Press mood stories for Poland

Aug 20, 2018 01:50GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
FinMin Czerwinska: We care about budget discipline (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS launches its local election campaign (Rzeczpospolita)
Farmers protest at PiS campaign launch [due to neg. impact of ASF] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Polish Red Cross money seen going to PiS's campaign [local unit gave PiS's election money, prosecutor bans info on case] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
How do Warsaw mayoral campaigns pay for campaigns (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Presidential minister: there is no current Supreme Court president (Rzeczpospolita)
Hunted for putting 'Constitution' T-shirts on monuments (Gazeta Wyborcza)
More parades under the rainbow flag [in reaction to PiS slander] (Rzeczpospolita)
Candidates for Supreme Court justice could be kicked out of bar (Rzeczpospolita)
Merkel does business with Putin [Nord Stream 2 to continue despite US threats] (Rzeczpospolita)
Work on FC mortgage loan bills to speed up in September (Rzeczpospolita)
Turkey won't be the last victim on the global market (Rzeczpospolita)
Gas will continue to be expensive (Rzeczpospolita)
Analysis: How PiS ruins the new tax system [by adding all these special para-taxes] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Ukrainians must wait for permission to work [due to flood of applications] (Rzeczpospolita)
The end of the auto company manipulation of emission tests (Rzeczpospolita)
Aug 17, 2018 02:26GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
President vetoes EP election law changes (Rzeczpospolita)
EP election changes wind up in trash (Gazeta Wyborcza)
If PiS changes Sejm districts, it would be good arithmetically but politically risky (Rzeczpospolita)
President calls for 11 new Supreme Court openings, including president (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PiS's support helped by heat, 500+, and opposition errors [IBRIS: PiS - 38%, PO - 25%] (Rzeczpospolita)
Fierce battle to kick off local election campaign (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS's secret, that is, who wanted to kick out Kozlowska [PiS gets Ukrainian banned from travel to EU who is linked to anti-govt protests] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Imports rise sharply (Gazeta Wyborcza)
NIK criticises state over Swiss franc loans (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Polish bridges need to be renovated since disaster also a risk (Rzeczpospolita)
GetBack: An offer for creditors (Rzeczpospolita)
Banks pine for higher interest rates (Rzeczpospolita)
Companies spend to improve image among potential employees (Rzeczpospolita)
Veterans wait for a change of law (Rzeczpospolita)
Aug 16, 2018 01:57GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
PiS plans to change election code for Sejm, Duda already says no (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS changes to election rules could unite opposition in 2019 (Rzeczpospolita)
Brussels defends Supreme Court [continues infringement procedure] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Local election date set for Oct 21 (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Battle for local elections has already officially begun (Rzeczpospolita)
Prosecutor's office to play role in questions sent to ECJ (Rzeczpospolita)
Strange secret deportation [of Ukrainian whose husband is pro-democracy protester] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Big military parade in Warsaw (Rzeczpospolita)
Biggest military parade since 1989 (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Duda: We'll speed up spending on army (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Opposition MPs have way to force govt to release tough info for it (Rzeczpospolita)
Biedron targets all of Poland with new political initiative (Gazeta Wyborcza)
GDP growth: 5.1% (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Property restitution scandal in Warsaw goes to court (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Poland already plays in different league than Turkey (Rzeczpospolita)
Wallets are a thing of the past (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Aug 14, 2018 02:13GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Duda leans toward vetoing EP election bill [parties believe so after Mon. meeting] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Biedron to announce new political initiative called 'I Love Poland' (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Some 47% approve of Duda's job, 55% of Morawiecki's (Rzeczpospolita)
Turkish crisis dangerous for Europe (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PiS plans massive military day parade on Wed. (Rzeczpospolita)
Over 1,000 people send cards to Supreme Court expressing support (Gazeta Wyborcza)
President Duda and govt to drive electric cars (Rzeczpospolita)
PO-Nowoczesna coalition agree deal in Wroclaw (Gazeta Wyborcza)
The end of VAT declarations, everything to be done through JPK (Rzeczpospolita)
Innovation generates jobs (Rzeczpospolita)
Railways again receive investment jolt (Rzeczpospolita)
Doctors draft black list of patients (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Aug 13, 2018 02:31GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Fierce struggle for power in smaller cities [ahead of local elections] (Rzeczpospolita)
Gersdorf, though unrecognised as still Supreme Court head, receives correspondence (Rzeczpospolita)
List of candidates for Supreme Court shrinks [down by 11 already] (Rzeczpospolita)
Controversial Ordo Iuris writes new constitution [that PiS likes and which is anti-gay] (Rzeczpospolita)
What has't prosecutor taken into account in Szydlo's crash? (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Education Ministry wants to revolutionise technical school but who will pay (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Bruising fight in NATO between allies [Turkey and US] (Rzeczpospolita)
Equality March travels through Poznan (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Court opinion: Amazon widely ignores labour laws (Gazeta Wyborcza)
No more tolls for now on state-built highways (Rzeczpospolita)
Don't segregate your garbage? You'll pay 4 times more (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Expensive battle with heat (Rzeczpospolita)
Aug 10, 2018 02:01GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
EP election bill to the bin? Duda veto moves nearer (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Duda to announce next week his decision on EP election changes [source report] (Rzeczpospolita)
Legal advisors don't want Supreme Court justice candidates in their ranks [the Bar broken] (Rzeczpospolita)
Fiscal competition between countries heats up (Rzeczpospolita)
Unions against Education Minister Zalewska (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Opposition upset at Sejm Speaker Kuchcinski's diplomatic activity [he likely wants Euro-MP seat] (Rzeczpospolita)
Even more expensive Polish coal (Rzeczpospolita)
Breakfast we will eat at home, but dinner not as much (Rzeczpospolita)
Aug 09, 2018 02:44GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Supreme Court spox: Duda in front of the State Tribunal (Rzeczpospolita)
Experts defend Wyborcza against PiS lawsuit (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Lawyers applying to be Supreme Court judges won't be disciplined (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Prosecutors don't want Ziobro (Gazeta Wyborcza)
State Forests says the electric BMWs it bought aren't so 'luxurious' (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Politicians use IM services, leaving texts behind (Rzeczpospolita)
Razem fails to collect enough signatures on bill to cut work week to 35 hours (Rzeczpospolita)
Our ports are growing at an express rate (Rzeczpospolita)
Big return of the PFN's yacht [controversial pro-govt foreign promotion agency cont.] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Pekao and Alior to go on their own roads (Rzeczpospolita)
Black clouds over Silesia (Rzeczpospolita)
Small e-tailers losing battle to big ones (Rzeczpospolita)
Hunting the leader of Polish association in Lithuania (Rzeczpospolita)
Aug 08, 2018 02:06GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Supreme Court justice: We are not special [but reform can't be done by slashing retirement age] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Charges for 27-year-old after demonstration against judicial takeover (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Lawyers who applied to be Supreme Court justices face discipline [from the bar] (Rzeczpospolita)
Reductions in social security for micro-firms could lead to scores of own businesses set up (Rzeczpospolita)
Sejm isn't saving [new large displays to cost PLN 2mn] (Rzeczpospolita)
Deputy PM Glinski attacks former directors of WWII museum [for alleged misuse of public funds] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Krakow's Machrowski launches his campaign (Rzeczpospolita)
Orlen's fuel station chain is eighth biggest in Europe (Rzeczpospolita)
Fuel competition grows (Rzeczpospolita)
New vehicle registrations to exceed 0.5mn for the year (Rzeczpospolita)
Companies to focus on employee retention (Rzeczpospolita)
Young people have big debt and continue to borrow (Rzeczpospolita)
Banks must already give free accounts (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Aug 07, 2018 00:34GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Local election race continues even though election date not set (Rzeczpospolita)
Duda gives up money he wanted to use on constitution referendum (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS sues Gazeta Wyborcza (Gazeta Wyborcza)
They dressed Kaczynski statue with anti-govt shirt (Gazeta Wyborcza)
These are the candidates for the Supreme Court (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Morawiecki's dad: We should change media market (Rzeczpospolita)
Still no conditions for private investment (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Personal carousel at state firms continues (Rzeczpospolita)
FinMin has macro scenario for 50 years (Rzeczpospolita)
Deputy Investment Minister Sobon - If we can, there'll be 100,000 new apartments (Rzeczpospolita)
Companies can't avoid VAT blockade on their accounts (Rzeczpospolita)
End of the era of cheap internet shopping (Rzeczpospolita)
Aug 06, 2018 02:45GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
ECJ to react quickly on Supreme Court questions, source says [quickly still means months] (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS stuck with running Duda in 2020 presidential election (Rzeczpospolita)
President considers veto of EC rules, PiS warns that could impact 2020 race (Rzeczpospolita)
Judges, now you have to listen to prosecutor [Ziobro cracks the whip on court presidents and vice presidents] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Constitutional Trib judge application to be Supreme Court judge helped by Justice Ministry (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Commodities flood in from Russia [despite govt's attestations] (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS forces start of Housing+ [wants to use it in local elections] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
It ceases to pay for firms to build Polish roads (Rzeczpospolita)
Education Ministry changes lesson plans (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Nationalists without penalty (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Aug 03, 2018 02:03GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Lawyers: Supreme Court has right to suspend bill (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Let's protect Supreme Court against PiS's law (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Drought will hit the budget [losses already exceed PLN 800mn set aside by govt] (Rzeczpospolita)
Prosecutors want to be judges (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Lech Walesa: I want to forgive Jaroslaw Kaczynski (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PO says CBA targeted secretary general in order to dig dirt on PO leaders (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Gowin's Law signed [universities heading for big changes] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Single voting card to avoid problems that plagued 2014 local election vote (Rzeczpospolita)
PO candidate in polling lead, but PiS has real chance of winning Warsaw (Rzeczpospolita)
FinMin proposes reduced company tax deductions for cars [timing still unclear] (Rzeczpospolita)
Ukrainians work, buy and invest [in Poland] (Rzeczpospolita)
Ukrainians: Prized workers and ever more prized clients (Rzeczpospolita)
Energy Ministry doesn't want unprofitable mines to have to join PPK (Rzeczpospolita)
Travel to be more expensive in a year (Rzeczpospolita)
Less fiction in hiring of foreigners (Rzeczpospolita)
Aug 02, 2018 01:59GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Duda reportedly considers vetoing PiS's Euro-parliament election changes (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Poland tests EU unity over Ireland [questions whether it's worth backing Ireland in Brexit talks] (Rzeczpospolita)
Constitutional Tribunal judge Muszynski wants to be Supreme Court judge (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Storm on the Supreme Court (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Industry runs out of steam, but GDP growth still to be 5% (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Heat did not warm up industry [negative PMI surprise in July] (Rzeczpospolita)
Torun battles for a billion [Korean investor said to want to invest in electric bus plant] (Rzeczpospolita)
Flag for the president [PiS focuses on symbolic propaganda] (Rzeczpospolita)
Specialists don't want to look for work themselves anymore (Rzeczpospolita)
Fraud in background of A4 motorway construction (Rzeczpospolita)
Coal prices rise, so do imports (Gazeta Wyborcza)
SLD to get down to work in wake of higher support (Gazeta Wyborcza)
From PiS to power company PGE (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Aug 01, 2018 01:55GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
We will find out who Supreme Court candidates are, but not yet (Rzeczpospolita)
KRS freezes removal of two Supreme Court judges (Gazeta Wyborcza)
GDRP could paralyse local elections [hurting ability to collect needed signatures] (Rzeczpospolita)
PKW calls for situation to be cleared up quickly (Rzeczpospolita)
Ex-ABW head during PO times accuses PiS of using prosecutor for political ends (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PO's Warsaw mayoral candidate Trzaskowski vs. TVP [TVP refusing to publish correction] (Rzeczpospolita)
Millions of trees threatened to be cut (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Only oil is stoking inflation (Rzeczpospolita)
More expensive fuel, cheaper fruit (Gazeta Wyborcza)
How big are social security payments to be next year [firms want info on removal of social security cap] (Rzeczpospolita)
Tax office checking families (Rzeczpospolita)
Tax police ask families who really takes care of children (Rzeczpospolita)
ZUS in Legnica caught in fraud scandal (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Heat pressures power sector (Rzeczpospolita)
Polish fertilizers go to Ukrainian fields (Rzeczpospolita)
Jul 31, 2018 02:39GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Supreme Court: End of recruitment of new judges [PiS takeover continues] (Rzeczpospolita)
New Supreme Court head even this autumn (Rzeczpospolita)
Poles don't want change in constitution for now [49% opposed, 43% for] (Rzeczpospolita)
Some 37% believe Senate's rejection of presidential constitutional referendum weakens him [42% disagree] (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS hunts satirists as if they committed serious crimes (Gazeta Wyborcza)
National Prosecutor orders ignoring of Supreme Court ruling on surveillance (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Medical emergency workers prepare for strikes (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Over 1mn applications for 300+ school supply subsidy (Rzeczpospolita)
Sejm guards may have illegally used swords for summit (Rzeczpospolita)
Blue-green algae hits Baltic tourism (Rzeczpospolita)
Uber pressures taxi drivers ever harder (Rzeczpospolita)
Banks: less from fees, more from rates (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Ever fewer marriages in Churches (Rzeczpospolita)
Jul 30, 2018 02:52GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Revolution in the courts in the final stretch [new Supreme Court head seen in Oct] (Rzeczpospolita)
Process of dismantling the courts has begun for good (Rzeczpospolita)
What next, citizens? [situation after Supreme Court reform] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PiS's Mularczyk: President Duda supports PiS's reforms (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS shoots for local elections (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Judge-officials to work also in Duda's chancellery, Foreign Ministry (Rzeczpospolita)
Hot meals for students from 2022, not 2021 (Rzeczpospolita)
Companies take more credits in Q2 (Rzeczpospolita)
Electricity prices will beat us [PL to have highest wholesale prices in Europe after 2020] (Rzeczpospolita)
Russia buys Polish food despite embargo (Rzeczpospolita)
Rising chances for protection of fruit producers (Rzeczpospolita)
Ukrainians save ZUS (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Jul 27, 2018 06:39GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
PiS and Duda are still close – constitutional referendum didn’t divide ruling camp (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Urn with pens for [President] Duda [on signing amendments to Supreme Court law]. Protests in entire Poland (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS makes a present to democratic opposition, mobilising it to join forces (Gazeta Wyborcza)
European [Parliament] elections only for the big – PiS votes new rules in Senate today (Gazeta Wyborcza)
An increasingly long queue after verdicts (Rzeczpospolita)
Government opens a sack of money for eco buses (Rzeczpospolita)
PNL 10bn from broadcasting fee on eco transport (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Elections in Wroclaw – Ujazdowski in the game (Rzeczpospolita)
Jul 26, 2018 06:53GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Flick in the nose of President Duda – constitutional referendum rejected by Senate (Gazeta Wyborcza)
President against PiS [on rejection of constitutional referendum] (Rzeczpospolita)
Senate against Duda’s referendum. Now Niezlomny will destroy Supreme Court
Poland opens to immigrants (Rzeczpospolita)
EU Court of Justice – threat for rule of law and right to a free trial may stop extradition of a Pole (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Supreme Court – pardoned Kaminski and Wasik are still pending trial (Gazeta Wyborcza)
State Tribunal in the game (Rzeczpospolita)
GUS data confirm – housing is becoming more expensive, Poles are eager to buy (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Jul 25, 2018 05:57GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Late during the night, Senate handles Supreme Court. Parliamentary work is over, but not protests (Gazeta Wyborcza)
At night, Senate votes PiS’ new court statute (Rzeczpospolita)
[PM] Morawiecki’s mission – he shows a photo in Brussels where according to right-wing trolls there should be [Supreme Court] president Gersdorf with [former communist leader] Gierek (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Why a new constitution when you can break current one? [on PiS and presidential referendum] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
President? He has to be patient [on his referendum proposal] (Rzeczpospolita)
A carbon investment wonder (Rzeczpospolita)
Revolution in donations. You no longer need to pay taxes on them (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Fishermen do not receive compensation, seals are lost (Rzeczpospolita)
Jul 24, 2018 05:48GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
PiS prepares a replacement for Malgorzata Gersdorf. It is a trusted person of Ziobro (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Police have had enough. Officers do not want to beat protesters and hide on sick leave (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PiS is already taking care of Supreme Court in Senate. First in [justice] committee (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Senate to take up referendum proposal on Tuesday (Rzeczpospolita)
PO raises stakes in capital (Rzeczpospolita)
[Justice minister] Ziobro – in prison for up to 100 years (Rzeczpospolita)
How to buy a flat or a house? (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Pedestrians without chances with bicycles (Rzeczpospolita)
Jul 23, 2018 06:01GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
PiS is afraid of referendum failure. Senate to reject Duda’s request? (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PiS not to agree to [president’s constitutional] referendum (Rzeczpospolita)
Karczewski: Senate to deal with referendum on Tuesday (Rzeczpospolita)
They did it. PiS voted changes to court statutes in Sejm, surrounded like in a fortress (Gazeta Wyborcza)
[President] Adrzej Duda submitted a constitutional referendum to Senate (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Who wants Tusk to run in presidential election (Rzeczpospolita)
Sundays did not work out for smaller stores (Rzeczpospolita)
Perpetual use [of properties] goes into oblivion. Whoever is richer will pay for transformation in advance and will gain (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Jul 20, 2018 05:39GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
PiS – contempt and sneer [word play on PiS abbreviation] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Final count with Ziobro in front – PiS eliminates judges’ self-government and takes money from Malgorzata Gersdorf (Gazeta Wyborcza)
In a trunk to Sejm – police questions witnesses [on protests against Supreme Court law changes] (Rzeczpospolita)
Poll – Prof Gersdorf should lead Supreme Court by 2020 (Rzeczpospolita)
Gersdorf writes Duda – I am Supreme Court president (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Left gamble is coming back (Rzeczpospolita)
[Deputy foreign minister] Konrad Szymanski – Poland doesn’t want to punish UK (Rzeczpospolita)
PM rejects idea of a National Food Holding. He makes two firms in four years (Gazeta Wyborcza)
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