Press mood stories for Bulgaria

Nov 17, 2017 07:24GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
MPs reject idea for lower ceiling [of BGN 5,000] of cash payments again (Capital Daily)
GERB to revive NPP Belene with help from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Capital Daily)
Average income per person reaches BGN 1,431 in September [up by 9.4% y/y] (Capital Daily)
[Ruling] GERB not to stop moratorium on new drugs (Sega)
Cabinet starts procedure [for raising] minimum wage to BGN 510 [as of Jan 1] (Sega)
[Parliamentary] Law commission approves amendments in [Bank Insolvency Law] for [bankrupt] Corporate Commercial Bank, proposed by [opposition] MRF (24 Chasa)
[Number] of new pensioners decreases by almost 6,000 for one year (Monitor)
[Households’] Costs on [utility] bills rise by over 12% [y/y] (Standart)
Nov 16, 2017 07:48GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
EC [CVM progress report on Bulgaria] criticises parliament most, Supreme Judicial Council is new hope (Capital Daily)
Bulgaria’s [population] decreases and gets older (Capital Daily)
EC praises authorities for inexistent successes (Sega)
New [draft] law to fight against fuel sales in shadow sector (Sega)
Bulgaria is third in EU in terms of new car sales growth [for Jan-Sep] (24 Chasa)
Share of non-performing loans [in Bulgaria] decreases [banking association] (Trud)
Second meeting for investors in gas hub Balkan to be held [in May] (Monitor)
Parliament decides: Concessions to be up to 35 years at most (Standart)
Nov 15, 2017 07:11GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
State sells bonds with negative yield [on domestic market] for first time (Capital Daily)
Privatisation inspection turns into transition [from communism to democracy] revision (Sega)
50% of Bulgarians want resignations in case of corruption doubts [according to Gallup poll] (Sega)
Waste tax to be calculated in different method in Sofia’s districts as of 2020 (24 Chasa)
Nine out of ten new companies [in Bulgaria] go bankrupt [within first two years after their launch] (Trud)
EC monitoring on Bulgaria to continue at least one more year (Trud)
[Three] companies for car spare parts [production] to invest BGN 12mn in [industrial zone] Bozhurishte [to expand already existing plants] (Monitor)
Gallup: People support state intervention in economy (Standart)
Nov 14, 2017 07:22GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Prosecution: Ex-Health Minister makes infringement, not crime (Capital Daily)
Municipality of Bansko demands second [ski] lift in its resort (Capital Daily)
Bulgarians living abroad send back BGN 1.7bn to home [in 2016] (Sega)
[So-called] Vicious privatisation [pretext to change constitution] makes [ruling] GERB, United Patriots and [opposition] MRF dangerously close (Sega)
[Sofia mayor] Fandakova: Third line of metro [in Sofia] is being built in line with schedule (24 Chasa)
Life in [capital] Sofia is 30% more expensive [than in rest of country] (Trud)
[Bulgarians] To pay taxes worth of BGN 5,537 in 2018 [Institute of Market Economy research] (Monitor)
Nov 13, 2017 06:44GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
State to demand back [ownership of] Navigation Maritime Bulgare in court (Capital Daily)
Almost 1,500 small enterprises generate 18.4% of GDP (Sega)
[Energy Minister] Temenuzhka Petkova: Gas hub in Bulgaria cannot be built without Russia’s gas (24 Chasa)
Shortage of drivers as well – 7,000 vacancies for bus and truck drivers (24 Chasa)
[Tourism Minister] Nikolina Angelkova: Tourism has share of over 12% in [Bulgaria’s] GDP (Trud)
Every third job announcement proposes minimum wage [for salary] (Monitor)
State-owned railway company BDZ pays BGN 86mn to creditors [since beginning of 2017] (Standart)
Nov 10, 2017 07:01GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[Ruling] GERB to fight corruption, but corruption from 20 years ago (Capital Daily)
[Opposition] BSP no-confidence vote [against government] gets doomed even before submitted [for parliament voting] (Sega)
President warns we lag behind with electronic voting (Sega)
Sales of hybrid automobiles in Bulgaria rise by almost 50% [in Jan-Sep] (24 Chasa)
Parliament approves budget 2018 (Trud)
[Bulgaria’s] Export to EU rises by 11% [y/y in Jan-Aug] (Monitor)
[Bulgaria’s] Tourism growth outpaces that of Turkey and Italy (Standart)
Nov 09, 2017 07:17GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Imports of foreign experts to be easier for all sectors (Capital Daily)
National Social Security Institute and companies to pay record BGN 700mn on sick leaves in 2018 (Sega)
[Ruling] GERB dislikes [demanded] ban on new hospitals funding (Sega)
CEZ: We negotiate with all candidates [for acquiring CEZ assets in Bulgaria], no selected buyer yet (24 Chasa)
[Bulgaria’s EU Presidency Minister] Lilyana Pavlova: EC assessed highly Bulgaria’s EU Presidency preparation (Trud)
There is new millionaire in Bulgaria every three days (Standart)
Nov 08, 2017 07:34GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Tourism ministry demands more control functions (Capital Daily)
External experts to verify tenders at random (Capital Daily)
New judge takes up lawsuit for BGN 102mn related to [failed] Corporate Commercial Bank (Sega)
Bulgarian [Future Energy] company comes up with [highest offer] of EUR 312mn for CEZ assets [in Bulgaria] (Sega)
Ten candidates to manage EUR 51mn included in fund of funds (24 Chasa)
Parliament starts first reading debates on budget bill for next year (24 Chasa)
[Ruling] GERB MP Danail Kirilov: We owe Bulgarians truth for [mass] privatisation [after communism], key to fight against corruption is there (Trud)
Parliamentary commissions of Bulgaria and Romania to join efforts for Schengen [accession] (Monitor)
[PM] Borissov and other ministers meet with EC commissioners in Brussels (Standart)
Nov 07, 2017 07:10GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[Deputy finance minister] Kiril Ananiev is likely to be appointed healthcare minister (Capital Daily)
Government proposes to raise guaranteed minimum income to BGN 75 [per month] (Capital Daily)
Economic growth [for 2016] is mainly due to EU fund absorption (Sega)
10% of Bulgarians live with wages from abroad (Sega)
90,000 young people do not study, do not work, do not seek job – research (24 Chasa)
[Real estate expert] Mladen Mitov: Property market dynamics is driven by housing sales in last four years (Trud)
[EC President] Juncker to arrive [in Bulgaria] in January for starting Bulgaria’s EU Presidency (Monitor)
Average wage rises by 90% [in private sector from 2008 to 2016] (Monitor)
[Opposition ethnic-minority party] MRF to support non-confidence vote [initiated by main opposition party BSP] against PM Borissov’s government (Standart)
Nov 06, 2017 07:22GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[Ethnic-minority opposition party] MRF [plans] to remove nationalist United Patriots from government (Capital Daily)
Another court finds there is practice of removing unaccommodative magistrates (Capital Daily)
Military equipment companies [in Bulgaria] set new records in terms of [high] profits (Sega)
Part of measures of [EU programme] Competitiveness to be launched as late as next year (Sega)
[Education minister] Krassimir Vulchev: Young teachers to receive over BGN 1,300 in 2021 (Trud)
[Budgetary commission chair] Menda Stoyanova: Business conditions in Bulgaria need to be improved (Monitor)
New healthcare minister to be kept in secret by Nov 10 (Standart)
Nov 03, 2017 07:19GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Bulgarian Industrial Association: Number of big companies decreases due to administrative burden (Capital Daily)
One-third of housing in Bulgaria is uninhabited (Sega)
[Finance Minister] Goranov: We raise wages, unemployment declines (24 Chasa)
Two banks want to buy [commercial bank] Victoria from [bankrupt] Corporate Commercial Bank (24 Chasa)
[Citizens] to be entitled to receiving second pension [from individual pension fund account] five years [before reaching legal retirement age] (Trud)
[Foreign Minister] Zaharieva: We will aim for stability in region and democracy and prosperity in neighbouring countries during Bulgaria’s EU Presidency (Trud)
Roaming charges with Macedonia and Serbia to be decreased (Monitor)
[Finance Minister] Vladislav Goranov: Many interests intertwine in healthcare system, lots of stealing in it (Standart)
Nov 02, 2017 07:03GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Lower cash payment ceiling [at BGN 5,000] proposal is back on parliament’s agenda (Capital Daily)
Government demands EC to analyse courts and Inspectorate to Supreme Judicial Council (Capital Daily)
Bulgarian Stock Exchange launches domestic government securities trading (Capital Daily)
Resources for pensions in Silver Fund melt down [due to negative interest rate, inflation, shortage of income] (Sega)
[Number of] Retail loans for holidays outpace [number of] loans for bills’ payments (Sega)
43% of EUR 160mn from Brussels aimed at border security are already absorbed (24 Chasa)
Bankruptcies to be upcoming in pre-hospital care [Bulgarian Medical Association] (Trud)
[Deputy Health Minister] Nenkov: I have had only unofficial conversation on assuming Health Minister office (Monitor)
Social Minister demands changes [in distribution of] Christmas pension bonuses (Standart)
Nov 01, 2017 07:52GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[Utility regulator] KEVR chair: Bulgaria does not need new major energy facilities until 2035
[Opposition] BSP claims that state company sells arms illegally (Capital Daily)
Every third Bulgarian wants monocracy (Sega)
Former [transport] minister buys thermal power plant Varna (Sega)
[Budgetary commission chair] Menda Stoyanova: We expect GDP growth of 4% in 2018 (24 Chasa)
Tender for single system for touristic information is opened (Monitor)
Renewable energy to raise electricity bills twice [by 2050] (Monitor)
Oct 31, 2017 07:07GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Lawsuit on polluted air in [capital] Sofia is stopped (Capital Daily)
Bulgarians want both free of charge social services and lower taxes (Sega)
Transport Minister prepares new beginning for Sofia Airport concession procedure (Sega)
[Finance Minister] Goranov: BGN 730mn more for wages and BGN 500mn more for pensions [in 2018] (24 Chasa)
Discount on income tax [when taxpayers use electronic tax declarations] to be annulled [as of 2018] (Trud)
Contract on toll system [construction] to be signed by end-2017 (Monitor)
Bulgaria adopts anti-terrorist plan (Standart)
Oct 30, 2017 06:50GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Government to approve budget 2018 on Oct 30 (Capital Daily)
Law to create excessive bureaucracy in food trade (Capital Daily)
Outsourcing industry accounts for almost 4% of GDP [Bulgarian Outsourcing Association says] (Sega)
Ruling parties consider stepping back from so-called eternal concessions [proposed rule] (Sega)
[Finance Minister] Goranov: We expect GDP to reach BGN 100bn in 2017 (24 Chasa)
Poverty line to be raised by BGN 7 [to BGN 321 as of 2018] (Trud)
Schools funding to be decided according to three criteria (Standart)
Oct 27, 2017 06:25GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
President warns for crisis in entire security sector and in army (Sega)
Supreme Judicial Council is against bonuses for magistrates in specialised court and prosecution (Sega)
[Finance Minister] Goranov: Reduction of sick leave payments [to 50% of employee’s wage in first three days] to be postponed (24 Chasa)
[Energy Minister] Temenuzhka Petkova: Equipment for nuclear power plant Belene to be delivered by end-2017 (24 Chasa)
[Trade Union KNSB leader] Plamen Dimitrov: Wage increases [in public sector as of 2018] is due to society’s pressure (Trud)
Vignette on heavy-weight vehicles to be raised by EUR 1 (Monitor)
Lufthansa Technik expands its [airplane repair base] in Bulgaria (Monitor)
MPs ban GMO food advertising (Standart)
Oct 26, 2017 06:49GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Anti-corruption law of [ruling] GERB triumphs, [opposition] BSP text is not approved (Capital Daily)
[Russia’s state company] Rosatom might fund nuclear power plant Belene project (Sega)
Government plans to allocate BGN 400mn more to capital expenditure next year (Sega)
State of emergency in Burgas region remains, broken dams not observed (24 Chasa)
[MRF MP] Petar Chobanov: MRF not to support budget 2018 bill (Trud)
Toll fees to resolve problem with shortage of road sector funding [regional minister says] (Monitor)
[Deputy-PM] Tomislav Donchev: Probably one fourth of sick leaves are false (Monitor)
Growth of culture tourism outpaces sea tourism growth (Standart)
Rusgeom BG promises to drill [for gas] Dobrudja region in conventional way (Standart)
Oct 25, 2017 06:53GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Agricultural subsidies to surpass BGN 2.87bn in 2018 (Capital Daily)
Three tenders for gas connection with Greece to be opened in November (Capital Daily)
Long-term business trips of employees abroad to be up to 18 months at most (Capital Daily)
Bulgaria is in top 10 in EU in terms of industry share in economy (Sega)
Refugee centres are already 80% empty (Sega)
Longest working week in EU is in Greece and Bulgaria (24 Chasa)
Bulgarians get richer by BGN 5.9bn for one year [Industry Watch report] (Trud)
Bulgaria to be included in EU’s new defence system (Monitor)
[PM] Borissov: Sick leaves to be checked by special commission (Standart)
Oct 24, 2017 06:38GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Healthcare minister: Everyone to have access to their e-health files in 2018 (Capital Daily)
Environment minister approves motorway Struma with two separate road ways (Capital Daily)
Defence and interior ministries, as well as state employees are among state budget 2018 favourites (Sega)
Greek companies in Bulgaria rise by 30% [y/y in H1] (Sega)
[Bulgaria’s EU Presidency minister] Lilyana Pavlova: We are ready for [upcoming Bulgaria’s] EU Presidency (24 Chasa)
GERB governs, but does not inspire. [Opposition] BSP declares claims, but does not convince (Trud)
[Government] to spend BGN 1.257bn more for defence, healthcare and education [in 2018] (Monitor)
[Opposition] BSP [wants] to abolish flat tax (Standart)
Oct 23, 2017 05:59GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Emigration from Bulgaria decreases (Capital Daily)
Policemen threaten with protests during Bulgaria’s EU presidency [in case they do not receive wage increases] (Sega)
Data for Bulgarians abroad vary between 1.1mn and 2.5mn people (Sega)
Healthcare minister: Much higher funding to be allocated to healthcare next year (24 Chasa)
Hundreds of people protest against gas extraction in General Toshevo (Trud)
[Tourism Minister] Nikolina Angelkova: Five-star hotels are already fully booked for summer 2018 (Monitor)
Waste tax to be raised [as of 2020] in outlying neighbourhoods after local elections (Standart)
Oct 20, 2017 06:37GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Minimum social insurance thresholds to be raised on average by almost 7% (Capital Daily)
Only one-third of approved buildings for free-of-charge renovation programme get renovated for [past] three years (Sega)
40% of Bulgarians have never got insurance (Sega)
Road Infrastructure Agency starts tender for Zheleznitsa tunnel construction [on Struma motorway] for third time (Sega)
Trade union Podkrepa and Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association foresee 10% growth of wages in 2018 (24 Chasa)
[Labour Minister] Bisser Petkov: All pensions to be raised by 3.8% as of Jul 1 [2018] (24 Chasa)
Housing price growth in [capital] Sofia halts (Trud)
Revenues from 6.5mn foreign tourists [in Jan-Aug 2017] reach BGN 5.2bn [according to Tourism Minister] (Monitor)
[Regional Minister] Nankov: Up to BGN 60mn from [future] toll charges to be spent on municipality roads (Standart)
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