Press mood stories for Romania

Nov 17, 2017 07:08GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Top five banks report cumulative profit of over RON 3bn in Jan-Sep (Ziarul Financiar)
Decathlon Romania is near EUR 200mn sales, up by 30% (Ziarul Financiar)
Health insurance house ups revenues by 18% in Jan-May (Ziarul Financiar)
Chaos continues at Tarom: Fourth interim manager resigns (Ziarul Financiar)
Second budget revision: Govt takes RON 7bn from investments to pay wages and pensions (Ziarul Financiar)
Justice minister asks Constitutional Court for criminal immunity for ministers (Adevarul)
PM Tudose says consumption growth in Romania indicates modernisation trend (Adevarul)
Parliament investigates energy deals of Petrom, Rompetrol (Bursa)
Market rep: Office spaces in Bucharest to double in next three years (Bursa)
Justice minister mentions first time possibility to dismiss DNA’s chief Kovesi (Evenimentul Zilei)
Nov 16, 2017 06:49GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
NBR governor says fx rate developments still include emotional influence (Ziarul Financiar)
Lowest level of public investments in past ten years generate strongest fall of civil engineer works (Ziarul Financiar)
Protests to tax code changes are intensifying (Ziarul Financiar)
NBR says economic growth to slow sharply in 2018 and milder in 2019 (Ziarul Financiar)
Game of Thrones in PSD: Dragnea suspects PM Tudose of betrayal (Adevarul)
Unexpected visit of USA’s state secretary Rex Tillerson to Bucharest (Adevarul)
Mayors start increasing local taxes to offset revenues shortfall after personal income tax cut (Gandul)
Romania is criticised again in CVM report (Gandul)
UDMR not to back opposition’s no-confidence motion against govt (Gandul)
Interbank rates jump above 2% (Bursa)
Energy regulator: Investors do not trust our energy market (Bursa)
Liberals start negotiations for no-confidence motion support; UDMR refuses to join (Romania Libera)
New tax measures affect investments in Romania (Evenimentul Zilei)
Nov 15, 2017 06:01GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Raiffeisen increases profit by 15% to EUR 74mn after cutting provisions (Ziarul Financiar)
Romania’s economy breaks chain: spectacular GDP jump of 8.8% in Q3, 7% in Jan-Sep (Ziarul Financiar)
Romgaz reports best results in Q3 since listed on stock exchange (Ziarul Financiar)
Dacia announces hiring plans (Ziarul Financiar)
Rebellion in PSD starts; some seniors ask for Dragnea’s resignation (Adevarul)
PSD MP initiates law sending to jail journalists revealing information from criminal files (Adevarul)
Record economic growth in 2017 will slow down next year (Adevarul)
Residential project with EUR 68mn investments in capital city (Adevarul)
PM Tudose pledges agreement with business environment on tax code changes (Gandul)
Communication minister promises ITC salaries not to be affected by tax code changes (Gandul)
E.ON says Romanian gas price depends on Gazprom after liberalisation (Bursa)
Dragnea’s revenge: PSD blocks Patriot missiles purchase approval in parliament (Curentul)
German investors warn new tax code changes jeopardise Romania as investment destination (Curentul)
Romania is in top 10 European car manufacturers (Curierul National)
Nov 14, 2017 06:55GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Depreciation continues. RON gives in and reaches lowest level in euro history (Ziarul Financiar)
Consumer lending slows down to half in Sep compared to Aug (Ziarul Financiar)
CFA Romania: Contribution cut to private pension funds to significantly reduce incomes of future pensioners (Ziarul Financiar)
[Opposition] PNL starts negotiations to gather majority for crushing govt (Adevarul)
[PSD leader] Dragnea says he will not resign; investigation is a violent attack aiming to take over PSD (Adevarul)
Damen pays below expected EUR 26mn for Mangalia shipyard (Adevarul)
Inflation to increase due to depreciation, rising wages (Adevarul)
Dragnea says all PSD leaders have fabricated probes (Gandul)
Employers prepare new labour imports (Curierul National)
Opposition asks ombudsman to appeal fiscal code changes in court (Bursa)
Tensions between ruling PSD and UDRM intensify (Evenimentul Zilei)
Nov 13, 2017 06:57GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Macroeconomic slippages start to pay off: fx rate rises by 1% in only one week (Ziarul Financiar)
Damen increase bet on Romania and buy another shipyard (Ziarul Financiar)
Tax modifications severely affect house purchasers (Ziarul Financiar)
PSD leader Liviu Dragnea is interviewed today by anti-corruption prosecutors (Adevarul)
Dragnea on tax code modifications: ITC employees’ situation will be solved (Adevarul)
Lazea, NBR: Minimum wage growth should take a break; EUR 300monthly is sustainable for economy (Adevarul)
Plan: Nuclearelectrica wants to get fuel only domestically (Adevarul)
EC says interconnection fees in mobile communications are too high in Romania (Adevarul)
New protests on tax code, justice law changes (Bursa)
Govt wants again Rompetrol historical debt after renouncing it several years ago (Bursa)
Hidroelectrica wants to expand abroad (Bursa)
Netherlands’ ambassador criticises fiscal revolution (Romania Libera)
Lazea, NBR: Progressive taxation to help Romania become competitive (Romania Libera)
IMF warns Romania on tax code modifications (Evenimentul Zilei)
Nov 10, 2017 06:22GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Petrom starts drilling new well in Black Sea with EUR 70mn investments (Ziarul Financiar)
First three local airports report double-digit increases in nine months (Ziarul Financiar)
Trade balance deficit is major factor behind RON depreciation (Ziarul Financiar)
President Iohannis says it is unfair that business plans are cancelled by uninspired fiscal policies (Adevarul)
NBR: 4mn Romanians part of labour force refuse to work (Adevarul)
After banks and multinationals, PM Tudose attacks unions that oppose fiscal revolution (Gandul)
Governor Isarescu decides to use redoubtable weapon: fx rate depreciation (Bursa)
Senator: Monetary policy has been way too accommodative (Bursa)
EBRD demands govt to transparentise public auctions for funds unblocking (Curentul)
Deloitte: Potentially affected by tax changes are ITC sector employees and disabled employees (Curierul National)
Nov 09, 2017 07:10GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Govt adopts fiscal revolution despite all protests (Ziarul Financiar)
Number of employees in economy keeps rising despite fiscal uncertainty (Ziarul Financiar)
PSD cabinet resumes hostile remarks to multinationals (Ziarul Financiar)
Romania is first in EU as weight of employees in agriculture (Ziarul Financiar)
EC: Romania needs investment bank and development of private-public partnership for accessing EU funds (Ziarul Financiar)
Tudose&PSD at war with ‘exploiting capitalists’ (Adevarul)
Finance Minister Misa says wages not to decrease (Adevarul)
Unions leader to appeal at Ombudsman fiscal code modification bill (Adevarul)
Liberals announce no-confidence motion against govt on fiscal code changes bill (Gandul)
Transport minister announces massive staff cuts (Gandul)
PSD makes criminal offence failure to pay social contributions (Curentul)
Financial market is tensed (Curierul National)
Maternity allowance increases (Curierul National)
Tax consultants warn govt generates chaos in economy (Romania Libera)
Govt postpones minimum wage growth (Romania Libera)
Number of social contributions decreases (Romania Libera)
PSD postpones again discussion on abuse of office regulation (Evenimentul Zilei)
Nov 08, 2017 07:03GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Fiscal revolution to be adopted today through emergency ordinance (Ziarul Financiar)
Tensions on monetary, fx markets; [Governor] Isarescu tries to keep rates under control (Ziarul Financiar)
Mayors protest PSD govt fiscal revolution; only Bucharest could lose RON 1bn annually after wage tax is cut to 10% (Ziarul Financiar)
Total capital of non-bank lenders in Romania amounted to EUR 2.1bn in 2017, by 9% below level from five years ago (Ziarul Financiar)
Ford increases number of employees above 4,000, half are from outside town (Ziarul Financiar)
PSD promises illusions to mayors, govt cuts development financing again (Adevarul)
Private sector announces manifestation against social contributions transfer today (Adevarul)
President Iohannis: Administrative reform cannot be delayed (Gandul)
Banca Transilvania to buy 39% in third largest bank in Moldova, Victoriabank (Bursa)
Opposition leader: Govt risk throwing Romania in middle of energy catastrophe (Bursa)
Despite strong opposition, PM Tudose says fiscal change will be adopted (Bursa)
Romania is in search of workforce (Curierul National)
Dacia protest social contributions transfer (Curierul National)
Nov 07, 2017 07:09GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Hundreds of thousands of firms are waiting with 2018 budgets on hold for govt to decide on fiscal revolution steps (Ziarul Financiar)
Lack of major infrastructure projects costs: 200,000 employees leave construction in past ten years (Ziarul Financiar)
Chinese Huawei to relocate more jobs in Romania from Europe in service centres (Ziarul Financiar)
Analysts expect NBR to keep policy rate and further narrow symmetrical corridor of rates for standing facilities (Ziarul Financiar)
Furniture industry loses 1,500 employees this year to emigration (Ziarul Financiar)
Bucharest mayor says Sunday street manifestation is illegal (Adevarul)
Fuel excise increase collapses fuel sales (Adevarul)
Property Fund: Ports law risks becoming a present for port oligarchs (Adevarul)
President Iohannis asks govt to renounce bill changing tax code (Gandul)
Romgaz announces payment of supplementary dividends to state (Gandul)
Electricity price on day-ahead market spikes in one week, market rep says jump is artificially triggered (Bursa)
Opposition to file no confidence motion in energy minister today (Romania Libera)
Govt fiscal revolution is contested by mayors (Evenimentul Zilei)
Nov 06, 2017 06:58GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Govt decides today if it is against both unions and business environment with fiscal revolution (Ziarul Financiar)
Major banks report profits after nine months (Ziarul Financiar)
FSA vice-president: Insurance policies not to increase in Dec, when reference tariffs will be re-calculated (Ziarul Financiar)
MOL Romania increases diesel sales by 10.3% in Q3, gasoline sales remain flat (Ziarul Financiar)
Govt is totally isolated: Nobody agrees with ‘fiscal hopping’ (Adevarul)
Tensions inside parliamentary majority (Adevarul)
Govt prepares drastic taxation of multinationals (Adevarul)
Partial local elections in 17 towns, opposition PNL wins in largest ones (Gandul)
Fiscal revolution finished before starting (Bursa)
Tax code changes have negative endorsement from social and economic council (Bursa)
Era of low rates ends (Romania Libera)
UDMR leader: We do not know what the govt wants to do either (Romania Libera)
Nov 03, 2017 06:59GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Petrom and Romgaz pay half of royalties cashed by state last year (Ziarul Financiar)
Cereals trade increase three times in past ten years (Ziarul Financiar)
Romania is on fourth place in Europe in oil and gas production but cashes only RON 1bn royalties (Ziarul Financiar)
Dacia union prepares manifestation with 8,000 people (Ziarul Financiar)
President Iohannis starts offensive against ruling PSD (Adevarul)
Opposition PNL considers taking all protest measures against ruling’s fiscal measures (Adevarul)
Romania has impressive gas volumes for this winter (Gandul)
Labour force crisis severely affects construction (Bursa)
ArcelorMittal announces temporarily interruption of production (Bursa)
Healthcare union asks for labour minister resignation (Curentul)
Wage taxation increases, state snips from employers (Romania Libera)
Nov 02, 2017 07:24GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Daimler increases business 13 times in its local gear boxes factory in Sebes (Ziarul Financiar)
Biggest companies in local economy ask govt to stop fiscal experiments (Ziarul Financiar)
Romania’s economy grows strongly, but not business development (Ziarul Financiar)
Mortgage lending keeps rising even if funds in govt programme First Home are finished (Ziarul Financiar)
PNL senator: PSD to cut public sector staff by 20% in 2018, main target is to keep voters captive, so it increases social benefits by 11% (Adevarul)
Otopeni airport is crowded over limit, new terminal still waits while all profits go to state (Adevarul)
Property Fund sells stakes in Electrica’s branches for RON 752.03mn (Adevarul)
Businessmen association asks govt to stop shock therapy in tax system (Gandul)
Tax code modifications generate lack of predictability and disbalances business environment (Bursa)
EU funds are not free money and raise risks to financial stability (Bursa)
Japan is interested in metro line to Henri Coanda airport (Curierul National)
KeysFin study: Metallurgy is economy’s Cinderella (Curierul National)
Romania pays too much for wind energy (Romania Libera)
PSD stumbles in defining abuse of office (Evenimentul Zilei)
Nov 01, 2017 06:05GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Despite economic growth, stock exchange falls for tenth consecutive session, investors anticipate fiscal slippage to hit fx rate and interest rates (Ziarul Financiar)
Weight of FDI in banking and insurances sectors halves in 10 years (Ziarul Financiar)
Investments in logistics pay results: transport and storage are up on third place as largest economic sectors, surpassing construction and energy (Ziarul Financiar)
Prevention law passes senate (Ziarul Financiar)
Romania has fifth lowest unemployment rate in EU (Ziarul Financiar)
NBR injects RON 18.6bn through repo deals in Oct, 4-year maximum (Ziarul Financiar)
Biggest risks from justice law changes are political bias of judicial inspectorate (Adevarul)
Study: Over half of new residential buildings are in Romania’s suburbs (Adevarul)
Another forgotten promise: Incomes below RON 2,000 to be tax exempted (Adevarul)
Opposition USR is tearing apart (Bursa)
Power grid Transelectrica to spend RON 100mn for modernisation by yearend (Bursa)
Mintia thermal plant cuts loss by 60% (Bursa)
Journey to industry 4.0 is led by unqualified personnel (Curierul National)
Changes to fiscal code destabilize civil society (Curierul National)
PSD changes in parliament justice law proposal filed by govt (Evenimentul Zilei)
Oct 31, 2017 07:01GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Personnel expenditures are by 20% higher y/y in Jan-Sep and investments by 36% lower (Ziarul Financiar)
EUR 50mn for rehabilitation of North-Maramures road (Ziarul Financiar)
Bankers expect EUR/RON rate to exceed 4.6 psychological threshold by yearend (Ziarul Financiar)
Hanner starts new office buildings mixed project with EUR 30mn investments (Ziarul Financiar)
PSD leader Dragnea say budget deficit target to be reached in 2018 (Adevarul)
Competition watchdog: Some energy producers may be exempted from trading on exchange market (Adevarul)
More than half of businessmen lose confidence in Romanian tax system (Adevarul)
Split VAT accounts measure enters straight line in parliament (Gandul)
NBR injects liquidity in money market for fourth time in October (Bursa)
SME’s association head pledges net wages not to decrease after social contributions transfer (Bursa)
SMEs reject 2.25% mandatory labour insurance contribution (Bursa)
Opposition rejects ruling coalition’s proposals to change justice laws (Bursa)
PSD Dragnea may run for presidency (Evenimentul Zilei)
Oct 30, 2017 06:39GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
PSD cabinet upturns business environment with new proposed tax measures. Tax consultants are amazed by avalanche of modifications in tax code (Ziarul Financiar)
Romania is on first place in Europe as wine production growth (Ziarul Financiar)
Professor: Contributions to private pension funds to decrease by about 4% (Ziarul Financiar)
Courier service business doubles number of employees in crisis (Ziarul Financiar)
Report: Govt cuts investments by RON 10bn, prices rise, interest, public debt are growing (Adevarul)
EIB grants EUR 50mn to Transgaz for ROHUAT pipeline construction (Adevarul)
State gets RON 129mn from Oltchim assets sale (Adevarul)
Opposition USR elects new leader (Gandul)
Govt to cut contributions to private pensions (Gandul)
Former regional development minister Sevil Shhaideh gets seat in Petrom’s board (Bursa)
Biggest pharma player doubles exports in past six years (Bursa)
Labour minister says unitary wage law notably increases salaries for doctors (Curentul)
Tax code enters capital repair works (Curierul National)
Protests in healthcare do not end (Curierul National)
Demographic ageing intensifies (Curierul National)
Govt mulls mass layoffs in 2018 (Evenimentul Zilei)
Oct 27, 2017 06:21GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Ruling PSD is either suiciding or gaining economically with announced measures in 2018 (Ziarul Financiar)
Orange CEO says consumption growth is visible as clients start buying premium products (Ziarul Financiar)
Kaufland reports first business decline in Romania, 2% in H1 (Ziarul Financiar)
Pension point rises by 100 as of Jul 2018 (Ziarul Financiar)
Govt postpones tax on landfill waste (Ziarul Financiar)
Power grid starts reporting loss: RON 50mn in Q3, may reach RON 100mn by yearend (Ziarul Financiar)
Investments in pharmaceutical factories exceed EUR 500mn (Ziarul Financiar)
Former PSD prime minister Ponta says PSD leader Dragnea was begging anti-corruption prosecutors to help him with criminal investigations (Adevarul)
Dragnea says justice laws will be changed by yearend without Venice Commission’s opinion (Adevarul)
Govt decides to confiscate any good, equipment used for tax evasion (Adevarul)
PSD does not give up plans regarding private pension funds (Gandul)
Romania saves wine production in EU (Gandul)
Govt wants to cut contributions to private pension funds and make them optional (Bursa)
Senator in energy commission: Gas price for population to remain flat until next spring (Bursa)
Wages in education, healthcare to increase only by 0.6-0.7% next year (Curentul)
Bucharest attracts almost 60% of logistic parks demand this year (Curierul National)
Justice minister wants to become chief of prosecutors (Evenimentul Zilei)
Oct 26, 2017 05:47GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Domestic firms say wage expenses may increase by 15% next year if social contributions are not cut (Ziarul Financiar)
Local pharmacies chain borrows EUR 10mn from EBRD (Ziarul Financiar)
Taco Bell to keep expanding in Bucharest by yearend (Ziarul Financiar)
Labour minister says retirement age not to change (Adevarul)
Sanpaolo Bank buys Veneto Banca Bucharest (Adevarul)
Romania is on top of budget deficits in EU (Gandul)
Foreign investors’ confidence deteriorates even if economy grows (Bursa)
Justice minister delays again justice laws modifications (Evenimentul Zilei)
Oct 25, 2017 05:59GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
PwC senior manager: Many investors are considering to leave Romania due to high wages, lack of qualified personnel (Ziarul Financiar)
Carrefour doubles profit in H1 (Ziarul Financiar)
Lending grows by more than 5% for three months (Ziarul Financiar)
Transport minister dismissed CFR manager for trains delay (Ziarul Financiar)
Bank deposits are up by 10.8% (Ziarul Financiar)
Bulgaria starts recruiting Romanians; neighbouring country faces personnel deficit too (Adevarul)
Mayor Firea mulls introducing environment tax in capital city (Adevarul)
White Tiger fund withdraws from race to buy Oltchim’s assets (Adevarul)
PSD-ALDE ruling alliance may stop tax authority reform (Curentul)
Three quarters of Romanian employees expect lower wages in 2018 (Curierul National)
Fiscal stake is of EUR 2bn, PSD cabinet to keep on inventing new taxes (Romania Libera)
Oct 24, 2017 05:55GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
First four fuel retailers control 80% of market, which is over RON 32bn (Ziarul Financiar)
Romanian pension funds are on ninth place in Europe with 5% gains (Ziarul Financiar)
Eurostat: Over one quarter of new value added in Romania’s economy comes from industry (Ziarul Financiar)
Reverse of economic boom: Romania marks strongest deficit deterioration in 2016 (Ziarul Financiar)
Banks are dependent on NBR money. Central bank injects RON 14.5bn in repo deals in Oct, banks do not place in state securities (Ziarul Financiar)
Important PSD senior asks for finance minister resignation (Adevarul)
Banks keep on incorrect practices (Adevarul)
Nuclearelectrica receives approval for nuclear reactor modernisation (Adevarul)
EC contradicts govt: EU does not impose solidarity tax (Gandul)
Does NBR need to start printing for financing govt? (Bursa)
Consumer protection says almost 90% of banks cheated on consumers with advertising (Bursa)
Biggest energy company in Israel to modernise local thermal plant (Bursa)
IAR Ghimbav to work with Airbus and Bell too (Bursa)
Oct 23, 2017 05:21GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Warning! Draft law transferring social contributions to employees does not provide mandatory gross wage increase (Ziarul Financiar)
Employers are searching for engineers, ITC and finance specialists (Ziarul Financiar)
NBR Liviu Voinea: Central bank independence does not imply isolation from economic policies (Ziarul Financiar)
Companies do not have liquidity issues: Payment defaults decrease almost three times m/m in Sep (Ziarul Financiar)
[Opposition] PNL leader calls party to regain voters among pensioners and civil servants (Adevarul)
NBR prepares to limit Romanians’ indebtedness (Adevarul)
Energy holdings to be modernised. [PM] Tudose: I do not want to import half of needed coal next year (Adevarul)
Romgaz’ shareholders approve supplementary dividends (Bursa)
Unions in healthcare make hospitals’ modernisation major priority (Curentul)
Romanian businesses are discriminated compared to foreigners (Curierul National)
Tensions between ruling PSD and its partner ALDE due to solidarity tax idea (Romania Libera)
Arabs have in plan to invest billions in Romania (Evenimentul Zilei)
Oct 20, 2017 06:55GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Franchise market has potential to double in next five years, sales of franchisers reach EUR 3bn, up by 20% (Ziarul Financiar)
New mortgages decreased by 2% compared to 2016 despite alarming warning about overheating (Ziarul Financiar)
Beer consumption can no longer increase as population and birth rate drop (Ziarul Financiar)
Finance minister announces new ‘solidarity’ tax of 2% (Ziarul Financiar)
Sources: PNL selects people to fight PSD (Adevarul)
Sources: FinMin Misa criticised by the premier for the solidarity tax (Adevarul)
Why [PM] Tudose is as dangerous as [PSD leader] Dragnea for Romania (Adevarul)
Four international franchises are looking for [partner] investors for Romania (Financiarul)
Employers will pay 2% of the wage fund to the state (Financiarul)
Tudose’s offer to foreign investors: Romania is one of the most proud nations in the EU today (Gandul)
Raiffeisen does not deny that it has unfair practices in contracts (Bursa)
Sunflower production recorded historical record: 3,167mn tons (Bursa)
2% solidarity tax from wage fund: Finance ministry is again revolving around business environment (Bursa)
IFC lends RON 150mn to UniCredit leasing (Bursa)
How and when to increase pensions in 2018 (Evenimentul Zilei)
Hearing in parliament: PSD’s war with [prosecutors’ offices] DNA and SRI is growing (Romania Libera)
Justice minister Tudorel Toader no longer requests Venice Commission opinion on the appointment of chief prosecutors (Romania Libera)
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