Press mood stories

Apr 27, 2018 06:59GMT, Croatia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
How will parliament look like if elections were today (Vecernji List)
[Defence minister] Damir Krsticevic persona non grata in Serbia: [Serbian defence minister] Vulin and I are worlds apart (Vecernji List)
President with less support but still with best impression (Vecernji List)
Slovenians complain about rising prices in Croatia (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Tax burden lower by HRK 2bn (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Package of reforms approved (Poslovni Dnevnik)
President gave the park [at office on Pantovcak], got her man at [privatisation agency] CERP (Poslovni Dnevnik)
This year, at least 4 major privatisations are taking place (Poslovni Dnevnik)
[FinMin] Zdavko Maric about citizens with blocked accounts: I deeply hope that after this package of measures, no other measures would be needed (Jutarnji List)
[SDP senior] Rajko Ostojic: According to one poll, SDP has 22-23%, another gives 18%, third – 21%. It seems war started among pollsters, may be even banks are behind it (Jutarnji List)
Vulin after decision of Serbia to announce Krsticevic is not welcome: Krsticevic is right. We are two different worlds. I am anti-fascist (Jutarnji List)
President Grabar Kitarovic refused to comment on decision of Serbian government to declare Krsticevic persona non grata (Slobodna Dalmacija)
Will Slovenia block Croatia’s entry into OECD? Of course it will (Novi List)
President loses support for her work, [PM] Plenkovic and [SDP leader] Bernardic leave a negative impression (Novi List)
Apr 27, 2018 06:54GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Turkey best of Europe in loan repayments – EconMin Zeybekci (Vatan)
Daikin to invest USD 100mn in air-conditioning production [in 2019] (Vatan)
Turk Telekom wins record high 320,000 new clients to Internet services [in Q1] (Vatan)
Political engineering seemingly fails [PM Yildirim on debates over ex-President Gul’s candidacy] (Sabah)
Turk Telekom gains TRY 5bn revenues in Q1 (Sabah)
Fifty-five coup-plotter soldiers sentenced to aggravated life in prison (Sabah)
[Supreme Board of Elections] YSK announces snap election calendar (Sabah)
Wave of resignations [Several public servants resign to run in snap parliamentary polls] (Milliyet)
Mass production of Altay tanks to begin eighteen months later (Milliyet)
Former PM Davutoglu says not be part of any party other than AKP (Milliyet)
Apr 27, 2018 06:31GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Members of BiH presidency quarrel about Peljesac Bridge (Dnevni Avaz)
Meeting of Governing Board of BiH Indirect Tax Authority is cancelled: FBiH blocks allocation of excise tax receipts on motorways (Nezavisne Novine)
HDZ BiH leader Covic: Last chance to reach agreement on election law is May 3 (Nezavisne Novine)
Agreement on Corridor Vc financing signed with EIB (Nezavisne Novine)
RS President: Doboj-Banja Luka motorway to be ready by end-summer (Glas Srpske)
BiH is on the right path to activate MAP (Oslobodjenje)
Apr 27, 2018 06:13GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Croatian defence minister is not welcome in Serbia (Politika)
EIB President Werner Hoyer: Nis-Merdare highway is very important for EU (Politika)
German companies to increase investments (Politika)
German companies believe in Serbia (Danas)
Foreign Minister Dacic: Government will never sign Kosovo's membership in UN (Danas)
Croatia to recall its ambassador to Serbia? (Vecernje Novosti)
EIB President is impressed by Serbia's progress (Vecernje Novosti)
Shall NBS Governor Tabakovic keep her post after end of term? (Blic)
Apr 27, 2018 06:09GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Incomes inequality diminishes in Romania in 2017, but insufficiently (Ziarul Financiar)
Mortgage lending accelerates: over RON 2bn financing in Q1, by 22% more y/y (Ziarul Financiar)
Autovit: Second-hand car market drops by 6% in Q1 (Ziarul Financiar)
What would happen with Romanian gas depends on intellectual abilities of local authorities (Ziarul Financiar)
Biggest Polish companies in Romania invest over EUR 450mn and generate 3,000 new jobs (Ziarul Financiar)
Bloomberg: Romanian are unperturbed by rising prices (Adevarul)
PSD Dragnea: Iohannis invests conflict between govt and NBR, so he could mediate (Adevarul)
PM Dancila in Israel: We want to move embassy to Jerusalem, but we do not have backing (Adevarul)
High Court appeals at CCR weekend jail law (Gandul)
Venice Commission is expected to give opinion on justice laws (Gandul)
Wages of general practitioners do not increase (Curentul)
Romania has biggest number of truck drivers in Europe (Curierul National)
Competition watchdog blames Electrica for inflated electricity bills (Evenimentul Zilei)
PNL exports to Council of Europe conflict with PSD on justice laws (Evenimentul Zilei)
Apr 27, 2018 05:53GMT, Hungary, CEEMARKETWATCH.
New bans for swine fever (Magyar Idok)
Price sensitivity is used by fraudsters [importing suspicious food products] (Magyar Idok)
Jobbik to remove presidential veto [on deputy chairmen] (Magyar Idok)
OTP to buy five-six banks in next one-two years (Magyar Idok)
[State secretary] Katalin Novak not to be minister [as initially speculated] (Magyar Idok)
Fuel price increases (Vilaggazdasag)
[Economy minister] Mihaly Varga reveals focus of economic policy [strengthening corporate innovation] (Vilaggazdasag)
EU provides almost HUF 80bn for railway between Szajol and Debrecen (Vilaggazdasag)
There are still risks in field of public finances [regarding municipalities] (Vilaggazdasag)
Council of Europe experts give bad evaluation on Hungarian [refugee] transit zones (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Wages of MPs could be raised by HUF 165,000 (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Apr 27, 2018 05:41GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Internet advertising market exceeds BGN 100mn for first time (Capital Daily)
Borissov and Dombrovskis: Bulgaria could be in ERM-II within one year (Capital Daily)
New turn – [utility regulator] KEVR to have right to stop deal with [regional power distributor] CEZ Bulgaria (Capital Daily)
Brussels puts new conditions for our accession in eurozone [joining EU banking union] (Sega)
Sofia to host ECOFIN meeting [on Apr 27-28] (Sega)
Every third person would vote for new party (Sega)
We are in second place in terms of work in EU according to Eurostat (Trud)
[Utility regulator] KEVR to decide for sale of more than 20% stake in energy companies (Trud)
[Independent think tank] IME, Dessislava Nikolova: It is myth that inflation will be high after euro adoption (Trud)
[Finance minister] Goranov: 13 Bulgarian municipalities are with financial problems (Trud)
Third Danube bridge at Silistra but just for cars (24 Chasa)
Disbalance! Women in Bulgaria are 205,000 more than men (24 Chasa)
[Finance minister] Goranov: Price rise to be negligible after euro adoption (Standart)
[Finance minister] Goranov: Euro adoption to bring only benefits (Standart)
Apr 27, 2018 04:12GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
State purchases will be closed to small business (Vedomosti)
Democrats will not have a common candidate in Moscow mayor elections (Vedomosti)
Gazprom’s net profit fell by a quarter (Vedomosti)
Avtovaz posts first quarterly profit since 2016 (Vedomosti)
CBR tightens requirements for micro loan providers (Kommersant)
How the World Cup will change Russian transportation (Kommersant)
X5 retailer is losing money (Kommersant)
Apr 27, 2018 03:07GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Poland is tax paradise for families (Rzeczpospolita)
Social pensions rise, but disabled protest continues (Rzeczpospolita)
Union turbulence for May long weekend (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS about candidates, mayors and constitution (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS bets on youth in towns and cities (Rzeczpospolita)
Kaczynski reads names (Gazeta Wyborcza)
EU prepares revolution in financing budget (Rzeczpospolita)
President keeps up idea of referendum (Rzeczpospolita)
New KRS to sit for the first time (Rzeczpospolita)
Practically all members of official corps and political cabinets get financial bonus (Rzeczpospolita)
Fines threaten those who avoid vaccinations (Rzeczpospolita)
Apr 26, 2018 06:43GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
No roof candidate [Probability of joint presidential candidate by opposition weakens] (Hurriyet)
[Trans-Anatolian Gas Pipeline] TANAP to be inaugurated before elections – President Erdogan (Hurriyet)
Measured hike [MPC raises late liquidity window lending rate by 75bps to 13.50%] (Hurriyet)
Simulation of grand alliance [CHP leader Kilicdaroglu shows Good Party estimated gains from coalition of all opposition] (Hurriyet)
CHP officials rise against Kilicdaroglu, demand party-member presidential candidate (Sabah)
Manipulation by British agency [Reuters reports MPC keeps rates on hold before release of MPC decision] (Sabah)
Thirty-five soldiers, sixty-three former police officers detained on membership to FETO (Sabah)
Erdogan says to make first overseas visit to Azerbaijan after elections (Milliyet)
Early elections strengthen CBT’s hand to deliver rate hike – opinion (Milliyet)
[Mobile operator] Turkcell raises revenues by 17% y/y in Q1 (Milliyet)
CHP, Good Party reportedly discuss limited alliance than alliance of all opposition (Milliyet)
Summer booking cancellations show forecasts for presidential polls to conclude in first round (Vatan)
Global market developments weigh on lira against CBT’s brave step (Vatan)
[Good Party chair] Aksener stick to plan to run in presidential elections (Vatan)
[Discussions on ex-President] Gul’s candidacy cracks CHP (Vatan)
Apr 26, 2018 06:18GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
US plan for Balkans is ready (Dnevni Avaz)
BiH cannot deal on its own with migrant crisis (Dnevni Avaz)
Turkish President Erdogan calls meeting of AKP in Sarajevo (Dnevni Avaz)
No agreement on election law, new round of talks on May 3 (Dnevni Avaz)
European Council President Donald Tusk to visit today BiH (Nezavisne Novine)
Still no agreement on election law changes (Nezavisne Novine)
RS Energy Minister Djokic: Management of power utility Elektroprivreda RS decided to leave on its own (Glas Srpske)
Elections cannot be conducted, voters' rights are endangered (Glas Srpske)
House of Peoples of BiH parliament to discuss election law changes (Oslobodjenje)
Apr 26, 2018 06:14GMT, Hungary, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Parties agree on parliamentary committees (Magyar Idok)
Figyelo publishes list of members of new government (Magyar Idok)
EU Court decides against new taxes [on tobacco and supermarkets] (Magyar Idok)
Lajos Kosa not to remain minister, to lead Fidesz local government election campaign (Magyar Idok)
Food industry still lags behind EU competitors (Vilaggazdasag)
Several countries ban Hungarian meat (Vilaggazdasag)
Big banks [in Hungary] do well last year (Vilaggazdasag)
Hungarian GDP grew by 5% in Q1, according to London analysts (Vilaggazdasag)
Corruption, bad governance: Scathing EU criticism for Hungary (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Is Janos Lazar leaving for not being loyal enough? (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Jobbik to chair national security committee (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Apr 26, 2018 06:09GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Government to ban entry of Croatian defence minister in Serbia as countermeasure to Croatian move (Blic)
EIB, Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency sign EUR 45mn loan agreement (Blic)
Paris threatens countries that stand by Serbia over Kosovo (Vecernje Novosti)
German Leoni expands facilities network in Serbia (Vecernje Novosti)
Thousands of people protest in Nis against government's intention to take over ownership of Nis airport (Vecernje Novosti)
More than 10,000 people attend protest "We don't give Nis airport" – President Vucic admits decision is up to Nis citizens (Danas)
Fuel in Serbia is among the most expensive in region (Danas)
Vucic postpones proposal for Kosovo (Danas)
Protest note by Paris over withdrawal of Kosovo recognition (Politika)
European Council President Donald Tusk: Serbs decide their destiny on their own (Politika)
New protest in Nis because of airport (Politika)
Apr 26, 2018 06:09GMT, Croatia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Will Serbia ban entry of our minister, will Croatia call its envoy to Serbia for consultations? (Vecernji List)
HDZ has its worst rating since election victory, SDP continues to fall (Vecernji List)
EC silences BiH: Border is not condition for Peljesac Bridge construction (Vecernji List)
Government has not announced but is preparing property tax (Vecernji List)
This year at least four big privatisations from CERP portfolio (Poslovni Dnevnik)
By 2020, share of industry in GDP from 15% to 20%. Possible? (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Employment: monthly growth of 0.4% was achieved (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Tourism is important for domestic agriculture but food needs to be brilliant (Poslovni Dnevnik)
A new law was adopted: taxi service will be cheaper and available through application (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Jobs remain vacant, for months no one is coming. Respectable restaurant was looking for 60 workers, only 2 were found (Jutarnji List)
Politics interferes in public television, punishment for journalists is shameful [press freedom ranking improves] (Slobodna Dalmacija)
Government adopts National Reform Programme (Novi List)
Agrokor’s key creditors: Guarantees are valid, their rejection jeopardises emergency administration procedure (Novi List)
Unions warn: Work till exhaustion will not improve pension system, youth will emigrate (Novi List)
Apr 26, 2018 06:08GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Housing loan growth speeds up further (Capital Daily)
[Telecom] Mobiltel increases revenues and profit in Q1 (Capital Daily)
Bulgaria lags not only from EC but also from Balkans in media freedom (Sega)
Bulgaria enters eurozone waiting room in months, according to deputy EC head (Sega)
Government votes higher fees in half of universities (Sega)
[Parliamentary budgetary committee head] Menda Stoyanova: Economy is not managed by government debt (24 Chasa)
PM Boyko Borissov: We reduced external debt by BGN 2.3bn (Trud)
[Ethnic-minority party] MRF: War between institutions [President and executive power] is counter-productive (Standart)
Apr 26, 2018 05:46GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
NBR’s aggressive operation to drain liquidity pushes up ROBOR and bank loan rates (Ziarul Financiar)
Banca Transilvania increases net profit by 48% to RON 366mn over lending growth (Ziarul Financiar)
HP Romania chief: Investments in technology in 2017 come only from private sector (Ziarul Financiar)
Romania is on 14th place in Europe’s energy exporters (Ziarul Financiar)
PM Dancila meets with Israel’s PM: Netanyahu salutes govt’s decision to move embassy to Jerusalem (Adevarul)
Legislative initiative: Retirement age for women may increase (Adevarul)
High Court asks anti-graft prosecutors to clarify if intelligence services are involved in PSD Dragnea’s criminal investigation (Gandul)
President warns NBR governor: NBR should target price stability so purchasing power would not drop (Bursa)
Chamber of deputies approves modification of Court of Accounts law, which limits auditors’ power (Bursa)
LIBE Commission: Romania and Bulgaria are ready to enter Schengen (Romania Libera)
Chinese company may produce electric cars in Romania (Romania Libera)
Weekend jail law is approved, goes to promulgation (Evenimentul Zilei)
Apr 26, 2018 03:31GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
EU funds for Poland to be cut [PL seen as net payer in 2027] (Rzeczpospolita)
EU budget -- not only national income to be criteria for fund disbursement (Rzeczpospolita)
No breakthrough in talks between govt and protesting disabled Poles (Rzeczpospolita)
Govt's hard heart [regarding disabled protesters] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Deputy CBA head earns in violation of law (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Gowin finances his own team [via Higher Education deals] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
President Duda and the Polish internet support for Alfie Evans (Rzeczpospolita)
Ziobro's strict punishment - 'a return to PRL' [Justice minister proposes harsh criminal code] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Did state defence group pay to promote Macierewicz? (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Car crash of ex-PM Szydlo still covered by secrecy (Rzeczpospolita)
Case of the car crash still secret (Rzeczpospolita)
Tax office presses companies ever more firmly (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Prosecutor starts probe into GetBack (Rzeczpospolita)
FinMin releases guidelines for companies to avoid VAT fraud (Rzeczpospolita)
Wage share in economy rose slightly in 2017 (Rzeczpospolita)
Housing sales to fall (Rzeczpospolita)
Universities fear degradation (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Ukrainians want to live and work in Poland (Rzeczpospolita)
Car exports from Poland fall (Gazeta Wyborcza)
US companies could increase their investments in Poland (Rzeczpospolita)
Apr 26, 2018 03:01GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Sogaz and VTB Insurance to merge after all (Vedomosti)
Supreme Court refuses to cancel Navalny’s sentence (Vedomosti)
CBR to take a pause due to market volatility [market consensus] (Vedomosti)
Rosneft to give shareholders half of profit (Vedomosti)
Russia and USA are involved in missile debate [on efficiency of tomahawk missiles used in Syria] (Kommersant)
What are Russia’s chances to get back diplomatic property in US (Kommersant)
Blocking Telegram can lead to USD 2bn losses for businesses (Kommersant)
Apr 25, 2018 06:40GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Weird scenario – President Erdogan [referring to CHP, Good Party cooperation] (Vatan)
Mind your own business – PM Yildirim [to PACE urging postponement of elections] (Vatan)
US President Trump vows US to leave lasting footprint in Syria (Vatan)
Markets expect rate hike [on today’s MPC meeting] (Vatan)
Alliance of enmity – Erdogan [on CHP lending MPs to Good Party] (Star)
Local firms plan production of import-substitute drugs in cooperation with universities (Star)
Ihlas Yapi completes TRY 775mn worth of three housing projects (Star)
Vakifbank secures USD 1.3bn syndicated loan (Star)
Election talks between parties speed up (Hurriyet)
[Good Party chair] Aksener rules out giving up presidential candidacy [for joint nomination of ex-President Gul] (Hurriyet)
Erdogan challenges [CHP leader] Kilicdaroglu to run in presidential elections (Hurriyet)
Time for opposition parties to act in cooperation – Kilicdaroglu (Hurriyet)
All eyes on MPC [Rate hikes expected, hold decision seen possible as well] (Hurriyet)
Turkey to spoil exchange rate games – Erdogan (Sabah)
Record high number of foreign tourists in pipeline (Sabah)
Conflicts deepen in Pentagon about support to YPG (Sabah)
Apr 25, 2018 06:28GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Sarajevo Business Forum starts today (Oslobodjenje)
EC report: No verdicts on high corruption cases (Nezavisne Novine)
Neum hosts today energy summit (Nezavisne Novine)
RS President Dodik: Tender for construction of bridge in Gradiska to be called in August (Nezavisne Novine)
Did Chairman of BiH Council of Ministers Zvizdic come up with new condition for NATO? (Dnevni Avaz)
Imports of fruits and vegetables increased by four times in Q1 (Glas Srpske)
Apr 25, 2018 06:23GMT, Hungary, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Opposition parties scramble for [parliamentary] committee seats (Magyar Idok)
Nezopont: Hungarians are confident in future (Magyar Idok)
Hospitals are waiting for reforms (Magyar Idok)
[Agriculture minister] Fazekas not to be minister again (Magyar Idok)
[State secretary] Istvan Lepsenyi: Digital transformation is one of biggest social challenges (Magyar Idok)
State invests in tourism in exchange for tax revenue, job growth (Vilaggazdasag)
Retail sales are strong [in February] (Vilaggazdasag)
Goal is to increase efficiency in agriculture (Vilaggazdasag)
Supreme Court: Dual citizens travelled illegally to vote in elections (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Current government commissioner [Andrea Bartfai-Mager] can replace Sesztak at head of development ministry (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Apr 25, 2018 06:18GMT, Croatia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Government did not give up on real estate taxes (Vecernji List)
What brings pension reform: Retirement at 67, planned additions to second pillar (Vecernji List)
Economists appeal: VAT in tourism not to be touched, it has to resist lobbyist pressures (Vecernji List)
Dragan Covic: BiH never took official stance against construction of Peljesac Bridge (Vecernji List)
Stronger financing for European shipbuilding is being sought [Croatian shipbuilders get guarantee fund for financing production] (Poslovni Dnevnik)
HRK 132mn available to young farmers (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Almost half of overnights without VAT: Is it better not to know how much tourism is actually bringing us? (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Business centre worth HRK 300mn is being built in Zagreb (Poslovni Dnevnik)
[Slovenian PM] Cerar openly threatened Croatia: Non-compliance with arbitration ruling violates rule of law, such states can not be in Schengen (Jutarnji List)
Serbia could forbid entry of two Croatian ministers because of Vulin’s case [ban on Serbian defence minister to enter Croatia] (Jutarnji List)
FINA announces new disastrous data: Blocked are more than 325,000 citizens and 24,000 companies due to debts totalling HRK 56bn (Slobodna Dalmacija)
Slovenia will block Croatia’s entry into Schengen? Miro Cerar sent a sharp message to Zagreb (Novi List)
Even if some are surprised, Croatia is among countries with surplus of the budget. We investigated how it could be spent (Novi List)
Little interest in LNG terminal capacities. Only INA submits bid in first round? (Novi List)
Apr 25, 2018 06:15GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
President Vucic to visit city of Nis today, protest of citizens and opposition against takeover of Nis airport by state (Danas)
Former Belgrade mayor to set up new political organisation (Danas)
Banks in Serbia post record high profit of EUR 524mn in 2017 (Danas)
Vucic: Serbia has to be present at EU-Western Balkans summit in Sofia (Politika)
Companies in Serbia post profit of RSD 437.2bn in 2017 (Politika)
PM Brnabic confirms countermeasures against Croatia will be introduced (Politika)
Sale of new cars is on the rise (Vecernje Novosti)
Vucic to meet today with President of European Council Tusk (Blic)
Apr 25, 2018 06:14GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Cutting EU subsidies for agriculture to affect big farmers (Capital Daily)
Every third Bulgarian lives at risk of poverty (Sega)
Bulgaria falls by two more places in Reporters Without Borders’ Press Freedom Index (Sega)
Real estate deals rise by 11.5% [y/y in Q1] (24 Chasa)
[PM] Boyko Borissov: I am proud with political elite on Balkans (Trud)
Cattle-breeders demand change in standard on milk products (Monitor)
Trade unions: Import of workers to freeze wages (Standart)
Apr 25, 2018 05:30GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Romanians lean towards new cars again. Auto market reaches 10-year maximum in Q1 (Ziarul Financiar)
Resignations trend: 1 in 5 bank employees leaves employers, like in 2008 (Ziarul Financiar)
Bizarre mediation: President wants to mediate between central bank and govt, a conflict neither of parties recognise (Ziarul Financiar)
Govt finds RON 3bn to pay doctors’ wages but forgets about auxiliary staff (Ziarul Financiar)
MPs want to change national security laws (Adevarul)
Govt confirms: PM Dancila to visit Israel for 2 days (Adevarul)
Justice minister on anti-graft’s chief dismissal: I bring managerial and judicial arguments, president brings only political explanations (Adevarul)
Justice minister does not exclude revision of some indictments grounded on secret cooperation protocols with intelligence services (Gandul)
Ionut Dumitru, Fiscal Council: Interest rates are still low compared to inflation rate (Bursa)
Deputy PM: Sale of ArcelorMittal Galati steel mill only with endorsement of Romanian state (Bursa)
PM Borisov: Romania and Bulgaria to build new bridge over Danube and Bucharest- Sofia highway (Romania Libera)
Benjamin Netanyahu invites PSD leader Dragnea to visit Israel (Romania Libera)
NGO demands USA State Department to suspend visa of Liviu Dragnea (Romania Libera)
Gas royalties should not be linked to gas price in Austria (Romania Libera)
Apr 25, 2018 03:32GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Igor Shuvalov will leave government (Vedomosti)
What will the economy gain from World Cup 2018 (Vedomosti)
When the velvet revolution is not dangerous [on events in Armenia] (Vedomosti)
AvtoVAZ will raise prices due to weaker ruble (Vedomosti)
Federation Council opposes possible restrictions on imports of US medicines
Housing prices start to rise on secondary market
53 banks show signs of default [according to research by Expert RA rating agency]
Gazprom hints that Nord Stream 3 is better than Ukraine
Apr 25, 2018 01:01GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Despite spending increase, deficit is to fall [convergence update] (Rzeczpospolita)
Farce in Sejm: govt signs deal with its own disabled group (Gazeta Wyborcza)
What solidarity in terms of taxes? (Gazeta Wyborcza)
GetBack under fire (Rzeczpospolita)
PLN 2.6bn in GetBack bonds [held by 9,054 investors and 178 financial institutions] (Rzeczpospolita)
KNF: GetBack hid data (Gazeta Wyborcza)
President's cabinet chief: Only opposition could torpedo deal with Brussels (Rzeczpospolita)
Rebates complicate EU's budget (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS vs. Duda fight over constitutional referendum worsens (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Govt to change pension indexation to help the poorest (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Judges leave Supreme Court [in line with new law] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Some 53% oppose govt's purchase of famous Poles' painting collection (Rzeczpospolita)
Abortion law change from 1993 said by Sejm speaker to be unconstitutional (Rzeczpospolita)
PLN 43mn for independence [govt-run agency rents yachts] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Nowoczesna bill on civil unions could put PO into tough spot (Rzeczpospolita)
Nowoczesna on civil unions (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Coal mining profits go to wage hikes (Rzeczpospolita)
Cars slow auto industry exports (Rzeczpospolita)
Poles' lives migrate to smartphones (Rzeczpospolita)
Apr 24, 2018 06:41GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Parliament’s special session [on anniversary of its foundation] witnesses high tension [between AKP and CHP] (Milliyet)
CHP, Felicity Party leaders discuss alliance opportunities (Hurriyet)
CHP chair Kilicdaroglu provokes debate in parliament [by blaming AKP of civilian coup] (Star)
CBT’s tough decision [Markets eye MPC meeting on Apr 25, modest rate hike possible – opinion] (Vatan)
Opposition to clarify presidential candidates this week (Vatan)
Apr 24, 2018 06:34GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Chairman of upper house of BiH parliament Tadic: BiH did not introduce sanctions against Russia and this will not change (Nezavisne Novine)
Chairman of BiH presidency Izetbegovic: We will seek reaction from EC because of Peljesac Bridge (Nezavisne Novine)
BiH Council of Ministers Chairman Zvizdic: I will call again construction of Peljesac Bridge to be stopped (Glas Srpske)
Flights from Banja Luka to the heart of Europe from autumn (Glas Srpske)
Urgent session of House of Representatives of BiH parliament on interim report of EC to be held today (Oslobodjenje)
Izetbegovic: BiH is entitled to open sea (Dnevni Avaz)
Apr 24, 2018 06:31GMT, Croatia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Peljesac Bridge: Dalekovid, Holcim, Uljanik want to be partners of the Chinese (Vecernji List)
[BiH’s] Izetbegovic: Peljesac Bridge can not be built before defining borders (Vecernji List)
[Slovenia’ foreign minister] Erjavec: Meeting between Plenkovic and Cerar is possible but we better not come to this [considering current situation] (Vecernji List)
[Serbia’s president] Serbia will respond to Croatia’s ban on entering [Serbian defence minister] Vulin (Vecernji List)
Soon a meeting on partnership of Croatian and Chinese companies (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Energy can accelerate Croatia’s economic growth (Poslovni Dnevnik)
LNG postpones second tender for leasing capacity by Jun 22 (Poslovni Dnevnik)
EUR 775mn for brand new look of Rijeka (Poslovni Dnevnik)
[Lukoil manager] Repac invests HRK 90mn and returns life to Prvic island (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Peljesac Bridge: [BiH’s] Zvizdic: Not good neighbourly act of Croatia [wants to ask for bridge construction delay until open border issues are solved] (Jutarnji List)
Slovenian fishermen have been fined by Croatian inspectorate for improper fishing (Jutarnji List)
[Most MP] Grmoja after London court decision: This is a proof that politicians have been protecting [Agrokor founder] Todoric until Most appeared (Jutarnji List)
Serbian deputy PM about Vulin and Jasenovac: This is not good … Half of Croatian government can get a ban to enter Serbia (Jutarnji List)
Todoric [about extradition]: This is another victory, all of you will be surprised (Slobodna Dalmacija)
Gasfin Grupa: Land terminal with lower capacity is the only suitable solution (Novi List)
If LNG Hrvatska does not change terms of lease, second round of tender will fail (Novi List)
[HNS leader] Vrdoljak: New strategic partner for INA would be best solution for Sisak refinery (Novi List)
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