Press mood stories for Romania

Oct 19, 2018 04:20GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Ford exceeds threshold of 100,000 produced cars and prepares for second model (Ziarul Financiar)
Bankers are not mad at NBR for new lending rules for population; say impact on lending is partial (Ziarul Financiar)
[President] Klaus Iohannis says Romanian are undecided; euro adoption is not very close (Ziarul Financiar)
Trade with Russia increases by 30% in 2018 (Ziarul Financiar)
Opposition PNL writes letter to Venice Commission on new bill changing justice laws (Adevarul)
Former tax authority head denounces Dragnea’s son on illegal pig farm privatisation (Adevarul)
EC verifies how financial support for swine fever damages is used (Gandul)
CCR confirms marriage referendum is invalid (Gandul)
Russian embassy in Romania: Time has come to renew cooperation between Romania and Russia (Bursa)
Households’ lending cap is too late and too weak (Bursa)
Iohannis suggests he will not accept Adina Florea as DNA’s chief prosecutor (Romania Libera)
Scandal inside ruling alliance on offshore law continues (Evenimentul Zilei)
Oct 18, 2018 05:14GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Too late or too soon? NBR decides to cap DTI ratio on households (Ziarul Financiar)
Delays in paying infrastructure works push construction firms on loss (Ziarul Financiar)
EY consultants: Romania is 10-15 years behind Poland as development (Ziarul Financiar)
PM Dancila: Turkish investors want to build regional hospital in Constanta (Adevarul)
PSD-ALDE ruling increases Euroscepticism among Romanians (Adevarul)
Average wage growth is not strong enough to stop emigration (Adevarul)
Romania wanders between west and rest (Bursa)
Major problems in construction are delayed construction permits and scarce labour (Bursa)
PwC study: Private sector wages increase by 6.4% this year (Bursa)
[General Prosecutor] Augustin Lazar says bill changing justice laws is unconstitutional (Curierul National)
PSD leader Dragnea: Offshore law to re-enter specialised committee next week (Romania Libera)
Tourism minister announces two new touristic resorts in three weeks (Romania Libera)
Romania has again highest inflation in EU (Evenimentul Zilei)
Oct 17, 2018 04:40GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
IT sector in Romania to reach 400,000 employees in next 14 years (Ziarul Financiar)
Bucharest city hall revises down budgetary allocation for road repairs by RON 153mn, increases for leisure and churches (Ziarul Financiar)
Romanians spend EUR 2.4bn abroad in Jan-Aug, foreigners spend only EUR 1.5bn in Romania (Ziarul Financiar)
Erdogan asks PM Dancila to take necessary steps against Gulen movement in Romania (Adevarul)
Only 2 of 10 Romanian employees are loyal to their job (Adevarul)
About 70% of population wants to keep private pensions Pillar II (Bursa)
Romania and Turkey aim to exceed EUR 10bn in bilateral trade value (Bursa)
Romania ranks first in EU at poverty risk (Romania Libera)
Romania spirals down in debt (Romania Libera)
Over 1mn Romanians do not pay social contributions (Romania Libera)
Govt wastes EUR 0.5bn with Start-Up Nation programme (Evenimentul Zilei)
Oct 16, 2018 04:35GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Situation reversed: Loans in local currency represent two thirds in total (Ziarul Financiar)
Economists think high deficit may determine foreign capital to discriminate local market (Ziarul Financiar)
PM Dancila meets with Recep Erdogan (Adevarul)
Bill changing justice laws dissatisfies everyone (Adevarul)
Special pension is four times higher than usual pension (Adevarul)
Offshore law is blocked for two weeks (Adevarul)
EC sends audit mission to check up swine fever situation in Romania (Gandul)
PM Benjamin Netanyahu postpones visit to Romania for second time (Gandul)
Justice minister makes himself king of prosecutors (Bursa)
Farmers to receive subventions in advance (Bursa)
Romania ranks last in EU in social progress index report (Romania Libera)
Romanian industry imports wood and exports luxury furniture (Romania Libera)
Mall developers look to small towns (Evenimentul Zilei)
Oct 15, 2018 04:50GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
External demand keeps industry afoot, above GDP growth (Ziarul Financiar)
Three quarters of bills in Romania are paid on time (Ziarul Financiar)
Capital city buys hybrid buses with RON 488mn (Ziarul Financiar)
Tension inside PSD-ALDE alliance because [Justice Minister] Tudorel Toader wants another emergency bill on justice laws (Adevarul)
Parliament’s criminal procedure code is chopped up by CCR (Adevarul)
Transport minister wants to liberalised railway transport as of 2019 (Adevarul)
Wind energy covers 30% in electricity consumption in Romania (Gandul)
Wholesale trade and industrial output increase in August (Bursa)
Scandal in PSD continues with new resignation demands (Curierul National)
WB: Romania risks condemning future generations to poverty (Curierul National)
PSD senators’ leader is unsatisfied with new emergency bill on justice laws (Romania Libera)
Oct 12, 2018 04:42GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Competition Council watches very carefully energy, retail, construction material fields, prepares fines in insurances (Ziarul Financiar)
IKES increases sales by 10% y/y to RON 600mn in financial year 2018 (Ziarul Financiar)
Escape prison attempts: Dragnea opens all possible battles to bury his trials (Adevarul)
[Former president] Basescu: No PPP should be inked before spending EU funds; it’s a stealing attempt (Adevarul)
Govt to send to EC draft project for building Bucharest ring road (Adevarul)
Private healthcare service provider opens EUR 20mn cancer hospital (Bursa)
Govt approves lower compensations for persons affected by swine fever (Bursa)
Association: State wastes 40% of economic potential of young generation (Curierul National)
Govt launches calls in auction for building Ploiesti-Brasov highway segment (Romania Libera)
War in PNL; former senior member points finger to guilty of party disaster (Evenimentul Zilei)
New pension law has flaws; may be thrown away in garbage can (Evenimentul Zilei)
Oct 11, 2018 05:25GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Private pension funds’ investment at Bucharest Stock Exchange reach RON 7.1bn in H1 (Ziarul Financiar)
Tax consultants say new provisions in tax evasion law not to diminish phenomenon (Ziarul Financiar)
NBR: Pressure on wages to increase in following period (Ziarul Financiar)
Chamber of deputies: Employers are allowed to pay foreign workers with gross minimum wage (Ziarul Financiar)
Anti-government TV owner sets up political party Realitatea (Adevarul)
Opposition: New pension law keeps special pensions and increases them (Adevarul)
Revolt in PNL against leader, opposition duplicates ruling PSD internal tension (Gandul)
New tension in PSD, party senior insults ministers (Bursa)
Transporters plan general strike (Bursa)
PSD mayor asks transport minister’s resignation (Romania Libera)
Labour minister: No new taxes to cover pension law implementation (Romania Libera)
Agriculture minister finally presents plan to fight swine fever spreading (Evenimentul Zilei)
Black Sea gas can revive Romania’s industry (Evenimentul Zilei)
Oct 10, 2018 05:13GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Romania is on second place in Eastern Europe as number of insolvencies, between Hungary and Serbia (Ziarul Financiar)
Energy ministry did not sign Sovereign Investment Fund draft law (Ziarul Financiar)
Outsourcing to generate over 100,000 jobs in next five years (Ziarul Financiar)
Orthodox church blames PSD leader for referendum failure (Adevarul)
Govt runs away from free EU money and counts on PPPs (Adevarul)
Govt to discuss pensions law today (Adevarul)
MPs to vote simple motion against economy minister (Bursa)
Change in tax evasion law to move focus on recovering financial damage (Bursa)
Romania wants to buy attack helicopters. USA and Europe bid (Romania Libera)
President Iohannis calls for social peace after referendum result (Evenimentul Zilei)
Transporters announce new protest (Evenimentul Zilei)

Oct 09, 2018 05:23GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Romania’s mission in agriculture is to turn to food processor from cereals producer (Ziarul Financiar)
September is the most expensive month for electricity since 2007 (Ziarul Financiar)
PSD cabinet sells illusions: pubic investment is at its weakest in records, EU funds are not absorbed, about 200,000 people leave annually (Ziarul Financiar)
PSD does not feel responsible for referendum failure (Adevarul)
Referendum has boomerang effects on big parties; PSD, PNL leaders are in trouble (Adevarul)
EU funds may be conditioned by justice situation (Adevarul)
Commissioner Corina Cretu: I will no longer accept insults from Romania’s government regarding my work (Gandul)
MPs to debate same-sex couples’ civil partnership law (Gandul)
Commissioner Cretu: Dancila cabinet does not have projects to access EU funds (Bursa)
Liviu Dragnea sues High Court (Romania Libera)
[Agriculture Minister] Daea says harvest looks good (Romania Libera)
Referendum failure shakes up PSD and PNL. PNL leader is hit harder than Dragnea (Evenimentul Zilei)

Oct 08, 2018 05:36GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Exceptional growth of household incomes: 25% y/y in Q2 (Ziarul Financiar)
NBR Radulescu: Only 11% of SMEs had a bank loan at mid-2018, 50% of large companies (Ziarul Financiar)
Inter-bank rates fall after NBR holds policy rate (Ziarul Financiar)
Referendum turnout is 20.4%, some win, others lose from this failure (Adevarul)
Liberals blame PSD for referendum failure (Adevarul)
PSD’s senior member says Romanians largely supported PSD by voting in referendum (Adevarul)
Churches turn to propaganda meetings in second day of referendum (Gandul)
Banks’ association: Many banks cover fiscal loss and will report profit tax (Bursa)
Offshore law re-enters debate in specialised committee (Bursa)
NBR Radulescu: We have smallest banking sector in EU (Bursa)
Seventh referendum after Revolution in Romania fails (Curierul National)
President Klaus Iohannis votes in referendum late last evening (Romania Libera)
Very important day for PSD Dragnea: his appeal is ruled today (Evenimentul Zilei)
Oct 05, 2018 05:01GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Prices for old apartments in Bucharest keep on rising (Ziarul Financiar)
Dunapack builds cardboard packages factory near Bucharest with EUR 45mn (Ziarul Financiar)
Consumption growth slows strongly in Aug and reaches 2015 level (Ziarul Financiar)
Investors demand fewer emergency bills and more laws in parliament (Ziarul Financiar)
Major risk at referendum as govt seems to allow fraud (Adevarul)
[Justice minister] Tudorel Toader denies existence of amnesty and pardon bill (Adevarul)
Over three quarters of Romanians think it is harder now to buy a home (Gandul)
Justice minister prepares bill to change justice laws (Bursa)
Finance ministry still works on tax amnesty, Eugen Teodorovici prepares financial restructuring package (Curierul National)
Toader sends bill on justice law change to CSM (Romania Libera)
Govt approves advance payments for farmers (Romania Libera)
Romanian MEP: EU may cut EU funds for Romania (Evenimentul Zilei)
Oct 04, 2018 04:24GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
NBR understands liquidity needs but banks should not expect reserve requirements cut (Ziarul Financiar)
Schaeffler to hire 160 engineers in its testing centre in Brasov (Ziarul Financiar)
Renault will hire Dacia’s production capacity in Mioveni and Tanger, but by how much depends on Romania’s govt (Ziarul Financiar)
Generalised revere VAT charge not to apply in Romania (Ziarul Financiar)
Healthcare minister resumes negotiations with unions on collective labour agreement (Adevarul)
Finance minister assures VAT will not increase (Adevarul)
Transport minister is mostly disturbed by people asking why so insufficient highways (Adevarul)
Offshore law stirs tension in ruling alliance; USD 13.5bn are at stake (Gandul)
Brussels commission announces rough measures on Romania (Bursa)
Finance minister promises more money for mayors (Bursa)
PSD Dragnea praises PM Dancila’s speech in European Parliament (Romania Libera)
Dragnea says some might be bothered by PSD, which is biggest left-wing party in Europe (Romania Libera)
PM Dancila doubts CVM usefulness (Romania Libera)
MEPs asks Dancila to give up referendum for traditional family (Evenimentul Zilei)

Oct 03, 2018 04:29GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Dacia’s production to increase above 1mn annually in Morocco and Romania (Ziarul Financiar)
Battle for Black Sea gas: offshore law is modified again with higher tax rates (Ziarul Financiar)
Rates are moving sideways on NBR’s money market interventions (Ziarul Financiar)
PSD takes first step towards ROEXIT (Adevarul)
PSD Dragnea tries once more to escape prison: repeats Kovesi’s dismissal procedure (Adevarul)
Transport minister pledges subway line between North Railway station and Otopeni airport (Adevarul)
PM Dancila to address European Parliament today (Bursa)
Economy is strongly affected by illicit trade – study (Bursa)
[FinMin] Eugen Teodorovici agrees with Commissioner Moscovici to get EC’s support in fighting VAT fraud (Curierul National)
Scandal in parliament between PSD and ALDE on offshore law (Romania Libera)
Smuggling in Romania reaches EUR 3bn annually (Romania Libera)
Labour ministry starts recalculating pensions (Evenimentul Zilei)

Oct 02, 2018 05:13GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
History repeating: State is on verge of freezing Black Sea gas royalties again (Ziarul Financiar)
Increase: Banks and insurers attracts EUR 960mn investment in 2017 (Ziarul Financiar)
PSD uses fake news to campaign for referendum (Adevarul)
PM Dancila and justice minister discuss today with EC’s Timmermans on justice law changes (Adevarul)
PwC: There is no infrastructure to sell Black Sea gas (Adevarul)
PSD’s Dragnea is disappointed after Timmermans comments; says Romania will not be humble anymore (Gandul)
EP discusses justice independence in Romania (Curierul National)
Frans Timmermans harshly criticises Romania and threatens with referring in court (Romania Libera)
NBR’s eight intervention to stop rates’ increase (Romania Libera)
Dragnea says EU threatens Romania (Evenimentul Zilei)

Oct 01, 2018 04:43GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Govt generates major distortion in private environment with wage increases (Ziarul Financiar)
Carlyle drills more for oil in Romania (Ziarul Financiar)
Most of employees in Romania still work in industry (Ziarul Financiar)
Petrom gives up 9 oil perimeters more to focus on Black Sea gas (Ziarul Financiar)
[Labour minister] Olguta Vasilescu says pension law has 4 versions; she’ll pick one this week (Adevarul)
Dragnea’s revenge is kinking out some ministers (Adevarul)
Rebels in PSD are threatened with exclusion (Gandul)
EU is not pleased with referendum for traditional family (Bursa)
Interior minister Carmen Dan says ministry is target of repeated attacks (Curierul National)
Civil rights commission in European parliament to discuss situation in Romania (Romania Libera)
PSD Dragnea says amnesty is necessary; he will ask to be excluded (Evenimentul Zilei)
Sep 28, 2018 05:18GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Minimum wage growth attracts pensioners in labour market (Ziarul Financiar)
Romanian brands have potential to go abroad (Ziarul Financiar)
Only 6% absorbed structural funds in almost 5 years (Ziarul Financiar)
Doctors in Romania have higher wages than in Hungary (Ziarul Financiar)
PM Dancila lies in Brussels (Adevarul)
Finance minister: There are no indications on economic crisis in Romania (Adevarul)
Education minister, master of grammar errors, resigns over conflict with UDMR (Gandul)
Residential sector, major driver for land demand (Bursa)
President Iohannis wants direct link between Romanian and Georgian ports (Romania Libera)
Sep 27, 2018 04:23GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Best year for Romanian businesses: total turnover exceeds EUR 300bn (Ziarul Financiar)
Net housing loans lending slowdown rise in August, while rates exceed 6% (Ziarul Financiar)
Labour shortage strongly affects foreign companies (Ziarul Financiar)
[President] Iohannis meets with UN High Commissioner for Refugees, pledges open approach on migration (Adevarul)
ALDE files legislative proposal on lobby regulation (Adevarul)
Labour minister promises minimum wage increase in 2019, employers say are not ready (Adevarul)
Romania is getting poorer due to infrastructure (Gandul)
Transporters threaten again with general strike over EU directive implementation (Bursa)
Bucharest city hall announces big investment in infrastructure (Bursa)
Labour costs increase in 2017 (Curierul National)
PM Dancila is criticised by European Socialists over traditional family referendum (Curierul National)
Dancila: PSD will not campaign for referendum (Romania Libera)
Iohannis asks UN backing Romania’s candidature for Security Council membership (Romania Libera)
Romania becomes Hungary II. Fights among politicians throw us within major European scandal (Evenimentul Zilei)
Govt brings back mining industry in first row (Evenimentul Zilei)
Sep 26, 2018 05:24GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Green light to hiring in public sector: PSD-ALDE create 17,000 new jobs in healthcare, public administration and defense in past year (Ziarul Financiar)
It’s official: About 1.5mn employees to have higher wages by RON 85 in 2019 after net minimum wage increase (Ziarul Financiar)
KMPG: State tries to grab control position in insolvency procedure (Ziarul Financiar)
Dragnea keeps Americans in suspense with offshore law (Ziarul Financiar)
PSD and PNL promote campaign for traditional family referendum in churches (Adevarul)
PM Dancila meets with MEPs in Brussels (Adevarul)
African swine fever gets half of Romania in quarantine (Gandul)
[TranspMin] Lucian Sova: 320 km of railway deteriorate annually and only 16 km are repaired (Gandul)
FSA president: Romania manages its finances very bad (Bursa)
PSD changes position regarding offshore law (Romania Libera)
PSD mulls changing public gathering law due to events at Aug 10 protest (Evenimentul Zilei)
Sep 25, 2018 05:16GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
NBR injects liquidity to stop rates’ increase (Ziarul Financiar)
Arabs Al Dahra wants to produce 1mn tons of cereals in Romania by 2022 (Ziarul Financiar)
Foreign retailers open 200 stores in Jan-Sep 2018 (Ziarul Financiar)
CCR debates today President Iohannis’ appeal on magistrates’ statute changes (Adevarul)
More than 1mn Romanians have minimum social pension of RON 148-261 (Adevarul)
Companies in Romania pay fuel taxes by 4% more than world average – study (Adevarul)
Romania loses over EUR 6bn annually from uncollected VAT (Bursa)
Romanian authorities must explain in Brussels failure to transpose money laundering directive (Bursa)
[PSD] Liviu Dragnea supports gendarmery’s actions during Aug 10 protest (Curierul National)
Opposition demands start of procedure to revoke Dragnea as deputies’ chamber chairman (Romania Libera)
Dragnea wants to change several ministers (Evenimentul Zilei)
Liberals test 50 rebel MPs in PSD (Evenimentul Zilei)
Sep 24, 2018 04:24GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Romania is doing well at renewable energy production: 43% (Ziarul Financiar)
Labor force crisis is whim: only 63.9% of population works (Ziarul Financiar)
Bucharest city hall plans RON 558mn project in road extension (Ziarul Financiar)
War in PSD goes on: Dragnea and Firea battle with blackmails (Adevarul)
Unions: Minimum wage to increase again as of Jan 2019 (Adevarul)
[Former president] Basescu predicted rebels in PSD would be defeated (Gandul)
Project: Hypermarkets which donate food to benefit from tax advantages (Gandul)
FSA: Companies included in Sovereign Development and Investment Fund must be listed in one year (Bursa)
Justice minister announces general prosecutor’s evaluation results tomorrow (Bursa)
Dragnea: I will fight with all I can to crush this hideous system that destroyed so many lives (Curierul National)
Dragnea: Amnesty is rightful; I am not scared of jail (Romania Libera)
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