to discuss KRG referendum (Sabah)
Signal for reconsideration of tax hike [President [Recep Tayyip Erdogan signals upcoming motor vehicles tax hikes may be eased] (Hurriyet)
[Kurdish militant organisation] PKK loses ability to stage planned attacks – Deputy PM [Bekir] Bozdag (Hurriyet)
Some 55% of automatic participants in [Private Pension System] PPS withdraw, regulatory changes in pipeline (Hurriyet)
Turkey does not need EU anymore [but not to quit talks] – [President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan (Milliyet)
Parliament to discuss this week bill on arbitration system for employer-employee disputes (Milliyet)
Exports may exceed government USD 156.5bn target for this year – exporters association TIM (Vatan)
Government to allow former high-skilled private sector employees to work in public institutions (Vatan)
Sep 29, 2017 06:39GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Erdogan, Putin agree on preservation of Iraq’s territorial integrity (Vatan)
Opportunity worth TRY 290 [Consumers to save money for car purchases before year-end due to upcoming tax hike] (Vatan)
Iraqi parliament decides on sanctions against Kurdish regional government (Vatan)
Council of Istanbul Municipality elects Uysal [from AKP] as new mayor (Star)
[Not KRG but] Central Iraqi government to be Turkey’s addressee from now on – PM Yildirim (Star)
Daylight saving time to continue – Energy Minister Albayrak (Milliyet)
Luxury cars to be subject to higher motor vehicles tax (Sabah)
Sep 28, 2017 06:49GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Government targets per capita income to rise to USD 13,000 [in 2020] (Milliyet)
Motor vehicles tax to be raised by 40% [as of Jan 2018] (Milliyet)
Critical meeting [Erdogan to meet Putin today amid hot agenda on Middle East] (Milliyet)
Mid-term economic plan highlights growth, defence industry – opinion (Milliyet)
Fourteen PKK terrorists killed in two days (Milliyet)
Package worth TRY 28bn [FinMin Agbal expects tax measures to add TRY 28bn to 2018 budget] (Sabah)
Government works on alternatives to Habur [border gate with Northern Iraq] (Sabah)
[Kurdish Iraqi President] Barzani rejects central government’s demand to hand over airports control (Sabah)
Coup plotter ex-soldier sentenced to aggravated lifetime in prison (Sabah)
911km-long Turkish wall [Security wall on Syria border completed] (Vatan)
Hawkish Yellen [Lira depreciates with Yellen’s statements] (Vatan)
Court rules against [cabinet decree for] all-year daylight saving time system (Vatan)
Iraqi parliament authorises PM al-Abadi to send troops to Kirkuk (Vatan)
[Kurdish Iraqi PM] Barzani: Turkey is our door to rest of world (Vatan)
Thousands of nationalists ready to fight [for Iraqi Turkmen] – MHP leader Bahceli (Hurriyet)
Three metropolitan, ten district mayors from AKP may change [till 2019 elections] (Hurriyet)
Sep 27, 2017 06:30GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
We have to solve problems in education [Erdogan expresses self-criticism about problems in education] (Star)
Israel, PKK support independence referendum in Northern Iraq (Star)
Possible losses on Iraqi market could be compensated by other markets [Businesses support possible sanctions on Northern Iraq] (Star)
State to support 1,000 SMEs for import substitution of 1,000 products (Star)
[KRG President] Barzani to go hungry [when Turkey imposes sanctions] – Erdogan (Hurriyet)
EconMin Zeybekci believes trade sanctions on KRG would be wrong (Hurriyet)
Tourism revives [Turkey’s top summer resort] Antalya’s economy (Hurriyet)
[Kurdish Iraqi government’s] Referendum is null and void – Erdogan (Sabah)
Barzani wants to use referendum to bargain with central Iraqi government – diplomatic sources (Sabah)
Alarm bells ring for global oil supply (Sabah)
System of university entrance exams to be changed (Vatan)
Loan rates fall [in mid-September] as pressure from KGF-guaranteed loans wanes (Vatan)
[Diplomatic, economic and military] Sanctions against KRG are on table – Erdogan (Vatan)
Sep 26, 2017 06:52GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
We can arrive suddenly at one night [Erdogan warns Kurdish Iraqi government with military intervention] (Vatan)
Trucks wait at Habur gate [Firms hesitate to send exporting trucks to Northern Iraq] (Vatan)
Border tension of markets [BIST falls, lira depreciates due to referendum in Northern Iraq] (Vatan)
Government expects single-digit unemployment rate to be achieved in 2019 – PM Yildirim (Vatan)
Full-year house sales may reach record high levels (Vatan)
Calm down, Turkey not going to war – Yildirim [on Kurdish Iraqi referendum] (Milliyet)
Strong growth each year [Cabinet expects GDP to grow by 5.5% in 2018-2020 – Yildirim] (Milliyet)
Iraqi Turkmens and Arabs boycott independence referendum (Milliyet)
Army to intervene immediately if Iraqi Turkmens attacked – Foreign Minister Cavusoglu (Milliyet)
Qatar offers Turkey construction of large industrial zone in Doha (Sabah)
120,198 houses sold in August despite Sacrifice Holiday (Sabah)
How will you sell your oil now? [Erdogan threatens Kurdish Iraqi government with freezing oil transport] (Sabah)
Barzani throws Northern Iraq into fire by referendum [Barzani risks losing what he has now] (Star)
Turcophobia hits votes of Merkel and Schulz (Star)
Sep 25, 2017 06:41GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Fiery ballot box [Iraqi Kurds to hold independence referendum despite international opposition] (Hurriyet)
Referendum worth USD 7bn [Businesses concerned Kurdish Iraqi referendum to damage exports to Iraq] (Hurriyet)
Exercise of war [Turkish military exercise on Northern Iraqi border enters eight day] (Hurriyet)
Meeting for mayor [AKP members of Council of Istanbul Municipality meet Erdogan to consult on mayor election] (Hurriyet)
Referendum effect on markets [Lira may keep falling, lira’s future to depend on military action] – opinion (Vatan)
Last six days of tax rebate [Consumption tax cuts on white goods, furniture to expire on Sep 30] (Vatan)
Turkey to make Kurdish Iraqi government to account for referendum – PM Yildirim (Vatan)
Neo-Nazis enter German parliament for first time since World War II (Star)
Boeing plans to increase purchases of parts from Turkey – EconMin Zeybekci (Star)
Last minute warnings to Barzani [Foreign states call Kurdish Iraqi leader to cancel referendum] (Sabah)
Turkey has international right to military intervention in Mosul, Kirkuk – opinion (Sabah)
Sep 22, 2017 06:49GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Erdogan complains to Trump [about extradition of Gulen, US arm supplies to PYD] (Milliyet)
USD/TRY rises after FED meeting, fails to break resistance level of 3.52 (Milliyet)
[CHP leader] Kilicdaroglu calls Barzani for common sense [Kilicdaroglu opposes Iraqi referendum] (Milliyet)
Erdogan, Trump oppose Kurdish independence referendum – Erdogan’s office (Sabah)
Referendum not to benefit Kurds – foreign ministers of Turkey, Iraq and Iran (Sabah)
Merkel shelters [Gulenist terror organisation] FETO members (Sabah)
GDP growth and growth structure are in line with government’s preference – EconMin Zeybekci (Vatan)
KRG not to let central government troops to enter Kirkuk [Barzani challenges central Iraqi government] (Vatan)
Turkish military exercise [on Northern Iraqi border] enters fourth day (Vatan)
Eyes on MGK [National Security Council to discuss sanctions against KRG at today’s meeting] (Star)
US and Turkey are closer than ever – Trump (Star)
Sep 21, 2017 06:51GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
US cooperation with [Syrian] PYD is unacceptable – Erdogan (Star)
Priority to be given to justice and health sectors in public recruitments [next year] – FinMin Agbal (Star)
Erdogan has four main topics to discuss with Trump [in today’s meeting] (Vatan)
Indian giant Mahindra&Mahindra buys [local tractor maker] Erkunt (Vatan)
Government works on regulation for earlier retirement of health sector employees (Vatan)
Erdogan defends S-400 deal with Russia [Erdogan says some NATO states refused to sell certain arms to Turkey] (Milliyet)
Putin to visit Turkey on Sep 28 (Milliyet)
PM Yildirim meets with force commanders ahead of critical [National Security Council] MGK meeting (Milliyet)
US continues to supply heavy arms to [Kurdish armed group] YPG (Hurriyet)
Sep 20, 2017 06:21GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Erdogan harshly criticises US blocking weapon sales to his security guards (Vatan)
Sales of [four main] white goods rise by 18% in Jan-Aug – association TURKBESD (Vatan)
Finance Ministry to form team to monitor e-commerce (Vatan)
Our tears are same [Erdogan calls world leaders to contribute to peace and stability] (Milliyet)
White goods sector demands OTV tax rate exemption to continue (Milliyet)
You will lose what you have now [Erdogan warns Kurdish Iraqi leader Barzani against independence plebiscite] (Star)
Telia Sonera completes sale of direct stakes in Turkcell [to continue indirect ownership] (Hurriyet)
Sep 19, 2017 06:27GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Warning exercise [Turkey conducts military exercise on Iraqi border ahead of independence referendum] (Hurriyet)
Income inequality rises in 2016 (Hurriyet)
Rest of TRY 50bn KGF-guarantee limit to be used for investment loans – Deputy PM Simsek (Hurriyet)
Golden opportunity [Citizens to gain additional return from gold-denominated Treasury bonds] (Sabah)
UN needs to be reformed – President Erdogan (Sabah)
Exporter SMEs expanding in Africa (Sabah)
Rate hikes [by deposit banks] challenge participation banks – participation banks association TKBB (Sabah)
Referendum crisis deepens [Iraq’s top court rules to suspend Kurdish independence referendum] (Sabah)
Istanbul should be centre of UN – Erdogan (Milliyet)
Sep 18, 2017 06:23GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Under-the-mattress gold move by Treasury [Treasury to issue gold-denominated local bonds] (Star)
We cannot welcome Barzani to divide Iraq [Erdogan warns Kurdish Iraqi government against independence referendum] (Star)
Turkey may close Habur border gate if Kurdish Iraq insists on referendum – opinion (Star)
We will not kneel to Erdogan – German SPD leader Schulz (Star)
Truth about local production [Local content ratio of locally-produced motor vehicles averages 50%] (Hurriyet)
Erdogan sees no obstacle to remove high school entrance exam (Hurriyet)
Hyundai plans to produce three new models in Turkey after 2020 (Vatan)
Turkey to announce final stance on [Iraqi referendum] after national security meeting [on Sep 22] – Erdogan (Sabah)
Rating agencies should revise Turkey’s ratings [due to growth performance] – AKP deputy chair Yilmaz (Sabah)
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