Press mood stories for Turkey

Aug 20, 2018 06:32GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Trade chamber of [tourism resort] Bodrum warns restaurants with fines against price hikes [due to Sacrifice Holiday] (Hurriyet)
Auto prices hit more by [special consumption tax] OTV brackets than lira fall (Hurriyet)
US wants row with Turkey as means of campaigning for elections [in November] – Foreign Minister Cavusoglu (Hurriyet)
First step of USD 15bn investments by Qatar [Inflows worth USD 3bn in pipeline with swap deal between central banks] (Milliyet)
Cadres for 2023 targets formed [AKP renews top executive bodies of party] (Milliyet)
IMF lie by Der Spiegel [German daily claims German government tries to convince Turkey about IMF bailout] (Star)
750,000 passengers fly on first day of Sacrifice Holiday (Star)
Trump to finance support to PKK out of Saudi Arabia and UAE (Star)
Air fares to fall as third [Istanbul] airport enters in use – Turkish Airlines CEO Eksi (Vatan)
US does not want to solve problems with Turkey – Cavusoglu (Vatan)
Aug 17, 2018 06:25GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[FinMin Albayrak provides] Full confidence to investors [in teleconference] (Sabah)
US analysts warn Trump: Cost of crisis with Turkey to be heavy (Sabah)
Turkey to turn crisis into advantage – Erdogan (Sabah)
Campaigns in support of lira continue (Sabah)
Trump abuses national security law with trade tariffs – opinion (Hurriyet)
Food manufacturing shoulders industrial output growth [in June] (Hurriyet)
Fuel prices hiked [with automatic increase in special consumption tax] (Hurriyet)
Erdogan knew about economic crisis in back-dating elections – CHP leader Kilicdaroglu (Hurriyet)
Albayrak rules out IMF bailout (Vatan)
Four soldiers killed in [south-eastern province] Adiyaman (Vatan)
Turkey not seeking economic war – Erdogan’s spokesperson Kalin (Vatan)
Turkey-US crisis deeper than [US pastor] Brunson case – Kilicdaroglu (Vatan)
High interest by investors [6,100 economists join Albayrak’s teleconference] (Star)
Lira appreciates by 21% [against US dollar] in four days (Star)
Aug 16, 2018 06:43GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Western states warn US about Turkey stance (Vatan)
Qatar to make TRY 15bn direct investment in Turkey – Qatari emir al-Thani (Vatan)
Lira fall boosts foreign interest in Turkish real estate (Vatan)
Turkey’s exclusion from F-35 project to bring additional costs (Vatan)
Senior PKK member killed in airstrike in northern Iraq (Star)
US President Trump isolates Turkey (Star)
Strong interest in Albayrak [almost 4,000 foreign investors apply to join FinMin Albayrak’s teleconference on Aug 16] (Star)
Lira appreciates with national mobilisation against US dollar (Sabah)
Turkey doubles import tariffs on US-made goods (Hurriyet)
Unemployment stays at single-digit rates [in May] (Hurriyet)
Erdogan to meet with Merkel in September (Hurriyet)
Aug 15, 2018 06:54GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Turkey to boycott US electronic goods – President Erdogan (Milliyet)
Market volatility not economic but political – Parliamentary Speaker Yildirim (Milliyet)
Turkish firms’ boycott of digital advertising [on US-based social media platforms] expands (Milliyet)
BDDK approves new measures to relax banks (Milliyet)
Urban Ministry to stop purchases of US-origin construction materials (Milliyet)
Divisions emerge in PKK following operations by Turkish security forces (Milliyet)
Turkey, Russia seek solution to [Syria’s] Idlib (Milliyet)
Businesses call government to mend ties with EU (Hurriyet)
[US pastor] Brunson’s lawyer appeals against house arrest (Hurriyet)
Turkish markets push attack back, dollar loses credibility – FinMin Albayrak (Hurriyet)
[Government launches] TRY 1.2bn worth of support programme to industry (Hurriyet)
Flood in [northern province] Ordu costs TRY 164.7mn – Ordu Municipality (Hurriyet)
Additional US tariffs on Turkish metals illegitimate – EU (Sabah)
Lira exchange rate begins to normalise (Sabah)
Cabinet to take steps to ease exchange rate risk [of corporates] – Albayrak (Sabah)
US obliged to deliver F-35s to Turkey – experts (Sabah)
Citizens rush to banks to convert US dollars into lira (Vatan)
Right time to buy Turkish assets – Garanti Bank General Director Erbil (Vatan)
CBT tightens lira liquidity [CBT cancels one-week repo auction again] (Vatan)
Turkey not to participate in US sanctions on Iran – Foreign Minister Cavusoglu (Vatan)
Aug 14, 2018 06:36GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Network of traitors [Investigations launched into 346 social media accounts claiming capital seizures] (Vatan)
CBT provides additional liquidity to banks (Vatan)
Isbank General Director Bali sees need for rate hikes (Vatan)
Turkey reportedly submits roadmap to Russia for Syria’s Idlib (Vatan)
Trump signs F-35 decision [Sale of F-35s to Turkey suspended] (Vatan)
Nation to spoil game against Turkish economy – Erdogan (Star)
CBT, BDDK, SPK intervene against economic coup (Star)
Hotel occupancy rates [in Aegean and Mediterranean regions] rise to 95% [for Sacrifice Holiday] – association TURSAB (Star)
Seven senior members of PKK neutralised – Interior Ministry (Star)
[Main opposition party] CHP dissidents stick to demand for extraordinary congress (Star)
Several states identify plot against Turkey, give support messages to Turkey (Sabah)
Turkish economy has power to overcome speculative attacks – Isbank’s Bali (Sabah)
Post-coup spirit revives [Citizens sell forex to support lira] (Sabah)
Turkey not to bow [to US threats, sanctions] – Erdogan (Milliyet)
Trump stabs US’ strategic ally Turkey in back – Erdogan (Milliyet)
US stance against Turkey unacceptable – CHP leader Kilicdaroglu (Milliyet)
Aug 13, 2018 06:14GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
We challenge economic operation against Turkey – President Erdogan (Sabah)
[US President] Trump declares war against all allies – Economic think-tank SETA (Sabah)
Russia ready to removes visas for Turkey (Sabah)
Intra-party rift in [main opposition] CHP continues (Sabah)
Action plan to relax markets underway – FinMin Albayrak (Hurriyet)
Germany and Italy warn Trump against sanctions on Turkey (Hurriyet)
Aksener re-elected as IYI Party leader (Hurriyet)
Turkey to say goodbye to those preferring terrorists over Turkey, Erdogan challenges US (Star)
Aug 10, 2018 06:30GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
New model for economy [FinMin Albayrak to reveal new economic policy framework today] (Milliyet)
Do not worry about exchange rate developments, President Erdogan [reportedly] tells businesses (Milliyet)
[Northern province] Ordu hit by largest flood of 50 years (Milliyet)
[Main opposition party] CHP to announce its new A-Team today (Milliyet)
[Almost] 4mn citizens apply for zoning amnesty so far (Star)
Move like conquest [Turkish Airlines to move to new airport with 5,000 trucks and 33,000 personnel on Oct 29-31] (Star)
Halkbank posts TRY 1.9bn net profit in H1 (Star)
Measures [to raise revenues, savings] to contribute TRY 35bn to budget balance [in rest of year] – Albayrak (Hurriyet)
Samsung has 50% share in Turkish smartphone market (Hurriyet)
Signal for soft landing [Government expects 3-4% GDP growth in 2019] (Vatan)
No deal in first contact [US, Turkish delegations reportedly fail to agree on solution to Brunson crisis] (Vatan)
Aug 09, 2018 06:42GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
FETO behind assassination of CHP MP Cetin and his son [in 2005] (Sabah)
Bad news to scaremongers [Loan restructurings normal, problem loan ratio low – bank association TBB] (Sabah)
Government plans measures to improve work security (Sabah)
Third nuclear plant to be built with China in Eastern Thrace (Sabah)
Antalya instead of Mallorca [European tourist interest shifts towards Turkey due to lira depreciation] (Hurriyet)
Pressure on CBT to hike rates increases again – opinion (Hurriyet)
Leaders to say final word if US, Turkey delegations reach deal [on solution to crisis] (Hurriyet)
Challenging September [Total USD 3.7bn syndicated loans of six banks to expire in September] (Vatan)
Energy trade with Iran to continue – Energy Minister Donmez (Vatan)
Steel exporters lean to Italy amid US tariffs (Vatan)
Aug 08, 2018 06:34GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Record high 200,000 people already apply for paid military service exemption (Sabah)
Nine-membered delegation goes to US for solution [to crisis] (Sabah)
President Erdogan to visit Germany on Sep 28-29 (Sabah)
Locals do not rise to bait [Residents sell USD 15.7bn forex since mid-February] (Sabah)
Local and national defence systems to be expanded (Milliyet)
First offshore wind farm in pipeline [Government action plan aims to hold tender on 3,000MW offshore wind energy] (Milliyet)
[IMF Executive Director Tran forecasts] USD 51bn net capital inflows to Turkey [this year] (Vatan)
[Leader of CHP dissidents] Ince gets stronger against [CHP leader] Kilicdaroglu over years (Vatan)
EU opposition drives Trump mad [Trump threatens anyone doing business with Iran not to do business with US] (Star)
Arrest orders issued for 37 employees of private school [in Ankara] for links to FETO (Star)
No bubble on real estate market, investments to continue – Agaoglu Group chair Agaoglu (Star)
Aug 07, 2018 06:40GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
100-day limit [Score of judges, prosecutors to fall if trial not concluded in 100 days as per government action plan] (Vatan)
[CHP dissidents collect] 569 signatures, not enough for [extraordinary elective] congress (Vatan)
Non-rate intervention on markets [CBT releases USD 2.2bn to banks by changing reserve policy] (Vatan)
Savings deposits exceed TRY 1tn [at end-H1] (Vatan)
US sanctions against Iran go in effect (Hurriyet)
Egg prices rise sharply [so far this year] (Hurriyet)
[Government plan to] reactivate Emlak Bank welcomed by real estate sector (Hurriyet)
[Provincial AKP officials submit] 2,000 reports [to AKP headquarters] about loss of votes in Jun 24 elections (Hurriyet)
Crisis in CHP [Dissidents reiterate demand for congress for leadership change] (Hurriyet)
Trump becomes isolated [EU vows to protect firms from Trump’s Iran sanctions] (Sabah)
White meat prices rise ahead of Sacrifice Holiday (Milliyet)
Three founding members of IYI Party resign (Milliyet)
Aug 06, 2018 06:47GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
CHP-held municipality [of Avcilar] sabotages communication as mobile operators reject to pay TRY 80mn racket (Star)
CHP dissidents accuse [party chair] Kilicdaroglu with hypocrisy about democracy [regarding congress debate] (Star)
Public to save with Treasury single account [Centralisation of public liquidity management to save TRY 3-4bn per year] (Star)
[US President] Trump advertising to Evangelicals over US pastor [Brunson] case – opinion (Star)
Government unaware of Brunson’s arrest [until notified by US embassy] – Foreign Minister Cavusoglu (Hurriyet)
Special strategy to be prepared for each target export market – Trade Minister Pekcan (Hurriyet)
New A-Team of AKP [Notable changes expected in AKP management after party congress on Aug 18] (Hurriyet)
FETO reportedly provides espionage training to senior members (Sabah)
Turkey becoming gas hub [Bulgaria opens gas pipeline extension to Turkey] (Sabah)
Turkey has 5mn livestock for Sacrifice Feast [in mid-August] – Agriculture Minister Pakdemirli (Sabah)
[Government sets] New route in external trade: China, Mexico and Africa (Vatan)
[Nationalist party] BBP to propose reinstatement of death penalty [when parliament reopens] in October (Vatan)
Aug 03, 2018 06:41GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[Supreme Military Council] YAS raises number of army generals by 29 [to 244] (Vatan)
[BDDK plans] Adjustments in [credit card] instalments to reduce [household] spending (Vatan)
Turkey becomes first NATO member state imposed political sanctions by US (Vatan)
US Senate approves bill to suspend F-35 sales [to Turkey], ball in Trump’s court (Vatan)
Housing sector suggests interest on mortgages to be deducted from income tax (Vatan)
Turkish government, parliament react harshly to US sanctions on ministers (Star)
Speculative attacks on markets doomed to fail – FinMin Albayrak (Star)
Maturity of some retail loans to be capped at 36 months (Star)
Heavy blow to baby-killer PKK in July [290 PKK members neutralised in operations in July] (Star)
US decision to sanction Turkish ministers unacceptable – businesses (Milliyet)
We have only one property in US, which is FETO – Interior Minister Soylu [on US sanction against him] (Milliyet)
Uncertainty remains about CHP’s [extraordinary elective] congress (Milliyet)
BDDK steps in to reduce inflation (Sabah)
Indictment against [US pastor] Brunson reveals his links to FETO, PKK (Sabah)
Aug 02, 2018 06:37GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Record high exports [Exports rise y/y to USD 14.1bn in July, sees highest July amount] (Sabah)
Treasury to release TRY 2.3bn to markets [Treasury cuts planned domestic rollover ratio to 110% for Aug-Sep] (Sabah)
Turkey not to give credit to threatening language [of US] – President Erdogan (Sabah)
Close-marking by US [US reportedly puts agents on tail of citizens visiting Turkey] (Sabah)
Scandalous decision by Washington [US sanctions Turkey’s two ministers over US pastor Brunson’s detainment] (Hurriyet)
CHP dissidents to submit delegate signatures [collected for extraordinary congress] today (Hurriyet)
US senators’ proposal [for IFIs to restrict loans to Turkey] reportedly to exclude loans for energy investments (Milliyet)
Inflation at critical point, CBT needs to take additional measures – opinion (Milliyet)
IYI Party calls on government for immediate action to stabilise markets (Milliyet)
US sanctions not be left unreturned – Turkish foreign ministry (Milliyet)
[Tourism association TURSAB expects] Record high increase in tourist inflows in Q3 (Star)
Aug 01, 2018 06:51GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Soldier’s spouse and baby killed in PKK attack [in south-eastern province Hakkari] (Hurriyet)
CBT raises end-year inflation forecast by 5pps [to 13.4%] (Hurriyet)
Welcome to Turkey [Tourist inflows rise to 18.9mn in H1, tourism income – to USD 11.4bn] (Hurriyet)
New debate in CHP [Some CHP delegates withdraw signatures for elective congress, CHP dissidents object] (Hurriyet)
Turkey not to bow to US threats – President Erdogan’s spokesperson Kalin (Star)
Erdogan unexpectedly meets with [MHP leader] Bahceli (Star)
CBT to intervene if inflation diverges from forecast path – CBT governor Cetinkaya (Star)
External trade deficit falls by 9.1% y/y [in June] (Star)
Unbelievable claim by Greek media [Greek daily claims last week’s deadly fires started by Americans to accuse Turkey] (Star)
Erdogan to announce 100-day government action plan on Aug 3 (Vatan)
[CBT implies] No rate hikes before seeing fiscal policy support [to fight against inflation] (Vatan)
Minorities in Turkey free [to follow faith] – joint declaration by leaders of non-Muslim community (Vatan)
Fethullah Gulen manages coup attempt [in 2016] reportedly via video calls (Sabah)
[Prosecutor launches] Probe into 66 people in relation to [US pastor] Brunson case (Sabah)
Loan restructurings not risky, banking sector strong – CBT governor Cetinkaya (Sabah)
Jul 31, 2018 06:43GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
National energy strategy takes shape in flesh and bones [82% of new capacity installed in last six months uses local sources] (Vatan)
Banks posts total TRY 29bn net profit in H1 (Vatan)
PYD bargains with Assad regime for Afrin (Vatan)
US threat [of sanctions] unacceptable – National Security Council (Sabah)
Government [reportedly] to give incentives to partnerships with foreign firms for solar energy (Sabah)
Thirty-one people detained in operations against FETO (Sabah)
Party leadership to nominate Aksener [for party chair] – IYI Party spokesperson Ciray (Milliyet)
Signature collection ends, debate continues [CHP dissidents to submit list of signatures for congress on Aug 2] (Milliyet)
Jul 30, 2018 06:36GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Last two days [to apply] for restructuring of debt to state (Milliyet)
Council of State rules against account maintenance fee [of banks] (Milliyet)
Critical day for CHP [Signature collection period for extraordinary congress expires today] (Milliyet)
Turkey’s African image offers business opportunities – businesses (Star)
Investors coming back [Value of mergers and acquisitions exceeds USD 7.6bn in H1] (Hurriyet)
National Security Council to hold first meeting under new system (Hurriyet)
Jul 27, 2018 06:38GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[Turkey gives] Harsh response to US threat [of sanctions if US pastor Brunson not released] (Hurriyet)
Brad prices to be raised by 15% – bakers' federation (Hurriyet)
Waiting for TRY 2.6bn [Six of thirteen privatised sugar plants still not transferred to firms] (Hurriyet)
CHP provincial heads, lawmakers throw support behind chair Kilicdaroglu [amid leadership debate] (Hurriyet)
Hotel income rises by record high rates [in July] – Hotel Association of Turkey (Star)
[Mobile operator] Turkcell posts TRY 10bn turnover in H1 (Star)
Turkey expects South Africa to be cleared off [Gulenist terror organisation] FETO – Erdogan (Star)
Our solidarity makes someone jealous, Erdogan tells Putin [amid rift with US] (Vatan)
China prepares USD 3.6bn loan package for Turkey – FinMin Albayrak (Vatan)
Parliament passes bill on exemption from military service for TRY 15,000 (Sabah)
[Top judicial body] HSK reshuffles 3,320 judges and prosecutors (Sabah)
Jul 26, 2018 06:36GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[President Erdogan to call African governments to] Either close [Gulenist terrorist organisation] FETO schools or transfer to Turkish state (Sabah)
Erdogan to meet with Putin [in South Africa], two leaders to discuss Syria (Sabah)
[Ex-FinMin Naci] Agbal enters A-Team [of Erdogan to lead budget policy] (Vatan)
Inflation reaches critically high levels – [leading business association] TUSIAD chair Erol Bilecik (Vatan)
[CHP leader Kemal] Kilicdaroglu calls dissidents to submit signatures [for interim congress] if ready (Vatan)
Big Boy of city of Eskisekir [Ford Otosan introduces new model truck with 90% local content] (Hurriyet)
[Local Sabanci Holding's] Kordsa buys two American firms for USD 100mn (Hurriyet)
Kilicdaroglu meets with [Parliamentary Speaker Binali] Yildirim to discuss situation of jailed CHP officials (Hurriyet)
No alternative exists, Aksener to be convinced [to re-run for party chair] – [IYI Part Secretary General] Ciray (Hurriyet)
[Defence Minister Hulusi Akar vows] FETO to be wiped out (Milliyet)
[US pastor Andrew] Brunson moved to house arrest from jail (Milliyet)
Jul 25, 2018 06:36GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Fiscal steps to be taken in fight inflation – FinMin [Berat] Albayrak (Milliyet)
CBT holds policy rate [at 17.75% at Jul 24 rate-sitting] (Milliyet)
US Congress suspends F-35 [sales to Turkey] (Milliyet)
Military system to be reformed – President [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan (Sabah)
CHP dissidents collect [enough number of delegates’] signatures for extraordinary [election] congress (Sabah)
CBT surprises markets with hold decision, lira and stock market plunge (Hurriyet)
Berberoglu hero of democracy – CHP leader [Kemal] Kilicdaroglu [on jailed CHP MP Enis Berberoglu] (Hurriyet)
Spirit of Hitler re-emerges in Israel [Erdogan lashes out at Israeli parliament over Jewish nation-state law] (Star)
New [mid-term economic programme] MTP to address high inflation – Albayrak (Star)
Record-high number of new subscribers [Telecoms firm Turk Telekom raises number of subscribers by 1.9mn in H1] (Star)
Jul 24, 2018 06:31GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Parliamentary commission shortens military training under proposed paid military service by one week (Hurriyet)
Consumer confidence recovers to 21 month-high [in July] (Hurriyet)
FinMin [Berat] Albayrak meets with economists (Vatan)
[Kurdish] YPG reportedly bargains with Assad regime [against US-Turkey deal] on Manbij (Star)
IYI Party management insists [party chair Meral] Aksener to re-run for post (Sabah)
Jul 23, 2018 06:34GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Win-win period ahead for government and markets – FinMin [Berat] Albayrak (Milliyet)
IYI Party to hold election congress, [current chair Meral] Aksener not to re-run (Milliyet)
[Turkey's top summer resort] Antalya experiences golden year of tourism – Antalya Mayor Turel (Milliyet)
Presidential system to improve fiscal policy effectiveness – AKP deputy chair Yilmaz (Sabah)
Trade in local currencies on agenda [President Erdogan to attend BRICS summit on Jul 25-27] (Sabah)
Turkey never again be this attractive for foreign investors – Albayrak (Vatan)
Jul 24 MPC decisions critical [USD/TRY may fall to 4.63-4.67 band in case of 100-150bps rate hike – opinion] (Vatan)
Parliament to discuss bill on paid exemption from military service this week (Star)
Jul 20, 2018 06:41GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Students to be able to benefit from paid military service as well (Hurriyet)
Low interest-rate impact on house sales [House sales rise by 22.4% y/y in June] (Hurriyet)
Logistics manager of PKK killed in air strike in northern Iraq [on Jul 13] (Sabah)
Alarm bells ringing for [CHP leader] Kilicdaroglu [CHP dissidents collect 521 signatures for elective congress so far] (Sabah)
Israel formally becomes apartheid state [Israel passes Jewish nation-state law, Turkish government denounces] (Sabah)
Prosecutor defines arrested televangelist Oktar and followers as FETO-alike structure (Sabah)
UK court seizes passport of FETO-linked fugitive businessman Ipek (Milliyet)
Removal of state of emergency does not mean terror threat over – Justice Minister Gul (Milliyet)
Private energy firms increasingly apply for loan debt restructuring – association ELDER (Vatan)
Turkcell CFO Aksu resigns for post in Treasury and Finance Ministry (Vatan)
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