Press mood stories for Bulgaria

May 26, 2017 06:39GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Election of new Supreme Administrative Court chairman seems obvious in advance (Capital Daily)
Cabinet reverses plans regarding new fighter aircraft (Sega)
[Chief Secretary of ministry of interior] Mladen Marinov: Migrant pressure on border decreases (24 Chasa)
Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Brexit is chance for our economy (Trud)
Privatisation of 199 state-owned companies to be prohibited (Trud)
[President Radev after NATO summit]: Fight against terrorism to end migrant crisis (Monitor)
May 25, 2017 06:42GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Russia might negotiate with Bulgaria on second Turkish stream pipeline (Capital Daily)
Government to vote on BGN 460 minimum wage again (Capital Daily)
[Bulgaria’s] President offers EU plan against refugee mass inflow (Sega)
Despite irresistible EU offer, Bulgaria is far from eurozone (Sega)
[Companies which receive wrongfully state aid] to return it with [calculated] interest (24 Chasa)
Petar Andronov [head of banks association in Bulgaria]: None of us knows what [EC’s] proposal on eurozone will be (Trud)
Petar Andronov [head of banks association in Bulgaria]: There is no hesitation regarding euro adoption path (Standart)
May 23, 2017 05:47GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Toll system procurement is temporarily suspended again (Capital Daily)
Idle work of parliament for more than one month (Sega)
[GERB deputy leader] Tsvetan Tsvetanov: No increased migration pressure on Bulgaria-Turkey border observed (24 Chasa)
Prosecutor-General confirms investigation of state healthcare fund NZOK (Trud)
Bulgaria loses some BGN 1bn per year due to inexistent toll system (Monitor)
[GERB deputy leader] Tsvetan Tsvetanov projects when Bulgaria will enter Schengen [after successful EU presidency in 2018] (Standart)
May 22, 2017 05:51GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[Supreme Court of Appeals chairman] Lozan Panov demands reform in prosecution (Capital Daily)
Bulgaria spends over BGN 170mn to advertise tourism [in past 10 years] (Sega)
[Social minister] Bisser Petkov: Some BGN 1.7bn spent on disability pensions [in 2016] (24 Chasa)
EC to present recommendations on financial sector reforms in Bulgaria (Trud)
CEZ Distribution to invest over BGN 30mn in Sofia (Monitor)
[GERB MP] Kirilov: There is trend to go beyond law via law interpretation decisions (Standart)
May 19, 2017 06:06GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Road infrastructure agency gives only one day [to companies to submit] offers for toll system building for BGN 200mn (Capital Daily)
Court annuls last [former healthcare minister] Moskov’s reform (Sega)
FDI [in Bulgaria] fall by some another 30% (Sega)
[GERB MP] Menda Stoyanova: Minimum wage to reach BGN 610 by 2020 (24 Chasa)
[Tourism minister] Angelkova: We expect 7 to 10% growth of tourists (Trud)
Free of charge public transport [to be introduced in Sofia in days with] strong air pollution (Monitor)
[Bulgaria] waits for new EUR 400mn [from Brussels] for migration (Standart)
May 18, 2017 06:49GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Second deputy minister quits government quickly after appointment (Capital Daily)
Governing parties withdraw controversial seaside construction project (Capital Daily)
Finance minister [Goranov]: Minimum working wage should exist (Sega)
Infringements in almost 40% of public contracts [in 2016] discovered (Sega)
[Czech power distribution company] CEZ negotiates [sale of its Bulgarian assets] with candidates offering highest price (24 Chasa)
Legal changes to punish incorrect employers delaying wage payment (Trud)
Agency for fight against organised crime to defend electronic voting system for new Supreme Justice Court (Monitor)
[Ethnic-minority party] MRF considers supporting [GERB’s bill on] majoritarian voting system (Standart)
May 17, 2017 05:55GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Supreme Administrative Court confirms higher road vignette prices (Capital Daily)
Economy expands due to consumption (Capital Daily)
PM Borissov to monitor personally finance ministry and security agencies activities (Sega)
[Social minister] Bisser Petkov: I am not optimist regarding [reaching] minimum wage setting [agreement between trade unions and employers’ organisations] (24 Chasa)
[Household] Income growth outpaces [household] expenditure growth (Trud)
District heating company in Sofia steals BGN 1.8bn from customers [for 5 years] (Monitor)
[GERB MP] Menda Stoyanova: Businesses should be calm, taxes not to be changed (Standart)
May 16, 2017 05:56GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Average wage reaches BGN 1,036 in March (Capital Daily)
Dismissed National Energy Company director is appointed deputy energy minister (Capital Daily)
Social minister to renew negotiations on minimum wage [setting] (Sega)
Some new 49 Bulgarians draw credits of over BGN 1mn in only three months (24 Chasa)
Parvan Simeonov, Gallup sociologist: GERB’s largest coalition partner is EU funding (Trud)
Airport Plovdiv to be offered for concession (Monitor)
[Bulgarian National Bank] can already print euro banknotes (Standart)
May 15, 2017 06:08GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Candidate application process for farmer subsidies to be prolonged (Capital Daily)
[State-owned] railway companies BDZ and NCRI to swallow up some BGN 500mn per year from budget (Sega)
[United Patriots leader] Karakachanov: [Ethnic-minority] MRF loses its balancing role in Bulgarian society (24 Chasa)
Five members of [opposition socialist party] BSP’s leadership team replaced (Trud)
Building in resorts around Varna to be stopped [during summer season] (Monitor)
Employers insist on reforms in energy sector (Standart)
May 12, 2017 06:49GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[PM] Borissov dreams for 6% GDP growth next year (Sega)
[Russia’s President] Putin talks with [PM] Borissov, demonstrates interest in Balkan gas hub [project] (24 Chasa)
We wait for EUR 560mn worth of investments via Juncker plan (Trud)
PM Borissov dismisses deputy [healthcare] minister due to investigation (Monitor)
[Transport minister] Moskovski: Concessions are our priority (Standart)
Construction business to [President] Radev: We have shortage of good workers (Standart)
May 11, 2017 06:18GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[New transport minister] Moskovski re-appoints previously dismissed [railway company BDZ] managers in BDZ (Capital Daily)
Parliamentary commission approves lifting [Volya party leader] Mareshki MP immunity (Capital Daily)
GERB gives up idea to remove entirely political parties’ subsidy (Sega)
[BSP MP] Kristian Vigenin: [Bulgaria’s candidate for EU commissioner] Maria Gabriel is disconnected with reality in Bulgaria (24 Chasa)
GERB submits bill for 100% majoritarian voting system [to parliament voting] (Monitor)
[Minimum] wages in Bulgaria equal to children benefits in Denmark (Standart)
May 10, 2017 06:04GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
EC may convict Bulgaria of [thermoelectric power plant] Maritsa Iztok pollution (Capital Daily)
[MEP] Maria Gabriel to be Bulgaria’s [new] EU commissioner (Capital Daily)
Bulgaria and Romania remain EU’s Balkan ghetto (Sega)
GERB foredooms majoritarian voting introduction again (Sega)
Ombudsman Maya Manolova: Decision for majoritarian voting is taken by Bulgarian citizens (24 Chasa)
[Defence Minister] Karakachanov: Voluntary military service is included in government programme (Trud)
Bulgaria’s export to EU rises by 9.0% y/y in Jan-Feb 2017 (Monitor)
60% of companies to raise wages [Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry] (Standart)
May 09, 2017 05:32GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
State Agriculture Fund pays over BGN 500mn subsidies with delay (Capital Daily)
Foreign investors sue Bulgaria for over BGN 2bn (Sega)
[State-owned] Arms companies with record high revenues (Sega)
[Shortage] Crisis for teachers, doctors and engineers [in Bulgaria] at least until 2025 (24 Chasa)
Vegetables are 40% more expensive [compared to spring 2016] (Trud)
[Foreign Minister] Zaharieva: [New Bulgaria’s] EU commissioner likely to be in charge of digitisation (Monitor)
[State-owned] Bulgargaz with BGN 29mn losses for Q1 (Standart)
Apr 28, 2017 06:51GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Bulgarians feel increasingly alienated from institutions (Capital Daily)
Gazprom proposals put gas transit for BGN 180mn through Bulgaria at risk (Capital Daily)
Any violation of priorities to lead to divorce between GERB and United Patriots (Sega)
[Bulgaria’s] EU presidency bill to increase by BGN 2.5mn (Sega)
GERB and United Patriots start negotiations on ministry posts (24 Chasa)
Bulgarian Doctors Union to demand budget 2017 revision (Trud)
United Patriots leader Karakachanov: We do not want ministries for which we have no experts (Trud)
[Bulgaria] to demand new [gas] price from Gazprom every year (Monitor)
[Caretaker Social Policy Minister] Galab Donev: Minimum pension cannot be raised to BGN 300 (Standart)
Apr 27, 2017 06:54GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
German businesses: Bulgaria is good business destination despite difficult issues (Capital Daily)
Only 30% of companies use credits for their activity (Sega)
Gabon and Bolivia with higher media freedom than Bulgaria [Reporters Without Borders report] (Sega)
President Radev to hand mandate for government formation [to GERB today] (24 Chasa)
[GERB leader] Borissov to take [government formation] mandate, to announce ministers on May 3 (Trud)
Parliamentary commission on [energy regulator] KEVR monitoring is closed (Monitor)
[Bulgarian households] save BGN 2.7bn for one year (Monitor)
High standard of living to counter demographic crisis (Standart)
Apr 26, 2017 06:31GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
First Investment Bank to put profits from previous and this year into capital (Capital Daily)
Banks generate record profit of BGN 1.3bn in 2016 (Sega)
Ministry of Interior to save automobile industry in Lovech (Sega)
Prosecution to enter [for investigation] in National Electric Company (24 Chasa)
Housing prices in Sofia rise by 18% for one year (Trud)
Vice President Yotova: Bulgaria to have to resolve EU challenges after 8 months (Trud)
[Bulgarian MEPs] call Brussels to remove monitoring [on Bulgaria] again (Monitor)
Russia’s ambassador demands meeting with [future PM] Boyko Borissov (Standart)
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