Press mood stories for Russia

Feb 22, 2018 04:53GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Duma will be closed till presidential elections (Vedomosti)
CBR recommends banks to watch for suspicious companies (Vedomosti)
How presidential candidates look in social media (Vedomosti)
Saving mood of households is replaced by consumption (Kommersant)
Investors overvalue Russian equities [rally may be halted by corporate reports] (Kommersant)
Centre for Strategic Research proposes to wait with radical healthcare reform (Kommersant)
Foreign minister Lavrov starts Balkan visit (Kommersant)
Feb 21, 2018 04:55GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
UC Rusal plans to start Russian roulette [acquisition of stake in Nornichel] (Vedomosti)
How Russians want to see Putin’s successor (Vedomosti)
Gazprom directors will discuss share buyback issue for first time (Vedomosti)
Election venues in Moscow will be decorated to raise turnout (Vedomosti)
Owners of Vozrozhdenie managed to take out RUB 4.5bn of their money out of the bank (Kommersant)
Rosneft will buy from Gazprom at least 5bcm of gas in 218 (Kommersant)
Economic growth without income growth (Kommersant)
Russia remains in the top 15 holders of US debt (Kommersant)
Feb 20, 2018 04:51GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Rosstat halts decline of household incomes (Vedomosti)
Rosneft sells stake in former deposit of TNK-BP (Vedomosti)
Magnit to buy back shares for approximately USD 200mn (Vedomosti)
How really progresses the war between Nornickel and UC Rusal (Vedomosti)
Banks to transfer capital to Promsvyazbank along with loans for defense industry (Kommersant)
Rosstat found a way to stop decline of household incomes (Kommersant)
MinFin may curb yield of project financing bonds issued by VEB (Kommersant)
Tourists landed in Turkey [country responsible for more than half of sales] (Kommersant)
Feb 19, 2018 05:18GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Why did Galitsky part with Magnit (Vedomosti)
How to media relate about presidential candidates (Vedomosti)
Washington found Moscow’s hand (Vedomosti)
Appetite of Russians toward debt is rising (Vedomosti)
Why did a state-owned bank buy non-core business? (Vedomosti)
Oleg Deripaska decides not to be president (Kommersant)
Russia and the West remain at respectable distance (Kommersant)
Court to hear claims of Ananiev brothers against CBR (Kommersant)
Feb 16, 2018 05:45GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Dmitry Ananyev sues CBR over Promsvyazbank (Vedomosti)
Indonesia to buy 11 Russian jet fighters despite opposition from US (Vedomosti)
When there is too much state [state share in banking system climbs to 70%] (Vedomosti)
Gazprom Neft enters top 3 oil producers in Russia (Vedomosti)
Industry produces a swing effect [on better than expected industrial output figures] (Kommersant)
Project financing gets a factory (Kommersant)
Arab investors buy share in Gazpromneft-East project (Kommersant)
MinFin is instructed to raise sales of OFZ bonds for households (Kommersant)
Feb 15, 2018 06:12GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Saudi Aramco may enter Arctic LNG-2 project (Vedomosti)
Turnout did not increase after two months of campaign (Vedomosti)
Lower defense spending may put a brake on growth (Vedomosti)
Gazprom challenges in court gas price for Germany (Vedomosti)
Investors from Saudi Arabia, Japan and RDIF buy preferred shares of Transneft (Kommersant)
Current period may be more dangerous than cold war [interview with EU ambassador] (Kommersant)
WCIOM poll shows no hesitation among supporters of Putin (Kommersant)
Deputy PM Rogozin finds common ground with Belgium and Luxemburg (Kommersant)
Feb 14, 2018 07:41GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Border is opened for parallel imports [on decision of constitutional court] (Vedomosti)
Seven presidential candidates will debate simultaneously [Putin not to take part] (Vedomosti)
Signing of the federal defense programme is delayed (Vedomosti)
USA may outstrip Russia in terms of oil production [IEA forecasts] (Vedomosti)
Why does money return [to Russia] (Vedomosti)
Congress is preparing new sanctions after results of its own election (Kommersant)
EconMin sees three threats to growth [strong household lending, low inflation, lower defence spending] (Kommersant)
The dollar remains the best insurance [forex assets remain popular in Russia] (Kommersant)
CBR tightens requirements for micro lenders (Kommersant)
Feb 13, 2018 05:12GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Businesses get permission not to pay for movable property in Moscow (Vedomosti)
Inequality as a threat to growth (Vedomosti)
MinFin wants to ban bets on results of Russian elections (Vedomosti)
Ananyev brothers increase stake in Promsvyazbank to 70% (Vedomosti)
Government launches VAT reimbursement for foreigners (Kommersant)
Investment programme of power sector to be reduced by a third (Kommersant)
Otkritie eurobond holders will challenge debt write-off (Kommersant)
Spending of money from National Wealth Fund [on transport infrastructure] to become easier (Kommersant)
Feb 12, 2018 05:23GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Deripaska’s lawyers find ways to block any journalistic investigation (Vedomosti)
Business is ready to pay for will [on possible capital amnesty] (Vedomosti)
CBR is ready to ease monetary policy faster (Vedomosti)
How is Navalny’s investigation toxic for Deripaska (Vedomosti)
The flight lasted four minutes (Kommersant)
Russia’s sovereign fund moves away from IMF classification (Kommersant)
Anti—monopoly watchdog takes fuels under special control (Kommersant)
Feb 09, 2018 06:37GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Unattractive pipeline [as Gazprom can’t find external financing for Turkish Stream] (Vedomosti)
President Putin woes young people (Vedomosti)
FinMin to check out mortgage support programs (Vedomosti)
Australia to join cutting corporate tax rates race (Vedomosti)
[Opposition-minded] Sobchak beats all presidential candidates with money (Kommersant)
Domestic demand drives net exports down (Kommersant)

Feb 08, 2018 06:25GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Promsvyazbank gets a USD 251mn check from Cyprus (Vedomosti)
Kudrin’s experts see already started reform in judicial system (Vedomosti)
Eggs to be exchanged as money in Venezuela (Vedomosti)
How Tesla gets ahead of Russian astronomy (Vedomosti)
Mortgage sees a new record-high level (Vedomosti)
SWIFT provides more discounts to Russian users (Vedomosti)
Money for gas but in advance (Kommersant)
MPs again want amnesty for returned capital to Russia (Kommersant)

Feb 07, 2018 07:25GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
CBR to check its employees with a lie detector (Vedomosti)
Election committee clears eight presidential candidates (Vedomosti)
Economists expect CBR to keep cutting rates on Friday (Vedomosti)
Why global stock markets fall? (Vedomosti)
Gazprom gains more market share in Europe (Vedomosti)
Car sales expand by a third (Vedomosti)
Global smartphone market shrinks for first time in ten years (Vedomosti)
A third of Russian economy works under table (Kommersant)
Putin may vote for president in Sevastopol (Kommersant)

Feb 06, 2018 07:01GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Russia is proposed to do a sale [of its assets] (Vedomosti)
US Fed hits Wells Fargo for bad communication with clients (Vedomosti)
4G traffic jumps a few times last year (Vedomosti)
Lukoil to invest RUB 120bn in a new gas&chemical plant (Vedomosti)
Deficit of US budget could rise to USD 1bn (Vedomosti)
Games of explanations [as CSS proposes massive privatisation instead of tax hikes] (Kommersant)
Real estate prices rise where there is a sun (Kommersant)

Feb 05, 2018 07:15GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
There will be a reform in health sector (Vedomosti)
Election committee wraps up signature process [for presidential elections] (Vedomosti)
Sovereign debt not to fall under sanctions (Vedomosti)
When it is time to depart from London [and come again in Russia] (Vedomosti)
Putin’s win and sociology (Vedomosti)
Apple regains first place in world (Vedomosti)
Ukraine awaits money from IMF but stalls on reforms (Kommersant)
Foreign investors no longer fear from political risks (Kommersant)
More than three thousand universities cease to exist in last three years (Kommersant)

Feb 02, 2018 06:51GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
STS media owner wants to raise USD 200mn through IPO (Vedomosti)
Authorities try to downplay Navalny’s boycott on elections (Vedomosti)
Oil output in US approaches its 1970 maximum (Vedomosti)
In 2017 the Russian economy expands by 1.5% [falling short of expectations by a wide margin] (Vedomosti)
Russia to lean how to code [as number of IT students is expected to surge in coming years] (Vedomosti)
CBR’s rehabilitation program costs exceed RUB 1tn (Vedomosti)
Aeroflot pays heavy for Russian-made aircraft (Vedomosti)

Feb 01, 2018 07:02GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Centralization of credits [as CBR wants every corporate credit file on Internet] (Vedomosti)
Election watchdog ends with signatures stage (Vedomosti)
Navalny seeks 7,000 election observers (Vedomosti)
New tax amnesty to be more attractive than last attempt (Vedomosti)
Trump wants to spend USD 1.5tn on infrastructure (Vedomosti)
New life in credit [as people fill in income gap with bigger borrowing] (Vedomosti)
EconMin send a bill to improve business climate to parliament (Kommersant)
Credit activity in CIS region rises unsustainably (Kommersant)
President to come up with his economic platform in early February (Kommersant)
Jan 31, 2018 07:26GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
List of expectations [as number of people close to Kremlin seems bigger than expected] (Vedomosti)
Putin names most demanding issue for his fourth term [making Russia so strong to withstand huge shocks] (Vedomosti)
Why Kremlin report did not scare anybody? (Vedomosti)
Poland wants EC to restrict Gazprom’s control over North Stream 2 management (Vedomosti)
CBR to become owner of biggest non-government pension fund (Vedomosti)
Household debt exceeds RUB 12tn for first time [as they took almost half of that amount in last twelve months] (Vedomosti)
World becomes richer but income inequality does not improve (Kommersant)

Jan 30, 2018 07:36GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Presidential candidates start delivering their signatures (Vedomosti)
Syrian peace congress in Sochi to discuss all topics (Vedomosti)
Could new sanctions report lead to personal changes within next government? (Vedomosti)
Electronic cigarettes to be banned everywhere (Vedomosti)
Deripaska finds aluminum in Russia (Vedomosti)
Russia and Belarus to ease border control for World Cup 2018 (Kommersant)
Euro does not bring expected equality [among member states] (Kommersant)
Russia returns to natural fall of population (Kommersant)
Finland does not need changes and re-picks president (Kommersant)
Sberbank recalculates Turkish risks [as it wants to sell its subsidiary there] (Kommersant)
Jan 29, 2018 06:55GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Opposition leader Navalny’s rally to be felt [much] later [i.e. after 2028 when he can run for president] (Vedomosti)
MPs approve fees for parking on green spaces (Vedomosti)
US tax cuts change companies’ plans as they plan a boost in investment (Vedomosti)
Czech Republic’s president Zeman remains in office (Vedomosti)
Moscow offices see higher occupancy by businesses (Vedomosti)
Import of machines rises by almost 30% (Kommersant)
Fake ATMs ahead of World Cup 2018 (Kommersant)
Syrian constitution to be discussed in Sochi (Kommersant)

Jan 26, 2018 06:32GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Putin inaugurates new bomber (Kommersant)
Credit is yet to filter into the economy (Kommersant)
Labour market does not promise more work (Kommersant)
Czech Republic seeks president and prime minister (Kommersant)
CBR rehabilitates banking sector profit [as profits fall in Dec 2017] (Kommersant)
Anti-competition watchdog seeks bigger fines (Vedomosti)
Economy falls short of government expectations (Vedomosti)
Russian authorities may impose electricity tax on bitcoin miners (Vedomosti)
Deposit rates fall further (Vedomosti)

Jan 25, 2018 06:45GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Head of Constitutional Court to remain in place for another six years [after President Putin approves move] (Vedomosti)
Freight traffic on paid roads rises by 43% in 2017 (Vedomosti)
Trade protectionism may cost too much to US (Vedomosti)
Who left Russia and who came in [an analysis shows that Russia faces brain drain at expense of more immigration with less skills and education] (Vedomosti)
Renault to produce new crossover in Russia in 2019 (Vedomosti)
Russian tourists flock to Turkey (Vedomosti)
Should VTB buy Vozrozhdenie Bank? [yes, according to most analysts] (Vedomosti)
Banks provide more and more credit cards to households (Vedomosti)
Authorities mull reforms on technical inspections of cars (Kommersant)
Regions already fight for higher turnout at elections (Kommersant)

Jan 24, 2018 06:47GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Recessive optimism [as IP remains depressed in Dec 2017] (Vedomosti)
Davos debates when next crisis will happen (Vedomosti)
Post Bank wants to become a digital bank with human face (Vedomosti)
Moscow authorities name top 10 developers (Vedomosti)
VW to start exporting engines again (Vedomosti)
Davos and blockchain go hand in hand (Kommersant)
Russia not ready for driverless future [according to KPMG report] (Kommersant)
IP ends up last year on bad footing (Kommersant)

Jan 23, 2018 06:53GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Businesses stop looking only at GDP [to see how the country is going, they also look at living standards] (Vedomosti)
Myanmar to buy Russian fighters for USD 300mn (Vedomosti)
Grain records (Vedomosti)
Why Russians support current foreign policy? (Vedomosti)
Sistema’s owner would not distribute dividends to himself to finance development projects (Vedomosti)
CBR to make refinancing mortgage loans easier (Vedomosti)
Like in China, less environmentally friendly productions to be closed during World Cup (Kommersant)
Labour market to get a boost from the government (Kommersant)
US tax cuts to drive global growth up (Kommersant)
Yemen wants grain from Russia (Kommersant)

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