Press mood stories for Bosnia-Herzegovina

Jun 22, 2018 06:19GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
FBiH Banking Agency: We are ready for process of approximation to EU, but also for all possible challenges and risks (Dnevni Avaz)
RS President Dodik: I will not obstruct work of BiH presidency (Nezavisne Novine)
Head of FBiH Pension and Disability Insurance PIO institute Zijad Krnjic: Penalties of early retirement are unjust (Oslobodjenje)
Investment-Development Bank of RS to be reorganized by March 2019 (Glas Srpske)

Jun 21, 2018 06:26GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
House of Representatives of FBiH parliament adopts bill on electoral units (Dnevni Avaz)
Fuel prices in RS fall by KM 0.10 in a week (Nezavisne Novine)
EC submits follow-up questions to BiH (Nezavisne Novine)
Bill on electoral units and number of mandates in FBiH parliament adopted (Oslobodjenje)
Jun 20, 2018 06:09GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
BiH Red Cross has not received yet KM 75,000 for migrants (Dnevni Avaz)
Excise taxes on tobacco increased by 105%, while revenues - by 10% (Dnevni Avaz)
BiH FinMin Bevanda: There is no official initiative to amend excise tax law (Nezavisne Novine)
SDS' proposal to abolish hike of excise taxes on fuels will not pass in lower house of BiH parliament (Nezavisne Novine)
RS PM Cvijanovic: Package of measures that will be unveiled in July foresees certain increase of wages for everyone (Glas Srpske)
Debate today on electoral units? (Oslobodjenje)
Jun 19, 2018 06:04GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Drama with migrants on the border with Croatia (Dnevni Avaz)
BiH citizens lose hope of joining EU (Dnevni Avaz)
BiH lost KM 3.4bn in custom duties revenues since the beginning of application of interim SAA until end-2017 (Nezavisne Novine)
Parliamentary support for abolition of new excise taxes on fuels under question (Nezavisne Novine)
Banks are stable, interest rates to increase (Glas Srpske)
Is there a chance changes on electoral units to be passed by parliament? (Oslobodjenje)
Jun 18, 2018 06:41GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
President of FBiH Constitutional Court Aleksandra Martinovic: We work on the verge of quorum (Dnevni Avaz)
BiH Council of Ministers to discuss today migrants (Dnevni Avaz)
EU Commissioner Violeta Bulc to visit BiH in some ten days, to discuss construction of bridge near Gradiska (Nezavisne Novine)
SDS seeks abolition of additional excise taxes on fuel (Nezavisne Novine)
Five parties agree on changes to election law (Oslobodjenje)
SDS to propose changes to excise tax law (Oslobodjenje)
Jun 15, 2018 06:25GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Tax burden on final fuel prices amounts to 50% (Nezavisne Novine)
Sarajevo - Belgrade motorway is awaiting elections in Turley (Nezavisne Novine)
RS PM Cvijanovic: Migrant crisis is too big problem (Nezavisne Novine)
RS power utility Elektroprivreda RS reports profit of KM 53mn in Q1 (Nezavisne Novine)
RS President Dodik: Excise taxes on fuels will not be reduced (Glas Srpske)
Lower fuel prices at RS gas stations from today (Oslobodjenje)
Jun 14, 2018 05:36GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Focus of NATO and EU moves on BiH (Dnevni Avaz)
RS PM Cvijanovic: RS is committed to continuing arrangement with IMF (Dnevni Avaz)
Fuel prices to fall by up to KM 0.10 per litre (Nezavisne Novine)
BiH communication minister Jusko: BiH lacks 6,000 IT engineers (Glas Srpske)
Opposition SDP presents Plan 10: Free healthcare to all citizens to be provided (Oslobodjenje)
Jun 13, 2018 06:08GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
There are no secret agreements between SBB leader Radoncic and SDA leader Izetbegovic (Dnevni Avaz)
Fuel prices in FBiH to drop by Friday (Dnevni Avaz)
BiH may become temporary migrant centre (Nezavisne Novine)
FBiH energy minister announces lower fuel prices in FBiH by end-week (Nezavisne Novine)
BiH trade minister Sarovic: New increase of fuel prices is not ruled out (Nezavisne Novine)
No one knows the exact number of migrants who arrived in BiH (Glas Srpske)
RS energy minister Djokic: There is room to reduce fuel prices (Glas Srpske)
Taxi services to become more expensive (Oslobodjenje)
Possible closure of borders because of migrants (Oslobodjenje)
Jun 12, 2018 06:07GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Where did about KM 20mn for the purchase of oil reserves disappeared? (Dnevni Avaz)
In FBiH 250,000 employees get wage of KM 650 (Dnevni Avaz)
SBB: Urgent intervention or dismissal of FBiH PM Novalic and Trade minister Vujanovic (Nezavisne Novine)
Migrant crisis on the brink of escalation (Glas Srpske)
Jun 11, 2018 06:29GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Hot meal allowance to be abolished? (Dnevni Avaz)
600 doctors left BiH in two years (Dnevni Avaz)
ITA head Miro Dzakula: Brcko does not deserve revenues it has (Nezavisne Novine)
British billionaire Richard Branson sets up company in BiH (Nezavisne Novine)
RS PM Cvijanovic: There are many reasons to replace BiH Council of Ministers (Nezavisne Novine)
Tax revenues in FBiH increase by 6.85% y/y in Jan-May (Oslobodjenje)
RS PM Cvijanovic: One more package of measures that will be important for citizens to be announced in July (Glas Srpske)
Jun 08, 2018 06:15GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Shall BiH become European collective centre for migrants (Dnevni Avaz)
German ambassador: BiH needs to take responsibility on its own (Dnevni Avaz)
BiH market is flooded by imported fruits and vegetables (Nezavisne Novine)
No agreement on election law changes (Nezavisne Novine)
Migrants should be stopped or EU may hermetically close borders (Glas Srpske)
Who is afraid of Bonn powers (Oslobodjenje)
Jun 07, 2018 06:24GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Tobacco maker FDS to lay off 218 employees (Dnevni Avaz)
Problem of BiH is behaviour of nationalist leaders (Dnevni Avaz)
BiH FinMin Bevanda: Problem with migrants requires joint stance (Nezavisne Novine)
Where to stop migrants (Oslobodjenje)
Jun 06, 2018 06:27GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
More than 5,000 migrants seek asylum in BiH (Dnevni Avaz)
Step forward towards temporary solution for House of Peoples of FBiH parliament (Dnevni Avaz)
Two proposals for changes to criminal procedure code are approved (Dnevni Avaz)
BiH security minister Mektic: Some 5,319 illegal migrants are registered in BiH in Jan-May (Nezavisne Novine)
Absurd decision of House of Peoples of BiH parliament on criminal procedure code (Nezavisne Novine)
Temporary solution instead of changes to election law is sought (Glas Srpske)
Delegates support both proposals on criminal procedure code (Oslobodjenje)
Aluminium smelter Aluminij Mostar faces biggest crisis ever (Oslobodjenje)
Jun 05, 2018 05:49GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
First round of talks with Venice Commission without results, new meeting today (Dnevni Avaz)
Veterans prepare lawsuit against FBiH (Dnevni Avaz)
Trade war pushes BiH into a steel embrace of sanctions (Nezavisne Novine)
No agreement is reached, parties stick to their stances over electoral reform (Nezavisne Novine)
Law on veterans rights is finalized (Oslobodjenje)
Jun 04, 2018 06:27GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Leaders of five parties to meet with experts from Venice Commission: Is solution to election law looming (Dnevni Avaz)
Parties from Union for Changes to sign coalition agreement (Nezavisne Novine)
Road toll revenues accumulate to KM 120mn (Nezavisne Novine)
ITA BIH: Indirect tax revenues exceed KM 2bn (Oslobodjenje)
Jun 01, 2018 06:26GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
FBiH interior minister Campara in the centre of sex affair (Dnevni Avaz)
Constitutional Court of BiH: Criminal procedure code remains in force (Dnevni Avaz)
EU's Wigemark: Agreement on changes to election law is possible if political parties show will (Oslobodjenje)
Zlatko Knezevic is the new President of Constitutional Court of BiH (Oslobodjenje)
May 31, 2018 06:17GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Mafia took over agriculture (Dnevni Avaz)
HDZ and SNSD will be held responsible for expansion of organized crime and corruption (Dnevni Avaz)
HDZ and SNSD undermine fight against corruption (Nezavisne Novine)
Japanese car companies are interested in BiH (Oslobodjenje)
May 30, 2018 06:22GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Iranians enter BiH through Serbia (Dnevni Avaz)
Mladen Ivanic believes he will beat Milorad Dodik in race for Serb member of BiH presidency (Dnevni Avaz)
BiH Security Minister Mektic: 4,870 migrants are registered since the beginning of the year (Nezavisne Novine)
BiH is centre of illegal immigration to EU (Glas Srpske)
UK Ambassador Edward Ferguson: Strong real sector brings changes (Oslobodjenje)
May 29, 2018 06:24GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Head of public highway company JP Autoceste FBiH Adnan Terzic: We will secure KM 100mn for fast roads (Dnevni Avaz)
Council of Ministers of BiH to consider information about migration situation (Dnevni Avaz)
Privileged partnership for the region instead of EU membership (Nezavisne Novine)
Dodik and Cvijanovic to be SNSD's candidates for BiH presidency and RS president? (Nezavisne Novine)
RS PM Cvijanovic: Budget revision brought KM 120mn for investments (Nezavisne Novine)
May 25, 2018 06:44GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Migrant crisis: There are no enough border guards, SIPA called to help (Dnevni Avaz)
FBiH minimum pensions hiked from KM 337 to KM 348 (Dnevni Avaz)
RS FinMin Tegeltija: Representatives of FBiH in ITA Board were against solution to debt to RS (Nezavisne Novine)
Venice Commission: Time is running out to reach compromise on election law changes (Nezavisne Novine)
RS President Dodik will invite Putin to visit RS (Glas Srpske)
Minimum pension hiked to KM 348 (Oslobodjenje)
May 24, 2018 06:23GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
BiH has the most expensive cigarettes in the region, which favours increasing smuggling (Dnevni Avaz)
Number of employees in BiH institutions decreased by 415 in 2017 compared to 2016 (Nezavisne Novine)
As many as 3,500 migrants entered BiH from the beginning of the year (Nezavisne Novine)
Plan with emergency measures to manage migrant crisis has just been adopted (Glas Srpske)
May 23, 2018 05:59GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[RS PM Zeljka] Cvijanovic: Institutions at BiH level cannot solve the migration crisis (Nezavisne Novine)
Zvizdic on migrant crisis: Respect the Constitution, not parties’ instructions (Nezavisne Novine)
Accepted debts for construction of new kilometres of motorway on Corridor VC (Dnevni Avaz)
The Venice Commission did not soften HDZ's stance (Dnevni Avaz)
The EU Special Representative Office in BiH welcomed activities related to migrants in BiH (Dnevni Avaz)
Meeting on possible changes to the Election Law: The Venice Commission will not impose solutions (Oslobodjenje)
Cvijanovic: BiH has no institutions and mechanisms to solve problems [related to migrant crisis] (Glas Srpske)
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