Press mood stories for Turkey

May 23, 2017 06:54GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Coup plotters face people for first time [Coup suspects made past crowd at start of their trial] (Milliyet)
Reina nightclub demolished [five months after ISIS’s New Year attack] (Milliyet)
Turkey, Russia sign declaration to end trade restrictions (Milliyet)
Wheat stocks see historical lows at 900,000 tons (Milliyet)
President Erdogan offers passport-free travel among Black Sea countries (Star)
Measures against food inflation in pipeline – Deputy PM Simsek (Star)
Turkey ready for EU accession, Erdogan to call EU [during Brussels visit] to clear its stance – opinion (Star)
First day at work [Erdogan to chair meeting of AKP’s top executive board today] (Star)
CBT Board [reportedly] decides to encourage old personnel to retire (Hurriyet)
Eyes on cabinet [Changes in cabinet expected to be announced this week] (Hurriyet)
[Prosecutors demand] 2,988 life sentences for each [of 38 suspected coup-plotter generals] (Vatan)
US ambassador summoned [over aggressive actions by US police against Turkish bodyguards during Erdogan’s Washington visit] (Vatan)
May 22, 2017 06:36GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Erdogan returns to AKP chairmanship after 998 days (Vatan)
Net profit of participation banks jumps by 371% y/y [to TRY 330mn] in Q1 (Vatan)
MHP leadership eliminates opponents via provincial party conventions (Vatan)
AKP is assurance to democracy and reforms – Erdogan (Sabah)
New leaders [31 members keep post in AKP’s top executive board MKYK, 19 members replaced] (Sabah)
HSBC benefits from decision to stay in Turkey – HSBC Turkey CEO Kervanci (Hurriyet)
Did ISIS target AKP congress? [Two suspected ISIS militants killed in operation in Ankara] (Hurriyet)
AKP organisations to be renewed swiftly (Hurriyet)
First target is 2019 [AKP to prepare for 2019 elections after organisational restructuring – Erdogan] (Milliyet)
Turkey to overcome middle income trap via reforms – Erdogan (Milliyet)
May 18, 2017 06:39GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
US to knock Turkey’s door over Syrian issue – President Erdogan (Vatan)
[Grocery chain] A101 to open 700 new stones this year (Vatan)
Parliament elects [top judicial board] HSK members, CHP, HDP do not join election (Vatan)
Erdogan calls US businesses to invest in Turkey, vows to solve any problems (Sabah)
European Parliament backpedals as referendum ends [EP lifts ban on distribution of Daily Sabah] (Sabah)
Complaints to be filed to [recently established] state of emergency commission expected to be as high as 200,000 (Hurriyet)
Turkish army to implement engagement rules against attacks from Syria – Erdogan (Milliyet)
May 17, 2017 06:35GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Two clear messages by Erdogan to Trump [US should end support to YPG, extradite FETO members] (Hurriyet)
Trump: US-Turkey relations cannot be defeated (Hurriyet)
[CBT governor] Cetinkaya appointed co-chair of Financial Stability Board for MENA region (Hurriyet)
PYD has no place in our region – Erdogan (Star)
Workers to be given opportunity to choose between old and new severance pay systems – minister (Star)
US-PYD cooperation unacceptable, Germany should support Turkey instead of FETO – PM Yildirim (Star)
Sur Yapi launches book-building for urban transformation project worth 19,000 residences (Vatan)
US to work to meet Turkey’s weapon orders – Trump (Vatan)
Turkish, Israeli business representatives agree to improve cooperation (Sabah)
We are determined to wipe out terrorists – PM Yildirim (Sabah)
May 16, 2017 06:54GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Number of employed rises by 284,000 in February after Erdogan’s call on businesses (Sabah)
Erdogan to demand US to stop supporting PKK, extradite Gulen (Sabah)
EU manged not by politicians but by bureaucrats [PM Yildirim criticises EU management structure] (Sabah)
Signal of withdrawal from Turkey [Germany may move soldiers to another country if Turkey does not let MPs to visit Incirlik Base – Merkel] (Hurriyet)
Unemployment falls m/m to 12.6% in February with help of employment mobilisation (Hurriyet)
Daily Cumhuriyet’s web editor Guven arrested [on terror propaganda] (Hurriyet)
Putin rules out supplying arms to Syrian Kurds (Hurriyet)
Erdogan, Trump to meet face to face today for first time (Milliyet)
CHP appoints Istnbul MP Aydogdu as deputy chair of party responsible for economy (Milliyet)
Turkish Airlines’ passengers to New York rise in April despite laptop ban (Vatan)
Budget posts TRY 3bn deficit in April, tax income growth favourable (Vatan)
May 15, 2017 06:32GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
New Silk Road initiative is means to peace, stability – Erdogan (Star)
Cooperation with YPG to harm US’s reputation – Erdogan (Star)
70,000 Syrian babies born in Turkey each year – AKP MP Uslu (Hurriyet)
Regulation on exchange bureaus to be revised (Hurriyet)
Turkish jets hit PKK targets in northern Iraq (Milliyet)
[CHP chair] Kilicdaroglu expected to revise party’s executive board (Milliyet)
May 12, 2017 06:48GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Deal worth USD 30bn [Edirne-Kars speed train project may be agreed during Erdogan’s China visit] (Sabah)
Nine terrorists killed in [eastern provinces] Agri and Hakkari (Sabah)
Do not cheer up with Russian tourists’ return amid cheap package tour prices – opinion (Vatan)
Good news from EU [EC raises 2017 growth forecast on Turkey to 3.0% from 2.8%] (Vatan)
Thanks to Spanish BBVA [FDI inflows rise by 43% y/y to USD 1.7bn in Q1 with BBVA’s stake raise in Garanti Bank] (Vatan)
Auto production rises to record-high units in Jan-Apr – association (Vatan)
Turkey’s military training base in Somali to open in September – PM Yildirim (Vatan)
Government reportedly works on many alternatives for severance pay reform (Milliyet)
US committed to protect its NATO ally Turkey – US Defence Secretary Mattis (Milliyet)
May 10, 2017 06:56GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Heavy blow ahead of Erdogan-Trump summit [Trump authorises arming Kurdish YPG in Syria] (Hurriyet)
EU membership is strategic target for Turkey – Erdogan (Hurriyet)
Local Limak lays foundation of airport in Kuwait worth USD 4.5bn (Hurriyet)
Our struggle against government just begins – CHP leader Kilicdaroglu (Hurriyet)
HDP MP Aydogan striped of parliamentary membership (Hurriyet)
Justice Minister Bozdag asks his US counterpart for extradition of FETO leaders (Milliyet)
MHP leader Bahceli calls for swift reintroduction of death sentence (Milliyet)
Ongoing projects to end external dependence of defence – PM Yildirim (Star)
CHP MP Muharrem Ince criticises party leader Kilicdaroglu (Star)
Turkish banks receive high demand for Eurobond placements this year (Vatan)
Turkey wants to continue EU accession process – Erdogan (Vatan)
May 09, 2017 06:33GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
OTV doping to industry [Consumption tax cuts on white goods, furniture help 2.8% y/y output growth in March] (Vatan)
US supplies USD 9,000 worth of arms to each YPG member [in Syria] (Vatan)
PKK’s main armoury [in Sirnak] captured (Vatan)
CHP blames government for sparking intra-party conflict (Vatan)
They cannot silence call for prayer in Jerusalem [Erdogan slams at Israel for plan to ban call for morning prayers in mosques] (Star)
Partnership for local fighter jet engine [Kale Group, Rolls Royce to set up joint venture to develop aircraft engines] (Star)
Gulen is afraid of extradition [Gulen complains about Turkey in letter to US senators] (Star)
OYAK to pay TRY 4.1bn dividend (Milliyet)
[Resigned deputy chair] Boke reportedly criticises decision-making processes in CHP (Sabah)
PKK terrorists in Gorese mountainous area killed in operation (Sabah)
May 08, 2017 06:30GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Leadership war in CHP [Dissidents increasingly challenge party chair Kilicdaroglu] (Sabah)
Radical measures against food inflation in pipeline – deputy PM Simsek (Sabah)
Government reportedly to enhance social protection policies (Sabah)
Justice Minister Bozdag goes to US for Gulen’s extradition (Milliyet)
[CHP MP] Saglar referred to disciplinary board with expulsion demand (Milliyet)
New scandal by US soldiers [US soldiers participate in oath-taking ceremony of Kurdish YPG militants] (Vatan)
Toyota Turkey’s C-HR model receives high demand from US (Vatan)
PM Yildirim says to leave post with sense of accomplishment (Hurriyet)
May 05, 2017 06:50GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Patrol in Idlib [Turkish, Russian, Iranian forces to work patrol in four de-escalation zones in Syria] (Vatan)
De-escalation zones to solve 50% of Syrian problem – Erdogan (Vatan)
Tomato price expected to fall within ten days [following recent sharp hikes] (Vatan)
Firms rush to Treasury-guaranteed loans [Above 193,000 firms draw KGF-guaranteed loans – Simsek] (Vatan)
Russia's decision to maintain import ban to limit tomato price hikes (Star)
[President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan asks [Russia’s President Vladimir] Putin about photos showing Russian soldiers in Syria beside Kurdish YPG forces (Star)
Unilever inaugurates EUR 350mn worth of new factory in Turkey (Hurriyet)
[Main opposition party] CHP cannot be managed by threats [Former CHP chair Baykal criticises current chair Kilicdaroglu] (Hurriyet)
May 04, 2017 06:48GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Full consensus with Russia [Economic sanctions to be removed, safe zones to be established in Syria] (Star)
Sovereign wealth fund to develop Islamic mortgage (Star)
Referendum failure prompts chaos in [main opposition] CHP (Star)
Inflation rises to 11.87% y/y in April (Hurriyet)
[Main opposition] CHP sends its lawmaker Saglar to disciplinary board [on statements against party chair] (Hurriyet)
Russia to lift restrictions other than tomato import ban, visas (Milliyet)
Auto market slowdown continues [New auto sales fall by 10.5% y/y in April] (Milliyet)
Investors have full confidence in Turkish banks – banking association TBB head [Huseyin] Aydin [on Moody's negative comment] (Sabah)
Good relations with Turkey to benefit EU – [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel (Sabah)
May 03, 2017 06:30GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
I return to my home, my love – [President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan [on his re-joining AKP] (Milliyet)
USD/TRY sees lowest of this year [on global sentiment, CBT measures] (Milliyet)
We will pull interest rates down (Sabah)
Intra-party conflicts of CHP resurface (Sabah)
Leading data shows economy recovers in April (Vatan)
Russians in Afrin, US in Derik [Both Russia and US support Kurdish YPG in Syria] (Vatan)
[President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan to EU: We will say goodbye if EU does not open accession chapters (Vatan)
[Main opposition] CHP leadership wants [its leader Kemal] Kilicdaroglu to run for president [in 2019 elections] (Hurriyet)
Consensus with US is impossible under current conditions – [President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan [referring to conflicts on Syrian Kurds] (Hurriyet)
May 02, 2017 06:07GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
No major incidents during May 1 celebrations nationwide (Vatan)
NATO shields PKK: Foreign soldiers in Syria's Tell Abyad reach three times more than PKK/YPG terrorists (Star)
[President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan calls India for trade in local currencies (Star)
Export growth to speed up in coming term – exporters' association TIM head Buykeksi (Star)
Labour unions demand subcontracting workers to be given permanent job status (Milliyet)
Cabinet revision not on agenda – Deputy PM Kurtulmus (Milliyet)
[Main opposition centre-left party] CHP to clarify this week calendar for ordinary general congress (Milliyet)
Participation in PKK falls strongly in past few months (Sabah)
Exports reach USD 50bn in Jan-Apr (Sabah)
Apr 28, 2017 06:13GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Erdogan to become AKP chair on May 21 [AKP to hold extraordinary congress] (Hurriyet)
Turkey should answer to OSCE referendum report – Merkel (Hurriyet)
Economic confidence improves in April (Milliyet)
Government works on alternative financing models for Canal Istanbul (Milliyet)
115 of suspended police officers are chief constables (Milliyet)
PM Yildirim warns African states against FETO (Milliyet)
Lira rises as confidence in Turkish economy improves (Sabah)
Israeli gas expected to reach Turkey within two-three years (Sabah)
Apr 27, 2017 06:55GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
3,224 arrest orders issued on new evidence for membership to FETO (Sabah)
Turk Telekom posts TRY 4.3bn income in Q1 (Sabah)
Yildirim, Bahceli discuss alignment laws, Sinjar operation, PACE decision [in closed-door meeting] (Sabah)
West plays three monkeys about war tragedies – Erdogan (Sabah)
Large operation [9,103 police officers suspended for links to FETO] (Milliyet)
CBT raises late liquidity window rates, lira rises (Milliyet)
Inflation outlook brings rate hike (Milliyet)
Budgetary burden from government measures to be temporary – FinMin Agbal (Milliyet)
Turkey to reconsider relations [FM Cavusoglu harshly reacts to PACE decision] (Milliyet)
CHP to take referendum to ECtHR (Milliyet)
Public workers demand 18% pay hike (Hurriyet)
Erdogan’s office, AKP produce mixed signals about congress process (Hurriyet)
EU Minister Celik reacts to photo of US commander with PKK, YPG militants (Star)
Apr 26, 2017 06:32GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Turkish army bombs Sinjar [in northern Iraq] for first time (Vatan)
Turkey not to let Sinjar become PKK base – President Erdogan (Vatan)
Monitoring after 13 years [PACE decides to re-open monitoring process against Turkey] (Vatan)
MPC may deliver modest hike in late liquidity window lending rate today – opinion (Vatan)
Five soldiers killed in attacks in south-eastern Turkey (Vatan)
PM Yildirim signals cabinet revision (Vatan)
Turkish army signals operations in Sinjar to continue (Hurriyet)
1.3mn civil servants participate in private pension system as of April (Hurriyet)
Erdogan says to return to AKP (Hurriyet)
We do not recognise PACE decision – Erdogan (Star)
Council of State rejects CHP’s referendum appeal (Star)
Treasury to receive EUR 657mn from [final instalments of] 4.5G tender amounts (Milliyet)
Constitutional Court president implicitly calls government to end state of emergency (Milliyet)
EU to lose more than Turkey [PM Yildirim reacts harshly to PACE decision on Turkey] (Milliyet)
Apr 25, 2017 06:31GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Gulen is behind [Armenian journalist] Dink’s assassination (Sabah)
BIST 100 Index rises to all-time high (Sabah)
Erdogan files criminal complaint against French professor [calling for assassination of Erdogan] (Sabah)
Campaigns boost house sales [House sales rise by 27% m/m in March] (Vatan)
Economic activity begins to recover – CBT governor Cetinkaya (Vatan)
Daesh is withdrawing from Raqqa (Vatan)
Sixty-six PKK terrorists neutralised in one week (Vatan)
Erdogan claimed to be elected as AKP leader via extraordinary congress (Milliyet)
We will not tolerate discrimination against Armenians – Erdogan (Milliyet)
Political operation against Turkey by PACE [PACE to discuss today degrading Turkey’s status to monitoring] (Star)
Apr 24, 2017 06:38GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Tense holiday at parliament [AKP, CHP MPs engage in verbal duel in Apr 23 special session] (Hurriyet)
Finance Ministry eyes e-trade firms without offices in Turkey (Hurriyet)
West’s true face [French professor Defarges calls for civil war or assassination of Erdogan] (Star)
Local seismic vessel to begin work in Mediterranean Sea (Star)
Erdogan calls for peace [following MPs’ debate at parliament’s special session] (Vatan)
Markets to eye MPC meeting this week (Vatan)
Erdogan calls people to respect Apr 16 referendum outcome (Sabah)
CHP aims at political chaos by objections to referendum results – opinion (Sabah)
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